35 Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas You Will LOVE

Kitchen windows over sink don’t need to be seen as a hindrance in your kitchen design, with the right dressing and an opportunity to also maximise the natural light, and enjoy the view when you’re washing up your dishes, it’s actually quite a good location for one.

From traditional to modern, these 35 kitchen windows over sink ideas balance practicality and style for show-stopping style that will inspire you on your next chapter in your kitchen.

35 Kitchen Windows Over Sink Ideas

1.Black Crittal Windows

The most common types of kitchen windows are usually a while PVC style, but looking to add something more defining to your kitchen sink window area?

Black crittal style windows add a modern dynamic to a kitchen and they instantly lift an otherwise plain set of windows.

kitchen windows over sink
Image: Kettle Co. Kitchens

2. Cafe Curtains

Cafe style curtains are a great way to block sunlight when you’re washing your dishes, and they bring a gorgeous bit of texture to your sink space.

They are a perfect choice for farmhouse sink and traditional style kitchens with an oak worktop.

kitchen windows over sink

3. Add A Potted Plant

A simple potted plant can really lift a window space. It’s best not to make a windowsill area too cluttered as it will undoubtedly come into contact with moisture and is in the direct path of sunlight.

This orchid plant adds a bit of softness to the space with its pink colouring for a fresh burst of colour against a compact laminate worktop like this.

kitchen windows over sink

4. Lighting Over The Sink

Add a singular ceiling light over the sink area to create a focal point, and provide targeted lighting when you need it most.

The defining black light brings a modern accent to a kitchen, tie in with other black hardware accessories for a cohesive look. A few well placed items is all you need.

kitchen windows over sink

5. Horizontal Blinds or Shutters

If you want a window treatment for your kitchen, horizontal blinds are a popular choice, letting you flood the room with natural light, but add some privacy when required.

A more expensive option is investing in real wooden shutters. They bring a gorgeous aesthetic to a kitchen, and with these in place you really don’t need much else to accessorise this area in your kitchen.

kitchen windows over sink

6. Add A Seasonal Garland

Embrace the seasonal shifts and add a season appropriate garland to your windowsill by the sink. A fun way to inject some colour and personality into your kitchen.

Think oranges and browns during fall and luscious greenery and traditional pops of red during Christmas.

kitchen windows over sink

7. Roller Blinds

There are so many window coverings when it comes to a kitchen, a classic roller blind is one of the least expensive options and it does the job.

Opt for a neutral colour if you want to keep things simple, or add a bold pop of colour or pattern for a more eclectic approach.

kitchen windows over sink

8. Cute Sink Decor

It’s good to have a little bit of kitsch when it comes to sink decor! Add a vase, pot, or cute decorative item that means something to you. Make it eclectic or add well placed tonal accessories to match with your kitchen decor.

kitchen windows over sink

9. Colourful Flowers

One of the simplest ways to elevate your kitchen windows over sink is by adding a beautiful bunch of flowers. A bold pop of colour will lift the area and instantly draw your eye as you step into the room!

kitchen windows over sink

10. Subway Tiles Backsplash

Subway tiles on a backsplash is an ultra modern and beautiful way to add a backsplash to a kitchen. It adds more visual interest than standard painted walls, protects your walls from moisture and dirt, and they add a really defining look to a sink area with the right coloured grout.

A charcoal or black grout detail with subway tiles will add a beautifully defining accent.

When it does come to renovating and maintaining a kitchen, always ensure you have a Homeowners Gas Safety Certificate to secure your home and families health. It’s just another thing to remember when designing your dream kitchen.

kitchen windows over sink

11. Statement Clock

If you have an empty wall space in a kitchen next to your sink, add a large statement clock. It will become a definitive focal point in your kitchen and detract attention away from your sink detail.

kitchen windows over sink

12. Large Terracotta Pot

Terracotta is a much loved colour doing the rounds in interiors right now, and a large rustic terracotta pot looks perfect on a windowsill in a kitchen.

The rustic tones of the pot pair well with neutral and sage green, to bolder kitchens such as navy blue and charcoal.

kitchen windows over sink

13. Patterned Blinds

Adding a little bit of pattern to a neutral kitchen will create visual excitement and stop it from feeling plain and bland.

A simple floral or plaid pattern detail is all you need to inject some colour and create some character around your kitchen sink.

kitchen windows over sink

14. Herbs

Positioning a single potted plant of herbs next to your kitchen window is one of the best places to do so, whilst the greenery will add a welcome pop of colour.

Herbs should be in reaching distance of a sink and for cooking, plus they thrive next to natural sunlight.

kitchen windows over sink

15. Black Spotlights

Be proud of that window kitchen sink and add some defining black spotlights above to add targeted lighting. Not only can they be used to aid tasks, with a layered lighting scheme you can just use the spotlights in the evening to create a beautiful ambience.

kitchen windows over sink
Instagram Image Credit: @mvahomedesign

16. Wooden Window Frames

Bring some natural elements into your kitchen with wooden window frames. They add such a warmth to this kitchen setting, contrasting beautifully with the forest green cabinetry details.

If you choose the right frames for the kitchen, you don’t need to worry about what decor details you add around your window as the frames become one of the dominant parts of the kitchen.

kitchen windows over sink 1
Instagram Image Credit: @home_decor_daily

17. Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are another window covering worth considering in a kitchen. Unlike roller blinds, the panels fold up neatly and stack on top of each other, creating a sleek and streamlined look.

kitchen windows over sink 2
Instagram Image Credit: @our_dream_in_the_country

18. Shiplap Paneling & Eclectic Details

I couldn’t love this farmhouse style look anymore! Shiplap paneling adds a complete different dynamic to a kitchen, a more rustic backsplash idea to tiling and gorgeous painted in earthy tones.

