Wall Panelling For Hallways: Bold & Beautiful Ideas

panelling for hallways

Looking for ways to elevate your hallway and break up the monotony and ‘beige’ feeling that painted walls can bring? Panelling for hallways is one of the best ways to add depth, character and style with minimal effort required.

In recent years wall panelling has seen a huge resurgence, it’s a method of wall covering that’s been around for years in traditional homes, but this design style can be used from modern to traditional, and farmhouse style properties to create an engaging welcome every time you step into a hallway.

Let’s delve into 20 + wall panelling for hallways ideas, from bold to beautiful that will add that finishing ingredient to your hallway that will add value, and deliver a stylish flourish to your home.

Wall Panelling For Hallways Ideas

Traditional Wainscoting

This traditional wainscoting style of panelling is a classic hallway look for traditional and period style interiors, it’s a design well suited to high ceilings and Victorian & Georgian properties as they are able to carry the intricate detail of this style of panelling.

It delivers a highly elegant and luxe finish to walls without costing a lot of money, finish with cornicing detail to carry through the traditional panelling.

Panelling Wallpaper

Panelling for hallways does come with a cost, and it does require some DIY. If you have a big hallway to fit out, it’s going to take some time.

Want the panelled look in your hallway without the effort? Panelling wallpaper is one of the best interior inventions. It gives the look of panelling without the grief, and it means minimal damage left on the walls if you fancy changing things up a few months down the line.

SlatWall Panelling

Slatwall panelling delivers the most gorgeous finish to a hallway. You wouldn’t want to feature this throughout an entire hallway, but little pockets to create a defined area can look incredible.

I love this example of a seating area and a place to hang coats and hats, it adds a beautiful dimension to a hallway without being overbearing.

Country Style Block Panelling

There are so many different wall panelling ideas that will suit every decor style, and this square style panelling is a much more modern look than the traditional wainscoting. It looks amazing in a hallway setting like this painted in a defining colour.

This style of panelling for hallways suits farmhouse, country style, modern and traditional interiors.

Half Wall Tongue & Groove Panelling

This panelling for hallways idea features a half wall tongue and groove style panelling with a picture rail on top to frame the panelling.

Painted in a navy blue shade, it adds a hugely defining look to a hallway. Tongue & groove style panelling always delivers such an elegant, well put together look that suits a myriad of home decor schemes.

Shiplap Panelling & Dado Rail

Shiplap style panelling is one of my favourite types of panelling for an interior, unlike tongue and groove, the pieces overlap with one another, and it’s generally a more inexpensive way to panel a wall.

If you are doing half wall panelling in your hallway you will need to finish it with a dado rail or picture rail of sorts in order to frame the panelling and define the section.

panelling for hallways

Stairway Panelling

Stairway panelling that is a continuation from the hallway has seen a huge resurgence in recent years. It can transform an otherwise plain stairway area, adding depth and character to the space.

This is a traditional type of panelling, but it can be appreciated in homes of all disciplines, especially new builds that are lacking character.

The paint colours used below are Railings on the stairs and Purbeck Stone on the panelling by Farrow and Ball. A brilliant white or white such as All White is used on the upper half above the panelling.

cream half wall hallway panelling
Image credit: @little_edwardian_semi

Bold Blue Half Wall Panelling

Go bold! A blue accent wall in a hallway will add drama and warmth to the space. Finish off with an off white or bright white shade which will draw the eye up as you enter the hallway.

This panelling for hallways idea is well suited to boho, Scandic, modern rustic and farmhouse style homes. Valspar Sooty Lashes is used on the panelling below.

dark blue panelling for hallways
Image credit: @makeahausahome

Bright White Half Wall Panelling

If you have a narrow hallway, classic bright white half wall panelling designs will lift your hallway, and bring an airy aesthetic with it. Finish off with a bold colour above to keep the space visually interesting.

Bright white can be a great colour for an interior, but in a high traffic area it’s not the best shade if you have pets and children as it will show every fingerprint, mark and scuff.

white half wall hallway panelling
Image credit: @new_holme_in_wales

Sage Green Panelling

Sage Green is the new on trend colour that is sweeping interiors, and it looks sensational on this half wall panelling.

It brings such a tranquil air to the space which balances beautifully with the bright wall upper half of the wall, and defining black bannister.

Arthty uses French Gray by Farrow and Ball on the panelling with Blackjack by French Chic Paint on the bannister, what a beautiful combination!

sage green hallway panelling
Image credit: @av.home

Block Colour Half Wall Panelling & Wall

Why not keep everything the same colour? Just because you have a half wall panelling design it doesn’t mean you need to keep two separate colours.

