What Colour Goes With Beige Bathroom Tiles?

what colour goes with beige bathroom tiles

Beige bathroom tiles have always been a popular choice for bathrooms, they’re simplistic, neutral and go with a whole host of different colours.

However, they can often appear dated in old bathroom suites, or if they’ve not been updated for a number of years.

On average, a bathroom is renovated every 7-10 years, this is based on the average lifespan of the bathroom suite units, and how trends and styles changke. Although, with regular house moves, it can be much more frequent.

Whether you’re fitting out a new bathroom with beige bathroom tiles or you’ve moved into a property and are trying to work your way around them, it’s time to explore what colour goes with beige bathroom tiles and how you can use them to your advantage to create a gorgeous bathroom interior that looks amazing.

How Can I Make My Beige Bathroom Look Good?

Beige bathrooms can be beautiful too! Whether it’s one you’ve inherited, or you’re kitting your new bathroom out with beige tiles, there’s plenty of cool ways to create a spa like bathroom, and a relaxing retreat that provides the perfect escape from reality. Here’s just a few things you can do…

Pair with the right colours!

Picking the right complementary colours with beige bathroom tiles is the make or break! Identify the undertone of the beige tiles before you start pairing them.

Generally speaking white is a fail safe option no matter the shade of beige, it will lift your bathroom immediately, and create that serene, spa like setting. It’s a yes from me!

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Add The Right Lighting

Lighting is incredibly important in an interior, but it’s often the one thing that’s easily overlooked.

Downlights are not always the answer, and they should only be used for task lighting. A bathroom is one of the main rooms that you want total flexibility. This is because the role of the room changes throughout the day.

You need bright lighting to aid tasks such as brushing your teeth, shaving and applying makeup, yet in the evening you want to be able to dim the lighting to relax.

If you’re not able to do this it can completely ruin the bathroom experience, whilst it feels like taking a bath under the glow of a street lamp in the evening, imagine!

The only way flexibility can be achieved is by installing a dimmer switch with your lighting setup, it gives you complete flexibility and will allow you to enjoy and use your bathroom effectively to suit your needs.

dimmer light switch

Add Some Pattern

Bringing a touch of pattern, loud or subtle is a perfect way of adding some visual interest, and detracting your attention away from the beige bathroom!

It can be super affordable to achieve without having to fit new tiles, although patterned floor tiles are a great contrast! Bring in patterned towels, geometric prints and decor accessories.

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Black Accents

Adding black accents is one of the best ways to ground a room and add definition to a space, even more so with a beige bathroom.

This can be as simple as switching up your interior hardware accessories such as your taps, door handles and hooks to black, or adding in black decor accessories such as toilet roll holders, towels and decor accessories.

What Colour Goes With Beige Bathroom Tiles?

Create A Focal Point

To make a beige bathroom look good if it’s not your chosen colour, creating a focal point is the best way to detract attention from the beige, and draw your focus to something else every time you, or a guest enters the room.

A focal point in a bathroom could be a gorgeous, well sized mirror, plants, a huge floral vase arrangement (space dependent) or a series of hooks that feature thoughtfully placed items such as a bunch of eucalyptus and gorgeous hand towels.

What Colour Goes With Beige Bathroom Tiles?

Make It Spa Like

It may not seem like it, but beige bathrooms are not awful. They have been seriously popular, and the trend will probably, definitely, circle back round again. There’s a reason that so many spas feature beige tiles, so use it to your advantage.

Incorporating pristine white to the equation is the best way to create that serene, spa like presence. Fake it until you make it, right?

I’m talking pristine, white rolled, fluffy towels, white walls, and minimal clean decor accessories.

Infuse The Bathroom With Scents

When we step into a room, be it old or new, we tend to use most of our senses. Think of a house viewing, a bad smell is the first thing you notice and remember, a good smell and it makes you feel relaxed and it instantly feels like a nicer home, regardless to whether it is or not!

Do create that spa like setting by lighting your favourite candles, add a diffuser and always light those candles before your guests come over. Distracting them with a scent is one of the best ways to make a beige bathroom feel beautiful.

bathroom candles

Make It Cosy

If you have the space, make the bathroom feel cosy, a retreat that’s inviting and people actually want to spend time. Add a thoughtful chair and some cosy cushions.