Finish off with wooden pegs to hang some charming details, and don’t forget those candles to build on that warming ambience.

19. White Backsplash

Keep things simplistic and minimal with a white backsplash which becomes an extension of a Belfast style sink. It looks perfect in this shaker style kitchen, finished with chrome hardware for a sleek look.

kitchen windows over sink 3
Instagram Image Credit: @our_kentish_barn

20. Bold Colours

There’s never not a welcome opportunity to incorporate some bold colours into a neutral, or moody kitchen. Introduce it in the most unexpected ways, from cleaning utensils, tea bag holders to beautiful posies that instantly excite the eye.

kitchen windows over sink 4
Instagram Image Credit: @theexpert

21. Patterned Tiles Backsplash

Backsplashes are the best option behind a kitchen sink, easy to clean and they look amazing. Introduce a neutral pattern to add some character to the kitchen sink without overbearing it with a bold colour.

kitchen windows over sink 5
Instagram Image Credit: @ellerslieinteriors

22. Seasonal Wreath

The holidays were designed for styling, and the kitchen certainly shouldn’t be left out of the occasion. Add a simple, green wreath to your window to instantly add some festive cheer, and make those chores a little bit more manageable.

Don’t just think a wreath is for the festive season. Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween are other perfect opportunities to add some seasonality to a kitchen.

kitchen windows over sink 6
Instagram Image Credit: @blesserhouse

23. Glass Wall Lights

Glass wall lights are a perfect lighting choice over a sink, and for kitchens in general. Glass lighting will continue to reflect, disperse and retract lighting, even when they are not in use.

Look for prismatic glass shades to provide a beautiful dappled, distribution of light to create a bit more ambience in your kitchen.

kitchen windows over sink 7
Instagram Image Credit: @megmcsherryinteriors

24. A Row of Posies

A row of posies carefully placed on a windowsill is one of the most charming ways to dress a kitchen window. It brings colour, personality and happiness to the space.

Use an eclectic mix of small vases, pots or glass jars and add a mixture of colourful posies for a vintage style feel.

kitchen windows over sink 8
Instagram Image Credit: @thevintageroom

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soundproof windows

25. Vintage Decor Accessories

Matching in an interior is so last year. An eclectic mix of metals, vintage decor accessories and special trinkets is a delightful way to dress a kitchen sink area.

A lot of money doesn’t need to be spent to achieve a look like this. Flea markets, Facebook marketplace and family heirlooms are among the best pieces you can look to get a piece like this.

kitchen windows over sink 9
Instagram Image Credit: @devolkitchens

26. Candles

Introduce your favourite scented candle to your kitchen windows over sink to fill the room with your favourite fragrance. Add a singular chunky candle, or an unbalanced row of candles for visual interest.

kitchen windows over sink 10
Instagram Image Credit: @laurahome_

27. Country Styling

For a country cottage kitchen or a farmhouse style kitchen, add some relevant details to tie the space together. I love this caged basket filled with eggs which is placed on the windowsill. It adds a simple, yet beautiful dynamic to the windowsill whilst the cage matches the hardware detail on the faucet.

28. Exposed Bulbs

Rustic styling in a kitchen can be a lot of fun. Add some exposed hanging Edison bulbs to your kitchen sink area. Not only do exposed bulbs look beautiful, but they create such a magical, warming ambience throughout the evening too.

kitchen windows over sink 11
Instagram Image Credit: @a.cotswold.lifestyle

29. Open Shelving

Add some open shelving next to your window for visual endearment. Display your favourite tableware, mugs and decor accessories for everyone to marvel at, and for when you’re at the kitchen sink!

kitchen windows over sink 12
Instagram Image Credit: @a.cotswold.lifestyle

30. Add Stripes

A defining stripe on fabric is always a good idea in an interior. This striped roman blind looks beautiful in this kitchen window, the stripes elongate the room, whilst the black stripes add a grounding aspect against the neutral tones of the kitchen cabinetry.

kitchen windows over sink 13
Instagram Image Credit: @growing_greenfields

31. Diffusers

If candles aren’t your thing, a simple reeded diffuser is a beautiful addition to a mirrored tray on a windowsill. Add some other decorative pieces for a calm and collected look.

kitchen windows over sink 14
Instagram Image Credit: @our_grey_bungalow

32. Lanterns

Whether it’s a country, farmhouse, modern or traditional kitchen, a stand alone lantern adds the perfect finishing touch to a windowsill. I love the combination with the plant in a rattan pot for a natural accent against the defining colour of the lantern.

kitchen windows over sink 15
Instagram Image Credit: @castle_farm_house

33. Eclectic Styling

Who doesn’t love a bit of eclectic styling in a kitchen? For the right interior look, a mixture of vintage accessories, an open shelf and potted plants brings such warmth and personality to a perfect spot by a window.

kitchen windows over sink 16
Instagram Image Credit: @a.cotswold.lifestyle

34. Hanging Herbs

Not a fan of potted herbs? Bring a different dimension to the space with swags of hanging herbs. Not only do they inject some welcome colour, but they will smell amazing too!

kitchen windows over sink 17
Instagram Image Credit: @my_yorkshire_barn

35. Artificial Flowers

Opt for an all year round inexpensive option to dress your kitchen windows over sink and invest in some artificial blooms.

A few stems in a beautiful vase adds all year long glamour and style, without the maintenance!

kitchen windows over sink 18
Instagram Image Credit: @the_cyclists_abode

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