For narrow hallways, this panelling for hallways idea can be painted the same colour as the wall above which helps to elongate the length of the ceiling, rather than encroach into it, and the panelling still delivers depth and character to the space.

Green hallway panelling
Image credit: @unfinished_reno14

Olive Green Half Wall Panelling

If sage green feels a little too light for your design aesthetic, what about olive green? This delivers the most beautiful aesthetic, especially combined with the whimsical wallpaper above.

Olive green can bring a defining aspect that works in modern, country and traditional style properties.

olive green hallway panelling
Image credit: @the.old.workhouse

Black Panelling

Create a moody hallway aesthetic with black panelling. Nailed correctly and it can deliver such a defining, luxurious and beautiful aesthetic to a hallway.

Combine with a lighter shade above and add frames and mirrors with beautiful metal finishes to inject some warmth and colour to the equation.

black half wall hallway panelling
Image credit: @raensunmoon_home

Sage Green With Bright White

Adding a bright white shade above sage green half wall panelling is the new ‘grey’ in interiors. This combination is warming, neutral and it works so beautifully with other neutral and bold colours.

Lamp Room Gray by Farrow and Ball is used here on the panelling with a brilliant white on the upper half of the walls, we love All White for creating a similar look.

sage green and white hallway panelling
Image credit: @amelia.home

Floor To Ceiling Traditional Panelling

Keep things traditional with floor to ceiling panelling for hallways. This type of wainscoting is elegant, luxurious and brings a traditional air with it.

For those high ceilinged properties, this type of wall panelling is a beautiful choice.

white wainscoting hallway
Image credit: @lifeasmrsbuilder

Tongue & Groove Panelling

T&G panelling is always a good idea in a hallway! You can buy pre-made mdf wood sheets cut to your specification, or you can buy the T&G panels individually and fit yourself to keep costs down.

Whilst you can T&G floor to ceiling, it’s an expensive way to do things, and I think using it in a half wall style is much less claustrophobic look in a hallway space, and it allows you to bring in an additional colour on the top half of the wall.

tongue and groove hallway panelling
Image credit: @thebasketcompany

Half Wall Panelling With Wallpaper

If you really want to create panelling for hallways that people don’t forget, then this is it. A half wall panelling design lends itself to have an additional colour on the top half, but adding wallpaper instead brings a whole new aesthetic to the hallway.

Combine with a wallpaper that tonally matches the bottom shade in some way so that it creates a cohesive look.

blue hallway panelling
Image credit: @decoratingcentreonline

Pink Panelling

Pink is always a good idea! For the right home decor scheme, a dusty pink shade like this creates such a welcoming and inviting look that pairs beautifully with brassy accessories and defining items.

pink hallway panelling
Image credit: @the_girl_with_the_pink_door_

Block Colour With A Picture Rail

Keep things simple by giving the look of half wall panelling by adding a single picture rail around the wall. You can then create the block colour beneath it, but it still brings that defining character to the space.

half wall panelling for hallways
Image credit: @sixtysevenbelmont

A Defining Black Line Above Half Wall Panelling

Add a defining dado rail or picture rail above your panelling, but finish it off in a completely different colour. I love the use of black here as it provides a grounding accent against the neutral walls, it then ties in perfectly with the black accent photo frames to really pull the hallway area together.

Modern and traditional design could totally own this panelling for hallways look.

black and white hallway panelling
Image credit: @littlevictorianredbrick

Singular Panelled Pieces

Panelling doesn’t need to be an all or nothing approach. In fact, singular panelled pieces like this bring a really simplistic and minimal look to a space, whilst it can lift a boring, plain wall.

Add rustic style with a console table in front for a really beautiful aesthetic. Minimalist, boho, Scandic and rustic modern can all enjoy this type of panelling idea in their hallway.

single white slat hallway panelling
Image credit: @ourprettyproject

These 20 + panelling for hallways ideas are designed for traditional, modern, minimalist, Scandic and beyond interiors.

If you are wanting to lift your walls and say bye to plain, and flat sections that lack character, panelling is a great option that can be affordable, and totally worth the DIY work that’s involved in the process! Which panelling for hallways look is your favourite?

Before You Go…

If you’re looking for more panelling for hallways inspiration, why not take a look at more half wall paneling ideas that will elevate your walls, and bring depth and character to both traditional, and new build properties?

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