11 Backyard Fence Lighting Ideas

backyard fence lighting ideas
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 Backyard fence lighting ideas create more privacy, whilst providing a beautiful landscape that can also enhance the security of your property. Outdoor lighting can provide an exquisite touch, whilst they’re great for creating ambience and defining your backyard.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the smallest, or largest space, it can all benefit from the additional light and ambience that it creates. It allows you to enjoy your outdoor space into the evenings for longer too.

No matter your budget, there are plenty of backyard fence lighting ideas, it’s time to get your exterior summer ready with these 11 backyard fence lighting ideas.

1.Path Lighting

Light the way with path lighting in your backyard. Opt for ground lit uplighters or stake solar powered lights on grass or bordering your backyard.

Path lighting creates a well lit path for yourself and guests, allowing you to enjoy those nights a little bit longer.

path lighting ideas

2. Solar Rail Lighting

Whether you have rails or fencing in your backyard, solar rail lighting is a smart choice as it safely, and easily hooks over your rails without the worry of wiring them in or raising them. As they are solar powered, they’ll automatically turn on at dusk, allowing that they’ve had enough sunlight to get fully charged up.

Rails are otherwise left to their own devices, and by adding solar rail lighting it creates the perfect solution, whilst maximising the space you do have in your backyard.

3. Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights are one of the best ways to light a backyard fence as they’re highly versatile and available in so many different designs that you can find something to suit your decor design.

They are usually mains operated so you’ll need an electrician to get them wired up. When choosing your lights ensure they are suitably IP rated so they are protected against moisture and debris.

outdoor wall light
Shown featuring Flaxman Outdoor Bulkhead Wall Light by Soho Lighting Company.

4. Low Profile Lighting

Low profile lighting in interiors is usually flush mounted ceiling lightings, for the exterior? Flush recessed downlights are a great addition to eaves and underneath patios. Creating a well lit space without being obtrusive.

5. String Lighting

Solar or mains powered string lighting is one of the best ways to create a magical, relaxing retreat in your backyard. Use vintage Edison light bulbs with a warm colour temperature to create a gorgeously warm, and relaxing ambience.

These dainty lights will add subtle levels of light, you might want to layer with additional lighting for a brighter, more secure backyard space.

led bulbs string lighting

6. Lanterns

Ok, not necessarily backyard fence lighting, but when are lanterns not a good idea. Available in so many different sizes and colours to suit your taste, you can choose to hook the lanterns up onto your fence with a hook. Add candles or battery operated candles for a safer look. Be even smarter by adding some solar powered lights to them for eco-friendly savings.

outdoor lanterns

7. Deck Lighting

If you have decking installed, adding spotlights around the deck is an unobtrusive, and smart way of adding light whilst keeping it flush, and stylish.

They’ll allow you to enjoy your outdoor space for longer, whilst lighting a safe pathway for you, and your guests.


8. Security Lighting

So, security lighting is not going to win a prize for the best backyard lighting design, BUT, they are a great safety feature, no matter the size of your property.

Motion night time sensor lighting is highly practical, lighting up when it senses movement which is great for alerting you to potential intruders, and when you’re heading out to take out the rubbish in the evening.

outdoor security light

9. Downlighting

Downlighting is a great choice for a backyard, these versatile lights provide great levels of light, whilst they can be fitted to walls, floors as uplighters and underneath the eaves of a roof.

When it comes to outdoor lighting you need to look for IP65+ rated lighting, this rating provides protection against debris and moisture, this is especially important as they will be bracing harsh elements across the winter seasons.

10. Fairy Light Filled Jars

One of the simplest, cost effective ways to create some pretty accent lighting in a backyard is by adding a bunch of fairy lights to a mason jar. These are usually battery operated so you’ll only want to use these on a dry evening.

They remind me of the similar warm glow that you get from candlelight, so warming, and relaxing. Either position them on tables, down a pathway or attach onto a hook on a backyard fence.

fairy light filled jars

11. Repurposed Planters Reimagined Solar Lights

Planters are such a fantastic way to create something fun, and unique. Repurpose planters and add solar lights to create energy efficient lighting into the evening. The planters could be dotted along the line of a backyard fence, or even hung up on hooks to maximise the floor space in your garden.

Bringing a backyard fence to life is perfectly simple, and fun with these backyard fence lighting ideas. Whether you want to add practicality to the space, or creating a warming ambience, there are plenty of affordable and easy ways to achieve this without having to bring in the assistance of an electrician. Which lighting idea is your favourite?

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