Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

Creating a rustic, farmhouse style bathroom is hugely on trend, whilst it can be difficult to achieve without spending a lot of money. After my own farmhouse bathroom renovation, there really are so many ways to achieve a rustic bathroom on a budget.

We are not all blessed with a big bathroom in our homes, and small bathrooms are in fact more commonplace. Like in our situation, it may be that your small bathroom is so poorly configured that the space is not even workable. As our bathroom is part of a ground floor extension, it was a space that we wanted to make really nice. But the poor configuration and massive lack of space was the number 1 reason we had to do a complete renovation.

Creating a rustic, farmhouse style bathroom was my chosen decor trend, it creates a super stylish, yet relaxed aesthetic that looks fab in a small bathroom, and throughout a home. There are many rustic bathroom decorating ideas, but there is a strong focus on the use of natural materials, shiplap styling, patterned tiles and contrasting white, or neutral hues. These small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget mean that anyone can create their own rustic transformation.

Shiplap Panelling

There is no rustic bathroom without shiplap panelling, in my opinion. To some it can be dated, but it brings so many benefits to a bathroom if done correctly. For us, I knew I wanted shiplap panelling, but there are so many ways it can be fitted. I personally love it vertical because it creates the illusion of height, and perfect symmetry in a space. It can also be fitted horizontally, and on the ceiling, which for me is a little bit too much. It is more inexpensive than tiles, and it’s super easy to fit. You don’t need to be a DIY professional for this.

Once fitted, it can be painted your chosen colour, to be in keeping with a rustic look you want to keep it white or neutral. This brightens the space, but you want a blank background to bring in other colours to the room, natural furniture, and patterned tiles.

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

Patterned Tiles

If you have a small bathroom, you’re looking at much less tiles to purchase, finally a benefit of the lack of space! Some patterned tiles can be hugely expensive, but there are many inexpensive tiles companies with more widespread designs that are affordable. These tiles featured were from Topps Tiles and cost under £60, excluding the adhesive and grout costs. So, what about patterned tiles makes them so rustic? Firstly, to pull this style off you need a blank canvas, and white fittings and walls are really important as you want to make the flooring literally pop. Patterned tiles are a recurrent theme in rustic, farmhouse bathrooms because they look luxurious, whilst the slightly dated design of tile will transform your bathroom, all whilst working with a budget.

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

Natural Materials & Furniture

Natural materials play a crucial role in a rustic bathroom, but use sparingly, and in carefully calculated use throughout. Natural materials add that earthy, and natural feel to the space, don’t just think wood either. I set our small bathroom off with a wooden vanity unit, whilst the use of rattan and seagrass runs throughout, giving that rustic and natural feel. Rattan baskets are one of the most perfect, rustic decor accessories for a bathroom, and they are great for storing everything out of sight. Think wicker storage baskets for toilet rolls, towels, and wicker tissue holders for small rustic touches that matter. Simply focusing on adding natural decorative touches like this requires no re-working of your current bathroom, and is hugely affordable.

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

Rustic Lighting

Adjusting your lighting is probably the easiest quick fix you can make without breaking the bank. I’m not necessarily talking about the light fixtures here, but the colour temperature of your current bulbs. The colour temperature is hugely important because it can impact how your interiors look, and how the room feels. Your bathroom is one room in the home where the role changes throughout the day, you need brighter, daylight for tasks such as brushing your teeth and applying makeup. But as the evening rolls around and you want a relaxing soak in the tub, it’s not so enjoyable against the glare of a daylight bulb!

This is where flexibility is key, you could opt for a warmer colour temperature bulb in the main light, around 1800k-3000k. This warmer light is perfect for creating a warm, and rustic ambience. If you have wall lights positioned on either side of a mirror, opt for brighter daylight bulbs such as 3000k-4100k. Alternatively, install a dimmer switch with your lights which gives you ultimate control over your lighting setup. The right lighting can CHANGE the game with your interiors, and the right colour temperature of bulbs will have an impact on how you feel, perceive your interiors, and even your mood. All for the cost of a bulb!

colour temperature of bulbs

Decorative Prints & Mirrors

Finishing on another inexpensive way of getting the rustic look for less is adding in decorative prints, and finding the right mirror. For a small bathroom, a larger mirror will help to give the illusion of more space, whilst helping to bounce what natural light you do have around the room. Light is key in a rustic bathroom for their airy feel, whilst vintage style mirrors give that rustic edge. Shopping at flea markets and Facebook marketplace is a great place to pick up vintage style mirrors. In our bathroom, we chose a vintage, bevelled edge mirror for less than £25, such a style steal. Team with decorative prints or signs to execute the rustic look. We are talking about creating clutter, but carefully placed, vintage style prints or signs that require no hefty makeover costs.

small rustic bathroom ideas on a budget

A rustic decor scheme is one of my favourite at the moment, there is no such thing as a bathroom being too small to benefit from this relaxed, yet stylish design. Use these rustic bathroom ideas on a budget to create a luxurious, stylish bathroom that the whole family can enjoy.

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