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Welcome to Sleek-chic Interiors, Founded in 2013 by Nicole Sage, a passion interior designer and interiors writer who has undertaken a series of interior design short courses at KLC school. Nicole originally studied International Business Management at Southampton Solent University & TAMK, graduating with a first class honours degree, before moving into interior design and journalism.

Nicole and Sleek-chic Interiors has been featured as an authority on a number of online publications including Pinterest, Ideal Home, The Express and Zoopla.

Through interior design short courses at KLC School of Design, on-hands training and almost ten years writing this online interiors publication, she have developed a wealth of knowledge about interiors to help create spaces that fuse form and function, whilst curating unique spaces that can provide a welcoming and inviting sanctuary from everyday life.

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My interior design style is constantly changing as I evolve, but I would describe my signature style as rustic modern or transitional.

I adore soft, neutral colour palettes that can be built up with natural pieces, and black for added definition.

Greenery, and natural fabrics are a big part of creating that rustic, almost farmhouse style too, that includes wool, rattan, seagrass and wood finishes.

The result is an ultra relaxed and casual interior that’s refined and stylish. I do believe interiors shouldn’t have to be over engineered.

You are a product of your environment, so always make it a beautiful one!

Nicole Sage

What Got You Into Interior Design and Writing About It?

I have always had an eye for style, starting with fashion and putting outfits together from a young age. I always enjoyed putting together beautiful outfits that made me feel good, and as I’ve gotten older and purchased my own properties, my inherent passion for fashion naturally evolved into my interiors.

From my very first flat, to a complete home renovation that I styled from scratch, I really learnt more of the art surrounding interior design, and the many lessons that were learnt along the way. I’m constantly learning.

The writing part? Well, it’s a fusion of my love for writing and passion for beautiful interiors, arming others with the knowledge I wish I knew before I embarked on the process of designing my own home.

Meet The Rest of The Sleek-chic Interiors Experts

Becca Cullum-Green


Becca Cullum-Green is a freelance interiors content creator and stylist.

She fell in love with interiors when she landed her first job as an editorial assistant at a leading UK homes magazine fresh out of university.

You can find her renovating her 19th-century cottage in the Suffolk countryside, consciously trying not to paint every wall with Farrow and Ball’s ‘Pitch Black’.

Her signature style is a mix of modern design with traditional characteristics. She has previously worked for House Beautiful, Grand Designs, Good Housekeeping, Red, Good Homes and more.

James Thompson


With a rich background spanning a decade in the construction industry, including a successful career as a site manager, he brings a unique blend of hands-on experience and creative expertise to his writing.

James’ journey in construction not only honed his skills but also instilled a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and artistry involved in renovating and restoring properties.

When he’s not turning a neglected property into a stunning home, you can find James sharing his invaluable property and DIY tips through his writing, helping others embark on their own journey of creating their dream living spaces.

So, what is the purpose of all of the FREE interiors content?

Sleek-chic Interiors has been publishing online since 2013, a space to provide inspiration, ideas and simple ways to tackle interior design in your home that doesn’t have to be daunting, or expensive.

But the purpose is to share the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to interiors, and you’ll have likely stumbled onto this very website to find a solution to a common issue in an interior, find the perfect colour match for a shade or just to get some really beautiful interior inspiration to help you plan your own home. 

Simply, we answer the simple questions that aren’t being answered elsewhere. Surface level questions are often to do with how to pair colours correctly, what type of paint to use and how to match something with existing tiles a homeowner already has.

We also welcome comments and emails to our posts so we can help you with any interiors questions we haven’t answered, and to encourage conversation between our community.

Join our 10,000 + community of home renovators on our Home Renovation Tips & Advice Facebook group. If you’re embarking on a home renovation, need tips, advice or want to share your own experience, it’s completely free to join and we would love to have you over there!

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