11 Hallway Pendant Light Ideas For Narrow Hallways

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Choosing the right hallway pendant light for a dark narrow hallway can feel challenging. Whilst a singular pendant light can help make a space feel lighter, it’s often not the only answer to making a dark narrow hallway feel lighter, and brighter.

From choosing the right drop, to the right type of pendant lights, there’s a few important factors you need to take into consideration to ensure it doesn’t make your narrow hallway feel even smaller.

Yes, that is me in my own narrow hallway which used to be dark and uninviting. So, join me as I share everything you need to know about choosing the right lighting for a narrow hallway, along with 11 hallway pendant lighting ideas that will work wonders in a narrow hallway.

How Do You Light A Narrow Hallway?

When it comes to lighting a narrow hallway, you need to consider the following factors;

Layer With Different Light Sources

This is absolutely key for a narrow hallway, one singular pendant light fitting is just not enough to deliver ambience, and adequate light to a space, especially if you have a long hallway.

Layering with different light sources will enable you to have more control over your lighting, and set more ambient levels when you require it.

A pendant light is classed as ‘general’ lighting which is designed to light a space, but you should also think about incorporating accent lighting – wall lights, decorative lighting such as table lamps on console tables for added warmth, and kinetic lighting in the evenings such as candles or lanterns.

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Choose The Right Materials

Not all types of pendant lights will work in a narrow hallway. The wrong material will make your space feel even smaller and it will inhibit the distribution of the light.

Always choose hallway pendant lights that are good at dispersing light, and at reflecting natural light during the rest of the day too.

From my experience, both rattan, natural materials and glass are perfect for a hallway pendant light as they’re great at diffusing unihibited light.

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Think About Scale

Scale is really important, even more so when it comes to a narrow hallway.

Choose a pendant light too small? The space will feel even more inferior and painfully small. Always go bigger, but not so big that the drop touches heads as you walk into the hallway.

You want a hallway pendant light that is substantially sized, if you have an average height of ceiling, you don’t want a drop that is more than 20cm, ideally. Most pendant lights give you the ability to shorten chains and drops if you need to.

When you plan the drop, take into account the height of the pendant light too. Oh, and curves will help to soften a hallway too and can be a nice addition in a narrow space.

Pick The Right Colour Temperature

Finally, before we move onto some perfect hallway pendant light ideas for narrow hallways, you need to pick the right colour temperature of the bulbs you use in your fittings.

This is the final hurdle, and an element that will make or break the light in a hallway. Colour temperature is measured in something called Kelvins, stay away from any bulbs which have a colour temperature below 2700K as this will emit a warm orange bulb, it may feel ambient but you won’t be able to clearly see a thing.

Whilst lighting should be warming and inviting in a hallway, it still needs to be functional as it’s a transitional space that requires light to get ready.

For me, I would opt for a bulb with a colour temperature between 3500K-4000K, a neutral white which strikes a balance between warm and cool tones.

It offers a clean and crisp appearance, making it suitable for hallways in offices, commercial spaces, or areas where visibility and clarity are important.

11 Hallway Pendant Light Ideas For Narrow Hallways

1.Dankia 42cm Diameter Rattan Ceiling Light Shade

I personally love rattan pendant lights for a hallway – they bring a lovely softness to a dark hallway, whilst the nature of the material makes sure that the light can easily be diffused through the rattan.

Rattan pendants are available in a huge range of styles, I personally love this style – very similar to what I have in my own hallway, the extra drop on it just allows more of the light to be dispersed when in use.

They’re also one of the most affordable types of light shades.

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2. Eofit Black Ceiling Track Light 5 Way Spot Light 3000K Warm White

If you have a very dark hallway it can feel impossible to light and reach the darkest corners of a hallway.

If your hallway is very long, a ceiling track light can be a great option as you can direct the spotlights and help to target those hard to reach areas.

I love a black track ceiling light as it brings a touch of modernity and definition to a hallway.

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3. Geo Trapeze Metal and Glass Lantern Pendant Light

Glass is a great choice for a narrow hallway as it will continue to retract, disperse and reflect natural light, even when it’s not in use.

This trapeze glass lantern hallway pendant light brings a defining black frame with it for a modern, rustic feel, the drop of the light can also be adjusted so it can work in both small and high ceilinged hallways.

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4. Edited Life Bamboo Easy Fit Pendant

Enamel pendant lights can make a small hallway feel even smaller as they don’t disperse light very effectively, this is a great alternative that brings a bright and light feel to a hallway.

The round shape brings overall softness to a narrow hallway, whilst the contrast of white and bamboo adds visual interest and brightens the space.

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5. Romy 3-Light Ceiling Fitting – Black

If you want to bring a more traditional feel to your hallway interior, a 3 ceiling lantern light fitting like this is perfect for period style properties.

As it carries 3 light fittings, it can feel more substantial and make a long narrow hallway feel a little bit lighter.

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6. Beru Rattan Lampshade – Conical

I can’t get enough of rattan pendant lights for a hallway, they have such a beautifully natural and rustic quality about them, and they make a hallway feel ultra relaxed and stylish.

The perfect way to leave a lasting impression whether it’s in the day, or during the night when the light is switched on.

The nature of the material means that the light can beautifully be dispersed throughout a hallway.

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7. Funambule Metal Ceiling Light with 3 Adjustable Arms

This modern hallway pendant light is finished in a beautiful black metal finish for definition and modernity.

It can be a good alternative to track lighting as it has three adjustable arms so you can direct the light to the area you want, it can be more effective in a narrow hallway than relying on one singular bulb to light the space.

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8. Wardour Industrial Bay Pendant Light Matt Black

You do need to be careful about enamel lights in a narrow hallway as they can end up making the hallway feel darker.

However, if you have a neutral hallway, a pendant light like this will add presence, draw the eye in, making the hallway feel bigger than it is, and the wide brim on the hallway pendant light means it’s good for dispersing light throughout too.

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9. Eoodis Rustic Famrhouse Wooden Chandelier

This hallway pendant light is another great example of a style light than can work effectively in a narrow hallway.

It has a large brim which houses four bulbs so it instantly brings more light into the equation than a singular bulb fitting.

It’s open body means that it can disperse swathes of uninhibited light, whilst the black frame brings definition to the fitting, and ceiling.

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10. Yanha Rattan Easy Fit Pendant 40cm

Another rattan beauty that will allow light to disperse beautifully in a narrow hallway. The natural rattan material has black and white woven into the fitting for a bit of extra visual interest in the space.

Do pair with other black accents throughout the hallway for a cohesive pull through the space.

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11. Milton Clear Glass Pendant Light

Finally, another beautiful glass pendant light that will disperse swathes of beautiful light throughout a hallway.

The longer style of pendant light works well as the glass will continue to reflect any natural light available during the day, and bounce around the hallway.

Which of these hallway pendant light ideas for a narrow hallway is your favourite?

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Before You Go…

The right lighting for a narrow hallway will make all the difference, but there are number of other things you can do to lighten a dark narrow hallway.

On the following post I share actionable tips for combatting the darkness associated with a dark narrow hallway, as well as sharing before & afters from my own Victorian terrace hallway…

How to lighten a dark narrow hallway

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