15 Gorgeous Small Dining Room Ideas That Are Big On Personality

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I’ve proved on a number of occasions how small spaces can be just as beautiful with the right design. From tiny outdoor terraces, to a small bathroom that you can’t swing a cat in.

A small dining room is no different, and whether that’s a dedicated room or simply a corner in your kitchen that you want to dedicate to dining and relaxing, you can make it work.

These small dining room ideas are proof that with the right seating, colours and layout that they can still be big on personality, whilst maximising the space you do have.

Small Dining Room Ideas

1.Pull Up A Bench

If you have a spare corner or even an open space, one of the smartest ways to minimise how much a dining table and chairs stick out is by opting for a bench on one side.

Not only does it retain the amount a table can sit, it looks stylish and they can be just as cosy with seating cushions.

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2. Add An Extension To Your Kitchen With A Table

If you have a small apartment or kitchen and don’t have a dedicated space for a dining table, it doesn’t mean you still have to go without a dining table.

Make like the below, where they have added a simple 2 seater table to the end of their kitchen island as an extension of space. Add differing chairs for added visual interest.

The elevation of the rattan pendant overhead makes it feel like an intentional use of space.

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Instagram image credit: @thekwendyhome

3. Utilise A Dead Corner Space

A dead corner space was made for a small dining table. It doesn’t eat into the rest of your kitchen space, and it provides a cosy place for meals.

Of course, this method works best for 2 or 3 people only, but to increase it simply replace a chair with a bench or banquette style seating.

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Instagram image credit: @warmthofourigloo

4. Set A Boundary With An Area Rug

We love the gorgeous neutral tones in this dining space. If you do have a dedicated space like this, insert a gorgeous area rug beneath it. It will set a boundary in the space and avoid the look that your furniture is floating.

Just ensure that the table and all chairs can confidently sit on top of the rug. In small spaces like this, as a general rule of thumb you should always ensure there is a 1m distance from chairs to the wall or other pieces of furniture.

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Instagram image credit: @our_littlegreyhome

5. Zone With Colour

If you have a zoned corner for a dining room which is part of your kitchen, add some careful colour blocking as shown here. It zones the space and acknowledges that it is a dedicated dining space.

Insert a round table to maximise the flow of traffic around the space.

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Instagram image credit: @megcoatess

6. Make The Most of A Corner

There are a few things that are perfect for maximising space in a small dining room and they include; making use of a corner so it doesn’t eat into the rest of the space, using a round table and maximising lighting options for a light and airy feel.

Banquette seating works particularly well in a corner space like this as they don’t create a bulky outlay into the space like chairs can.

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Instagram image credit: @sosospiffydesign

7. Use A Round Table

As you will see on the majority of these small dining room ideas, a round table is employed in almost all of them.

A traditional rectangular table takes up a lot more room, chairs end up sticking out further and it can be more difficult to navigate around one in a small space. Round tables also add soften a room with their curves.

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Instagram image credit: @imdeztinee

8. Maximise Space With A Foldable Table

The ultimate flex in a small dining room is by using a foldable table. In use it looks like a fully functioning dining table space, yet when not in use, fold it down and use as a desk or a side table.

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Instagram image credit: @surryplace

9. Banquette Seating

Banquette style seating is a no brainer when you have a small dining space and are using a corner to create that area.

It works well with the flow of a space and takes up a lot less real estate than chairs do. Employ a carpenter or DIY professional to build the banquette seating. Top and back with soft seating for a comfy and stylish feel.

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Instagram image credit: @aparnadecors

10. Position In Front of A Built In

Small spaces tend to lack storage options so if you can build a built in, it will maximise storage opportunities but bring design flair too.

Position your table in front of the built in, ensuring it is at least a confident 1m distance to avoid difficulties in navigating around it.

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Instagram image credit: @stylebydesignco

11. Push The Table To The Wall

If you don’t have a corner space to utilise, another popular choice is to simply move your table right up to the wall. It creates a cosy seating area and keeps the space used to a minimum.

In instances like this, a rectangular table works better as it still makes it easy to access your chairs.

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Instagram image credit: @rossi.and.more

12. Combine Seating Styles

Mixing benches and banquette seating with chairs is one of my favourite ways to elevate a small dining room.

Utilise a mix of texture, material and colour to create a visually interesting space for a cosy space to dine.

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Instagram image credit: @very_lt_interiors

13. Pull Up Pouffes

For apartment living, if you only need a table for two, this can be a great alternative to traditional chairs.

Add a pair of luxurious pouffes that can be used for additional dining seating and in a living space. The soft curves on these pouffes soften the overall look.

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Instagram image credit: @zuiver_

14. Use Rounded Chair Backs

If you have a round table, complement the look with rounded back chair backs like these wishbone style chairs.

The continuous curves create cohesion in the dining room, and they take up considerably less space than other types of chairs.

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Instagram image credit: @lccointeriors

15. Minimise Seating

Seating is the main consideration when you’re playing around with a small dining room. But with conscious choices, you can still increase seating options whilst not creeping into the rest of the room.

By positioning it against the wall, a soft sofa chair has been added with the addition of two metal chairs that can be angled when not in use.

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