33 Beautiful Kitchen Island With Sink Ideas

Kitchen island with sink ideas

A kitchen island with sink is the perfect balance between function and aesthetics in a kitchen. The sink becomes well positioned against the other areas in the kitchen/dishwasher/task preparation, but you still get the benefit of the extra space that can be used for tasks, dining and socialising.

From modern to traditional, and farmhouse style to contemporary, not sure where to start when choosing the island sink for your next kitchen? These 33 beautiful kitchen island with sink ideas cover a bit of everything, giving you plenty of inspiration for your next project.

33 Kitchen Island With Sink Ideas

1. An Additional Sink For Ease

A blue shaker style kitchen island brings effortless style to a kitchen, perfect for traditional, farmhouse and modern rustic style interiors.

Unlike a traditional sink size, this kitchen island incorporates a narrow sink in the centre for additional ease. Designed as a place to wash hands after eating on the island. This is a great addition to a larger sized sink in the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen island with sink ideas
Image credit: Williams & Sons

2. Classic Shaker Style With Black Hardware

A classic shaker style kitchen brings a luxe, traditional feel to a home. This discrete kitchen island with sink features stand out black hardware for a defining accent in this neutral space.

Kitchen island with sink ideas
Image Credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

3. Copper Sinks

Brass, chrome and black nickel are some of the more popular interior hardware trends in a home, but what about copper?

These copper sinks add an exciting element to this kitchen island, breaking up the monotony of the marble worktop whilst it contrasts beautifully with the blue body of the cabinets.

Kitchen island with sink ideas
Image Credit: Tile Mountain

4. White Belfast Sink

Who doesn’t love a Belfast sink? This traditional token on a kitchen island adds functionality and style to a kitchen. A farmhouse sink that can be appreciated in farmhouse and traditional kitchens.

Make like Olive & Barr with a marble worktop and navy blue cabinetry for a traditional, classic look.

Kitchen island with sink ideas
Image Credit: Olive & Barr

5. Central Focal Point

Create a central focal point on your kitchen island by fitting the sink in the centre point. This is a popular location for its position if you aren’t also integrating hob appliances with the kitchen island.

It brings a perfect balance to the kitchen island, hang a row of two or odds of pendant lights over the island for beautiful illumination and aesthetics.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

6. Contemporary White Kitchen Island With Sink

If you love contemporary style, an all white handleless kitchen is a perfect choice. This streamlined kitchen island features an integrated slim profile sink with stainless steel tap. An ultra sleek, and cool look.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

7. Kitchen Island With Sink & Hob

A kitchen island brings additional space to a kitchen and as such is a great place to position a couple of different appliances if you can.

Positioning a hob next to a sink is a natural location for washing dishes, as is positioning the cooker beneath. It’s all about providing a functional space that makes your life easier in the kitchen.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

8. Stainless Steel Hardware

Bring a cool, sleek look to your kitchen island with sink by introducing stainless steel hardware and matching stainless steel appliances for a cohesive look.

This metal finish remains one of the most popular in a kitchen as it’s so complementary to most interior design looks.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

9. Black Sink & Matching Hardware

Modern, farmhouse and rustic style kitchens demand black accents. This black sink and matching lighting and hardware look brings the most beautiful, grounding accent to this kitchen space.

Black is one of the most forgiving finishes in a high traffic area like the kitchen.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

10. Black Kitchen Island With Wood Slat Panels

A kitchen island sink with a difference. This beautifully pairs a black finish with wood slat panels for a contrasting look that stands out. Perfect for a modern rustic, industrial or even Japandi style decor look.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @claudzgaff

11. Curved Stainless Steel

It pays to be different in your interiors, and this kitchen island brings a whole new dynamic to a kitchen. It’s perfectly curved for a softer touch in the space and is wrapped in stainless steel for a robust and versatile finish.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @elinamalinas

12. Grey Kitchen Island

A grey kitchen island with white countertop remains one of the most popular kitchen finishes. It’s versatile, neutral and works with a range of complementary colours.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @valorhomes

13. Black Accents

I couldn’t love this kitchen island with sink look anymore if I tried! The beautiful marble finish on the countertop is brought to life and defined by the black hardware details and pendant lights that hang overhead. Imagine washing your dishes here everyday?

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @kitchens_of_insta

14. Brass Details

Brass has seen a huge resurgence in interiors over the last few years, a perfect metal that brings warmth and interest to a kitchen.

