23 Inspiring Shiplap Ceiling Ideas to Elevate Your Home

A shiplap ceiling is one of the best ways to elevate your room, provide definition yet achieve an ultra stylish, and relaxed interior.

The great thing about a shiplap ceiling is that it can completely transform an otherwise plain room into something visually exciting. Whether you want to desperately elevate a new build home, or add character back into an older property, shiplap is a great way to do that.

If you’re looking for that perfect style of shiplap ceiling for your home, you’re in the right place. Let these 23 shiplap ceiling ideas inspire you for your next home remodel.

23 Shiplap Ceiling Ideas

1.Shiplap Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted ceilings are a stunning way to create a focal point in a room, so use that opportunity to maximise it and add horizontal shiplap to the ceiling.

This style lends itself to use in a farmhouse or modern rustic interior, it looks incredible with the black, defining accent with the light fitting.

shiplap vaulted ceiling

2. Reclaimed Wood Shiplap Ceiling

A white shiplap ceiling is one of the most popular ways to line a ceiling, but wanting to add a slightly more rustic, edgier look?

Reclaimed wood shiplap looks incredible, will add instant character and depth to the space and will add charm to a Farmhouse style interior.

shiplap reclaimed wood

3. White Shiplap Ceiling

A classic white shiplap ceiling is one of the most popular finishes of this ceiling covering. Bright white on a ceiling draws the eye up as you enter a room, giving the illusion of taller ceilings.

It’s perfect for pairing with pretty much any other colors too, be it white or a bold color like navy blue.

white shiplap ceiling

3. Natural Wooden Beams

Be it faux or real natural wooden beams, this is a great addition to a white shiplap ceiling, particularly a vaulted ceiling that carries a lot of height.

Natural beams bring warmth and depth to the ceiling space, a beautiful look for farmhouse and modern rustic style interiors.

4. Dark Wood Stain Shiplap Ceiling

We are currently seeing a huge resurgence of dark wood stain items in a home from worktops and flooring to ceilings. In this setting, a dark wood stain shiplap ceiling provides a stunning contrast against an all white interior. It has a way of helping to lift the room whilst injecting warmth and character to the space.

5. Horizontal White Shiplap

If you have a sloping ceiling in an attic room or basement, a continuation of a horizontal white shiplap ceiling onto a wall provides a beautifully wrapped look that actually helps to make the room feel larger than it is.

Pair with a half wall color like sage green to make the space pop. Add in some rustic elements like industrial lighting and more modern furnishings for a modern rustic look.

6. Black Shiplap Ceiling

Dare to be different by painting the shiplap ceiling black. This dramatic look is daring yet instantly attracts the eye as you walk in and contrasts impeccably with an all white interior.

This modern look delivers such a sleek and stunning look, pair with other black accents and industrial lights for a rustic twist.

7. Extended Ceiling To Wall Shiplap

Shiplap is synonymous with Farmhouse interiors, so why not extend the shiplap ceiling to cover the walls too?

Shiplap is an all round great alternative for a wall covering, it adds depth and character and can be finished in any color you desire to match your interior.

8. Distressed Wood Shiplap Ceiling

If dark wood stain isn’t your thing, why not try a distressed wood shiplap ceiling. This distressed style of wood is perfect for modern rustic and farmhouse interiors.

If you have an all white room, introduce warmth and colors with furnishings, or go opposite on the flooring with a dark wood stain floor.

9. Dark Brown Beams

Give your shiplap ceiling a defining accent with dark brown beams. I love this look as it splits up the monotony of the all white look and helps to draw the eye up to the ceiling as you enter.

10. Slanted Shiplap Ceiling

If you have a slanted ceiling, a great way to make this work for you is to follow through the shiplap ceiling to the wall so it looks like a natural continuation.

In this setting, it provides a much more beautiful and eye catching finish than a standard painted look, shiplap really does have that ‘finished’ look without the need to add much else.

11. Contrasting Shiplap Wall

Just because you have a Farmhouse interior, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t all need to be white! Mix things up by adding a contrasting color on the wall to really make the space pop.

I love this almost teal/Navy blue shade which contrasts beautifully with the white. Some other modern colors to inject here could be sage green, grey, cream or forest green.

12. Reclaimed Timber Barn Beam

If you can find a reclaimed timber barn beam for your shiplap ceiling you can really help to bring that timeless authenticity to a farmhouse interior, you’ll save a bit of money and it looks incredible.

It brings a rustic quality to this interior whilst breaking up the monotony of the all white look in the interior.

13. Hardwood Shiplap Ceiling

A hardwood shiplap ceiling isn’t so commonly seen in interiors, but it’s still just as beautiful. If you want to consider a different aesthetic but still keep things rustic, this is a great choice.

14. Blue Shiplap Ceiling

Shiplap ceilings don’t have to be just white! Inject a different pop of color on your ceiling, like this beautiful blue shade.

If you are trying to replicate a coastal, or coastal Hampton’s style interior, introducing blue on the ceiling is a great way to appreciate this design aesthetic.

15. Vertical Meets Horizontal Shiplap

Introduce differing positions of shiplap like this kitchen with vertical shiplap which leads off from the ceiling. This creates exciting visual interest in the space, and it looks amazing.

16. Bright White Shiplap Ceiling & Beams

Introduce an all bright white look by painting the beams in a white colour too. You still get the same depth and character that comes from inserting beams, but the looks remains more minimal and streamlined.

As demonstrated here, introduce color with furnishings and art work to keep things visually interesting.

17. Light Wood Shiplap Ceiling

This light wood shiplap ceiling contrasts beautifully with the off white walls and colorful furnishings. It brings in a bit more warmth than bright white shiplap and creates a rustic feel that is synonymous with modern rustic and farmhouse homes.

18. Rustic Old Wood Shiplap Ceiling

By using differing sections of rustic old wood in this shiplap ceiling it introduces a lot of warmth to the space and is visually interesting as you step into the room. Pair with white on the walls for a gorgeous contrast.

19. White Shiplap Ceiling With Defining Black Accents

If you are looking to create a modern rustic or farmhouse style home, then pairing a white shiplap ceiling with defining black accents is an absolute must.

You just need a few well placed black accents to help tie the room together. A simple black bannister, black hardware and a few decor accessories is all you need.

20. Modern Rustic Interior

This couldn’t meet the brief of a modern rustic interior anymore if it tried! White shiplap is the foundations of this room, then bring in relevant furnishings and accessories to create the look.

Include black accents, rustic materials such as rattan and seagrass, a mixture of texture and pattern and vintage accessories such as vases.

21. Statement Black Lighting

For an all white shiplap ceiling, you want to make the lights the star of the show. Black, oversized statement lighting is the perfect complement for this, and if you want to achieve a farmhouse interior.

Focus on lighting that is proportionate to the space, and opt for those with brass or chrome accents to bring some warmth to the fittings.

22. Farmhouse Style

Shiplap ceilings are the perfect bridge for Farmhouse or Parisian style interiors. Pair with rustic accessories, black accents, window shutters and vintage finds for a beautiful look.

23. Navy Blue Shiplap Ceiling

What about a Navy Blue shiplap ceiling? It’s not as dramatic as black, but it still carries a pop of blue which you can appreciate in certain lights. Color match it with curtains and other textiles such as cushions for a cohesive look.

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