Low Ceiling Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Low ceiling small kitchen lighting can be incredibly limiting compared to what is available to kitchens with a large space, and those with enviable high ceilings.

Whilst new build properties are built to a certain exacting height, older properties and cottages are notorious for their quirky, often uneven, low ceilings that add character to the space.

These low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas allow you to still explore using exquisite lighting fixtures, whilst providing perfect levels of light for task preparation, and daily tasks.

Low Ceiling Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Modern Ceiling Lights For Low Ceilings


Downlights are one of the most practical types of lighting for any kitchen, regardless to height. But they really come into their own advocating for low ceilings, whilst you don’t miss out on the great benefits and light that they offer.

They’re also one of the most modern ceiling lights for low ceilings, they are usually recessed within the ceiling, and the bezels are available in a wide range of finishes so you can match them to other metal finishes throughout your kitchen.

Whilst they are typically modern, downlights can be used in almost any decor scheme in a kitchen, even if it’s just underneath cabinetry to provide focused task lighting.

We know downlights are a great choice as they provide task lighting to aid task preparation, and if installed on a dimmer switch you get much greater flexibility with your lighting. But, getting the type of downlights right is super important to lighting a low ceiling kitchen.

High CRI

CRI, or colour rendering index is one hugely important aspect in getting your lighting right, but it’s something that many don’t consider, or know about. Instead, instantly skipping past to colour temperature.

CRI is measured on a scale of 0-100, with 100 being the truest representation of colour, and the closest to natural daylight as possible.

The higher the level the better, as you will see objects and paint in your home in their truest form, whilst also aiding tasks.

I always mention how important testing paint in your own home is before purchasing for this very reason. The market is still largely dominated by downlights that are rated 85 and below, this really is the reason why paint looks different in different lights.

The solution? Opt for downlights with the highest CRI possible, >95. Not only will this enrich tasks, it will allow you to appreciate interiors in their truest form, and good light really matters in low ceiling small kitchens.

copper downlights

Colour Temperature

We know that CRI is an important factor to consider, but so is the colour temperature. This is measured in something called kelvins and refers to the colour of light that is omitted. Colour temperatures range from your very orange hues (cosy, warming ambience) to typically daylight, bright white.

Each room in the home demands a different type of colour temperature based on the role that the room plays, but generally in a kitchen 4000-4500k is a great colour temperature as it produces a bright white light that is imperative for aiding tasks and cooking in the kitchen.

Ceiling Lights

Traditional ceiling lights are those that don’t hang like pendant lights. They’re not flush like downlights, but they’re an opportunity to bring something in that matches your decor scheme, and can still add character to a low ceiling.

Koppla 4 Light Spotlight Bar

Track lighting or a spotlight bar like this is super for a small, or narrow kitchen. it will allow you to custom target the deepest corners of the space.

They used to be quite dated, but there are some really modern designs now, like this one from Dunelm that as a Scandic, modern feel to it.

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

Clio 4 Light White Spotlight Bar

As an alternative, I just love this white spotlight bar. It’s got a hugely rustic, country, minimal style to it and I could see this style working perfectly in a country style kitchen with low ceilings.

Pair with downlights in appropriate areas to help with task lighting.

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

Logan 1 Light Pendant Grey Industrial Semi-Flush Ceiling Fitting

If you love the idea of a pendant light without the hanging space required, the Logan semi-flush pendant light combines the best of both worlds.

This rustic shade would be perfect for cottage style lighting for low ceilings.

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

Churchgate Allexton Glass Flush Fitting

Who said flush mounted lighting had to be ugly? This exquisite glass shade will add a feminine touch to a kitchen interior.

One of these on their own would look a bit odd, so I’d be inclined to add a row of three either over a kitchen island, if you have one, or down the centre of the room.

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

EGLO Claverdon Dome Wicker Ceiling Light

Wicker/rattan style pendant lights are going nowhere fast in interiors, but there is barely any options to those who don’t have the ceiling height to cater for them.

I stumbled across this wicker semi-flush ceiling light which allows you to incorporate rattan into your kitchen for a rustic, boho feel, but the black accent on the ceiling rose gives it a beautiful, modern feel.

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

Kitchen Pendant Lights For Low Ceilings

Recessed, or flush, streamlined lighting is a great choice for low ceilings as they don’t encroach into a room where space is a premium, and they don’t make your room feel even smaller than it is.

However, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to miss out on beautiful pendant lights that larger kitchens can hold.

Whilst not every pendant light is suitable, there are a whole host of kitchen pendant lights for low ceilings that still work within the space, and look great.

Additionally, you’ll also find that a lot of pendant lights can have their cords or chains shortened to suit your ceiling height, so it’s always worth exploring this if you find your dream pendant light and think the drop is too much for the space.

I’d still use a combination of downlights for task lighting and a pendant light where it makes sense as one singular pendant light will not disperse enough lighting for cooking, and tasks.

Zowie Recycled Glass Ceiling Light – Large

Prismatic glass is such an exquisite option in a pendant light as it subtly disperses the light in such a beautiful way. You still get the beauty of having a pendant light in a low ceiling, without worrying about the drop on it.

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

Elvin Single Ceiling Pendant Lamp

For something a little bit more industrial, exposed hanging bulbs can still be an option. Cleverly install one of these with a hook so you can have as much drape as you need within the space.

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

Hotel Harrogate 1 Light Integrated LED Ceiling Fitting

I love how elegant and minimal this pendant light is, it has what I’d consider a low drop for a pendant light so it’s perfect for adding a statement piece to a low ceiling kitchen space.

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

Jasper 1 – Light Lantern Pendant

Lantern style pendants are forever one of my favourite type of pendant lights as they are just so versatile for decor schemes from modern and farmhouse to boho styles.

The beauty of this light fitting is that the links can be removed so you can have it just off from the ceiling if required to meet the needs of your low ceiling. Just imagine this in a low ceiling cottage kitchen?!

low ceiling small kitchen lighting ideas

Your low ceiling small kitchen no longer needs to limit your lighting choices. A little bit of adaption is required, but you can still create a beautiful lighting plan that will provide you with a well lit kitchen for the space, and a style that won’t encroach into the space.

Layering lighting is a great way to provide targeted lighting (such as downlights), teaming with a ceiling or semi-flush pendant light for the aesthetic value.

What do you think of these picks? I’d love to hear your low ceiling kitchen lighting ideas too!

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