This type of metal is great for farmhouse, modern rustic and traditional style spaces.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @ng.feathers

15. White Countertop

A white countertop is a no-nonsense and crisp addition to any kitchen, no matter the colour of the cabinets. The brass tap is the perfect addition to tie together the hardware accents on the units and bring this kitchen together beautifully.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @geminiworktops

16. Baby Blue Kitchen Island With Sink

Move over navy blue, who knew baby blue could look so exquisite in a kitchen? The wood slat panels bring a softer and delicate look to the kitchen island, with oak timber legs to frame the kitchen island.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @the_stables_

17. Rich Wood & Crisp Marble

Create a bold contrast with your kitchen island by combining a rich wood with crisp marble as shown. This stunning look creates a work of art within this kitchen.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @mintaka_design

18. Shiplap Kitchen Island

Shiplap kitchen islands bring a beautiful aesthetic to a farmhouse, or traditional kitchen. It’s one of the easiest ways to elevate a plain kitchen island, this island features the color Pewter Green by Sherwin Williams

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @akminteriordesign

19. Black & White

A classic monochromatic kitchen color scheme creates a dynamic and grounding space that just offers a timeless look. The black countertop beautifully contrasts with the crisp look of the white sink.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @birchlane

20. All Black Look

An all black matte kitchen look is exquisite, luxurious and elegant. This kitchen is an elegant choice that combines performance and aesthetics. The porcelain countertop and matching backsplash bring a beautiful dynamic to the kitchen.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @kuchecucina

21. Navy Blue Kitchen Island

A classic navy blue kitchen island with sink brings a beautiful aesthetic to a home. Perfectly contrasting here with the white countertop and stainless steel sink.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @rcj_athome

22. Two Tonal Kitchen

This gorgeous two tone kitchen brings a beautiful air to the space, adding extra visual interest and contrasting beautifully with the warm oak floor and bar stools.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @loverenovate

23. Contemporary Stone

A contemporary stone kitchen, WOW! This look introduces a kitchen sink to the end of the kitchen island which just works in terms of practicality in this particular kitchen design, with an integrated hob further down the island.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @colourful_kitchens

24. White & Brass

White & brass details in a kitchen are always a good idea. White brings a crisp and clean aesthetic to a kitchen whilst brass hardware details such as a tap bring a beautiful warmth, and added visual interest to the space.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @thepolishedjar

25. Green Kitchen Island

I love the palette & materials chosen in this stunning kitchen renovation. The green shiplap kitchen island expertly contrasts with the white quartz countertop.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @myliverpoolhouselove

26. Pink Kitchen Island

Who said pink can’t elegantly be brought into a kitchen design? In this beautiful two tonal kitchen design, the pink helps to bring a much softer aesthetic to the space that just works.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @appleblossominmay

27. Purple Kitchen Island

This beautiful, deep aubergine island sits neatly inside a bright and airy barn conversion, in harmony with the antique dresser.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @harrisonandpopekitchens

28. Grey, White & Brass

One of the only exceptions to three’s a crowd! There’s no better combination in a kitchen than grey, white and brass details that create a beautifully warm aesthetic that works so well in a myriad of decor schemes.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @Edwardian_on_sea

29. Dark Stain Wood

Ground the kitchen island with a dark stain wood that is defining, and contrasts beautifully with lighter elements in the kitchen.

With a row of exquisite lights hanging overhead, we could get used to seeing this view every morning.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @thesoholightingco

30. Waterfall Kitchen Island

A waterfall kitchen island with sink will ensure a chic, sophisticated and practical element of the room. The beautiful overhang of the kitchen island brings a sleek aesthetic that elongates the length of the island.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @sheratoninteriors

31. The Longer, The Better

If you have the space, a long kitchen island can bring a beautiful aesthetic, allowing you to combine a number of different appliances and purposes along the length of it. Perhaps you want to combine your kitchen with your dining room, then this is a great idea to do just that.

This incredible kitchen island features a breakfast bar, an induction hob and integrated cooker, a farmhouse sink, a dishwasher, a double bin and storage.

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @timesproperty

32. Light Wood Kitchen Island

The light wood kitchen island and walnut stools add texture while the striking light fixture add an unexpected note of modernity. Can we talk about those hillside views too?

Kitchen island with sink ideas

Image Credit: @christoperkennedyinc

33. Japandi Style

This Japandi style kitchen embraces a sleek marble kitchen island countertop that combines practical and aesthetic qualities.

A place for everything from washing the dishes to prepping food, using it as a dining table and entertaining for a whole host of guests.

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