If space is a premium, you really want to work on picking some super fluffy towels, roll them up to display them for that hotel like feeling.

What Colour Goes With Beige Bathroom Tiles?

Beige Tiles & White

It doesn’t matter whether your beige tiles are a cool, warmer, or almost terracotta colour, white is the number one complementary colour for beige tiles in a bathroom.

White creates such a crisp and pristine contrast to beige that helps lift beige floor or wall tiles. Incorporate white through painted walls, towels, bathroom suite units and decor accessories.

Not only does white work really well with beige, if you’re looking to achieve a spa like bathroom then this is the perfect pairing.

What Colour Goes With Beige Bathroom Tiles?

Beige Tiles & Grey

As beige is a neutral, grey is considered a complementary colour, as well as bringing a traditional and timeless colour to the space.

Grey can be considered cold in a bathroom, but the warmth that comes from the beige tiles is enough to balance it out.

You could even introduce this as a third colour. Pair the beige tiles with white walls and introduce grey through textiles such as towels, and other decor accessories for an ultra stylish, yet relaxed bathroom.

What Colour Goes With Beige Bathroom Tiles?

Beige Tiles & Sage Green

Sage green is the colour of the moment and another neutral shade that works in harmony with beige bathroom tiles.

If your bathroom tiles are a light beige, sage green is a wonderful contrast when painted onto the walls. It helps to add some warmth to the room whilst contrasting with the beige tiles.

Here are some of my favourite sage green paint shades.

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Beige Tiles & Magnolia

If you want a clean, streamlined look in your bathroom but you feel like white is a little too lifeless for your decor choices, magnolia is a great alternative.

Magnolia has a subtle yellow undertone to it which is why it works so well with the undertone of yellow that you get from the beige tiles. It’s also a great colour for North facing rooms as it helps to counteract the coldness associated with blue light.

If you have beige floor tiles, magnolia paint is a perfect choice to paint the walls in.

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What Colour Goes With Beige Bathroom Tiles?

Beige Tiles & Brown

To create a rustic bathroom, beige and brown are the ideal pairing. Don’t just think in the conventional sense of painting walls, as I’m not too sure how brown painted walls all over would look…

Think about incorporating natural wooden furniture into the space that brings that brown depth to help define the space.

Adding a natural wooden vanity unit and wooden frames is enough to counteract the beige tiles. Add ample doses of white to the space to lift the bathroom, and create a spa like essence. Farmhouse, rustic bathroom pending!

What Colour Goes With Beige Bathroom Tiles?

Beige Tiles & Teal

Teal has always been a notorious colour for the bathroom, it evokes feelings of relaxation and has spa qualities to the colour too.

If you are feeling a bit more daring in your bathroom, adopting the colour teal throughout is perfect for beige tiles that have a slightly warmer undertone. Teal creates a light and airy space whilst bringing warmth too.

Beige Tiles & Monochrome Pattern

If your wall tiles are beige, and you have the opportunity to update your flooring, adding a little bit of pattern will do things that no plain colour ever could!

I’m a huge fan of tasteful monochrome patterned floor tiles. I think they make the space, and they contrast so well with the warmth you get from beige tiles. Doing DIY floor tiles is a great way to cut costs, whilst it looks amazing too.

What Colour Towels Go With Beige Bathroom?

Neutral coloured towels are a perfect pairing for a beige bathroom. Incorporate white towels for a spa like feel, grey, brown, cream, black and other earthy neutral coloured towels.

Keep in mind the undertone of your beige bathroom which will help you to decide which towels are best suited. Needless to say, a pristine white towel is the perfect complementary colour!

Beige bathroom tiles can still create an aesthetically beautiful space. It’s always best to check the undertones of the beige bathroom tiles before pairing it with other colours.

But if you do want a fail safe option that will brighten your room whilst creating a spa like bathroom, white is the best neutral complementary colour in a beige bathroom, especially in small bathrooms with beige tiles. White will lift the space, whilst making the room feel larger than it is too.

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