11 Grey Hallway Ideas For A Bright & Light Space

grey hallway ideas
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Grey hallway ideas don’t have to result in creating a dark, uninviting space.

Despite the impression that grey is a versatile colour, it can notoriously be one of the most difficult to style in a space. Grey carpet can rule a space, whilst certain hues of grey can create a dark, oppressive and cold feeling in a space.

But just like any colour, it can go wrong quickly if you don’t execute it correctly. Whilst grey remains one of the most popular neutral shades for an interior, I’m sharing some of the best grey hallway ideas that will create a bright, light and inviting entryway to your home.

Is Grey A Good Colour For A Narrow, Small Hallway?

You do need to be more considerate about colour in a narrow hallway as darker shades will make a space feel even smaller. Whilst dark grey and charcoal hues are not a good choice for a narrow, small hallways, lighter hues of grey can help to create an open, airy and light aesthetic in a hallway.

Light greys are actually a more effective choice than a bright white which will show every scuff, dirt and mark, and can make a small hallway feel lifeless.

So, yes, grey can be a great colour for a hallway, but pay close attention to the tones you’re using.

grey hallway ideas
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What Colours Go Well With Grey In A Hallway?

Grey is a versatile, neutral shade that works well with both neutral colours and more bold statement making shades in a hallway. Here are some of the best colours to pair with grey in a hallway;

  • Creams and whites
  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Mustard yellow
  • Sage green
  • Earthy shades such as olive green and wooden tones
  • Soft tones of blue
  • Dusty pink
  • Lavender hues

11 Grey Hallway Ideas For A Bright & Light Space

1.Grey and White Hallway

A grey and white hallway is a classic combination, the grey brings a touch of definition whilst white will help to create that light and airy aesthetic.

If you do have a small or narrow hallway, try using bright white above half wall panelling or on a ceiling, it will help to draw the eye up, giving the illusion of a bigger hallway space.

Alternatively, keep the walls white and opt for grey floor tiles for a grounding feel in the space.

grey hallway ideas
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2. Half Wall Panelling For Character

Half wall panelling is a hugely popular design choice in a hallway. It can bring character to both period and new build properties, and it adds more depth than a plain painted wall can.

Typically, you should paint the lower half of the panelling in the darkest colour as it will define and ground the space.

By adding a lighter neutral or bright white above it will create that feeling of a larger space as your eyes are instantly drawn up as you enter the hallway.

grey hallway ideas
Image credit: @housebeautifuluk

3. Colour Drenching With Grey

Separating colour with dado rails or half wall panelling is a popular choice, but colour drenching with one singular colour can create a sense of warmth and cosiness.

If you are wanting to pull the colour up the entire wall, opt for a lighter tone of grey to avoid it feeling cold and oppressive.

DO incorporate other colours into the hallway though as accents, it will avoid that monotonous feeling and bring some added warmth too.

grey hallway ideas
Image credit: @home_at_hesketh_reach

4. Ascending Wall Art

Ascending wall art that follows you up the stairs is a great trick to draw the eye up. Pairing black frames against grey walls brings definition, and a touch of modernity.

Playing with scale is a crucial element in creating a visually appealing gallery wall – everything goes.

Incorporating artwork of different sizes adds visual interest and breaks up the monotony. It creates a dynamic display that catches the viewer’s eye and invites exploration.

Use this opportunity to also mix frame finishes, colours and how prints are bordered within their frame.

grey hallway ideas
Image credit: @homewith_katie

5. Add A Grey Stair Runner For Softness & Texture

First impressions count, and when you’re immediately greeted by the stairs, the stair covering does matter.

A grey stair runner like this brings softness and texture to the space. Just beware of how grey carpet can limit you in a space, you will forever be ruled by the grey when it’s underfoot.

Focus on pairing lighter colours such as white and cream with it and rustic, natural materials such as wood and rattan for natural warmth.

grey hallway ideas
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6. Paint Woodwork In A Different Colour For Definition

Introduce a different colour onto your woodwork such as doors, architraves and skirting for added visual interest in the space.

Opting for a slightly darker grey on the door creates a beautiful contrast against the two tonal wall, bringing definition to the areas that need it.

If you do have a very small hallway, avoid too many colours like this as it can create chaos with your eyes as you enter the space.

Instead, keep all your woodwork the same colour – this includes architraves, doors and skirting. It creates a much more cohesive feel in a small space.

grey hallway ideas
Image credit: @yorkshirehousebuild

7. Pair With Neutral Tones

Grey can be a really versatile colour for the home when used correctly, and it pairs beautifully with other neutral colours for a calming and cohesive colour scheme.

Combine light tones of grey, creams, white and natural materials such as wood as an accent in the space such as on bannisters, benches and shelving. It will create a warm and cohesive scheme.

grey hallway ideas
Image credit: @chloe_countryhomerenovation

8. Ground The Hallway With Grey Floor Tiles

You don’t need to use grey as the dominant colour in a hallway to get the benefits from this colour. Use as an accent colour on tiled flooring. A soft touch of colour like this on these black and white tiles brings a soft and defined area to a hallway.

The lighter colours on the wall panelling will draw the eye up. Introduce a few well placed black accents in the rest of the hallway to pull the space together.

grey hallway ideas
Image credit: @viviennecutler

9. Add Defining Black Accents

I always recommend introducing a black accent to a colour scheme no matter what your dominant hallway colour is.

Contrary to popular belief, black in an interior does NOT make a room feel darker. A black accent is designed to add definition, structure and tie the space together.

Black accents on bannisters, wall art, photo frames and decorative accessories like vases are popular choices in a hallway and an effective way to introduce this accent colour successfully.

grey hallway ideas
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10. Black Pendant Light Fitting

Just in case you need any other gentle persuasion to add a black accent to your grey hallway…

A black defining pendant light fitting will centre and create a focal point in a grey hallway. Plus, if you have a small dark hallway, glass is a great choice for lighting as it will continue to reflect and disperse light around the room even when it’s not in use.

grey hallway ideas
Image credit: @home_at_ivy_corner

11. Mix Tones of Grey For A Layered Feel

One of the best ways to create a warm, cosy and inviting hallway with grey is to mix tones of grey for a layered feel.

Incorporate up to three different shades of grey in the space, it will bring definition and added interest. A plain grey on its on can create a lifeless and boring interior colour scheme.

This hallway space features a different tone on the walls, cushions and accent legs on the bench. There are so many opportunities to be clever with placement of grey, but changing it up on textured items is a perfect way to create that layered, inviting warmth.

Which of these grey hallway ideas is your favourite? If you have any questions or advice about using grey in your own hallway, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

grey hallway ideas
Image credit: @clairegarnerinteriors

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