Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas: A Trendy Yet Timeless Feature

shiplap kitchen island

A shiplap kitchen island will provide instant definition to this focal point in your home, providing a trendy, yet timeless feature.

Perhaps you already have a kitchen island, or are in the stages of a kitchen remodel and considering what finish, color and style the kitchen island should be in the space.

The best part about adding shiplap to a kitchen island is it can be achieved on an existing island with minimal cost involved, achieving a stylish look that will instantly elevate your existing setup.

Join me as I share 20 shiplap kitchen island ideas that are perfect for incorporating into farmhouse and modern rustic style kitchens.

How do you attach shiplap to an island?

Shiplap can easily be affixed to a kitchen island with the following steps;

  1. Measure the area where you want to install the shiplap. This will help you determine how much shiplap you need to purchase.
  2. Cut the shiplap to size. If you don’t have a power saw, you can have the shiplap cut to size at a home improvement store.
  3. Sand the edges of the shiplap to smooth out any rough edges.
  4. If you are painting the shiplap, prime it first to ensure that the paint adheres well.
  5. Attach the shiplap to the island using nails or a pneumatic nail gun. You can also use wood glue such as liquid nails to secure the shiplap in place.
  6. Fill any nail holes or imperfections with wood filler and sand smooth.
  7. If you are painting the shiplap, apply two coats of paint, allowing the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.
  8. If you are staining the shiplap, apply a wood conditioner according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then apply the stain.
  9. Seal the shiplap with a clear sealant to protect the wood and give it a finished look.

It’s important to follow these steps to ensure a professional finish, wood mdf boards can be picked up from most local home improvement stores such as Home Depot.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas

White on White Shiplap Kitchen Island

A white on white look is synonymous with farmhouse style. It creates a beautifully crisp look whilst the shiplap on the kitchen island creates depth and character.

Introduce wooden accessories such as bar stools and warm finishes with metal hardware and greenery to bring some charming colour to the space.

Shiplap Kitchen Ideas
Image Credit: @countrygirlhome

Black Shiplap & Quartz Countertop

Add some defining color to your kitchen with grounding black shiplap. Fitted horizontally it gives the illusion of a wider kitchen island.

Used in conjunction with a crisp countertop such as quartz, it really helps to lift the kitchen creating a light and airy space despite the moody shiplap.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas
Image Credit: @letsbuilditjdb

White Shiplap Kitchen Island & Black Hardware

Combine black hardware details such as rails, taps and sockets and switches with a white shiplap kitchen island for beautiful accents, and to create that tell tale farmhouse style interior.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 1
Image Credit: @countrygirlhome

Baby Blue Shiplap & Brass Hardware

This ultra relaxed yet cool look features baby blue shiplap for a soft, yet fun addition against the white cabinets.

Bring some warmth into the space with brass hardware, but don’t be afraid to mix metals and combine black hardware too for a visually exciting kitchen.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 2
Image Credit: @themagnoliaprojectilm

Barn Style Shiplap Kitchen Island

This classic barn style DIY kitchen island is synonymous in country style and farmhouse kitchens. Simply affix vertical shiplap and add 2 battens across the top to create a cross detail.

It adds further character to the ends of kitchen island, and pairs beautifully with a farmhouse interior.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 3
Image Credit: @jessicahoyleking

Wooden Shiplap Kitchen Island

Keep things pared back and a little bit more modern with wooden shiplap. This brings a completely different aesthetic to a kitchen. Pair with neutral and black accents to add some grounding detail to the kitchen.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 4
Image Credit: @luluhome.alana

Staggered Pattern

Why not makes things really visually interesting with a staggered pattern detail with shiplap boards? Combining differing styles and colors of shiplap creates a real focal point and personal touch in a kitchen.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 5
Image Credit: @ourfreedomhouse

White Shiplap & Contrasting Bar Stools

An all white kitchen can be beautiful, but it’s imperative to bring in some contrasting colors and warm touches to avoid the space feeling bland and boring.

A simple way to elevate a white shiplap kitchen island is bringing a pop of color in with the cushions of the bar stools. The navy blue detail on the cushions makes a true statement against the kitchen island, lifting the area and making it more endearing to the eye.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 6
Image Credit: @thecoastalsoul

Navy Blue Shiplap Kitchen Island

Moody kitchens are still hugely popular, and navy blue is a great defining shade that contrasts perfectly with a white countertop. Introduce warm metal finishes for a deliciously layered, and warm look.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 7
Image Credit: @burrowscabinets

Shiplap Cross Shaker Style

Keep things interesting by combining two different classic styles on a kitchen island. This look incorporates shiplap panelling on the ends with shaker style detail around the cabinets.

These two styles blend perfectly together, keeping things visually enticing whilst they are two timeless styles that will stand the test of time in a kitchen.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 8
Image Credit: @rcj_athome

Rustic Wood Shiplap Kitchen Island

Bring an industrial aesthetic to a farmhouse kitchen with rustic wood shiplap panelling on a kitchen island. This style would suit farmhouse, country style and industrial kitchen spaces.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 9
Image Credit: @charleygreyantiques

White Shiplap & Quartz Countertops

Elevate the white shiplap kitchen island with beautiful quartz countertops with strong gray vein detail. Quartz is a much better alternative to marble in a kitchen, it’s far more durable and less expensive, yet delivers the same aesthetic qualities.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 10
Image Credit: @studio.bosko

Gray Shiplap Kitchen Island

Gray shiplap is a popular, no-nonsense colour in a kitchen that works harmoniously with a rage of other colors. It’s a timeless shade on a kitchen island, pairing beautifully with a quartz countertop as demonstrated.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 11
Image Credit: @westinghouselighting

Two Tonal Kitchen

A two tonal kitchen is a great way to keep things interesting, and an opportunity to pair two complementary colors. This gray shiplap kitchen island defines the space, whilst the wood cabinets introduce a natural, softer look to the kitchen.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 12
Image Credit: @peoniesandtwine

Gray Shiplap Kitchen Island & White Countertops

Lift a gray shiplap kitchen island with durable and timeless white countertops. The kitchen island becomes a core focal point in this kitchen, contrasting with different tonal cabinets.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 13
Image Credit: @jamesknightinteriors

Wood Shiplap & White Countertops

Keep things a little more traditional by adding wood vertical shiplap panels to the end of a kitchen island. Top with a white countertop for a transitional look that perfectly blends old and new.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 14
Image Credit: @kelseyleighdesignco

Distressed Wood Shiplap

Distressed wood shiplap brings a beautiful aesthetic to a rustic inspired kitchen. Pair with brassy metals to bring in some warmth and a rustic, industrial looking cooker hood for a cohesive look.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 15
Image Credit: @marnieoursler

Black Shiplap & Neutral Accessories

Moody kitchens can be ultra stylish. Combine a black shiplap kitchen island with neutral, pared back materials such as wooden bar stools and neutral, oversized pendant lights for relaxed look.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 16
Image Credit: @settingforfour

Dark Shiplap Kitchen Island

This all navy blue look brings a dramatic edge to a kitchen, without it feeling overbearing. The combination of a shiplap kitchen island with shaker style cabinetry creates a timeless, classic look that can be appreciated in traditional, modern and farmhouse interiors.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 17
Image Credit: @thestagedlife

Wood Slat Shiplap Kitchen Island

Shiplap doesn’t have to be for farmhouse interiors only. Think outside the box with a wood slat shiplap kitchen island, this brings a Scandic, Japanese and modern look to a kitchen. Pair with black accents for a grounding feel and plenty of greenery for a natural aesthetic.

Shiplap Kitchen Island Ideas 18
Image Credit: @japan.inspired.home

Before You Go…

If you’re looking to add a shiplap kitchen island to your space it’s likely you’re looking to add shiplap to your walls and ceiling too.

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