11 Affordable Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

Whether you have a small or large bathroom, the bathroom ceiling is one area that can’t be left unnoticed. It might be all that way up there, but it’s still something that will be appraised and appreciated on a daily basis. When you’re having a soak in the tub, or staring at the ceiling in the shower, those final touches will make all the difference.

The bathroom is one room of the house that is subject to humidity and moisture, so the type of thing you might want to use on the bathroom ceiling might not be as appropriate as to what you would use in a living room.

There are plenty of ways to elevate your bathroom ceiling, let’s take a look at these 11 affordable bathroom ceiling ideas to help transform your relaxing retreat in no time.

1.Best Bathroom Paint For Ceilings

The best type of ceiling paint for a steamy bathroom is a mould resistant, durable and washable paint that is a satin, or semi gloss paint. Look for paints that state they are mould resistant, easy care and designed specifically for bathrooms.

Humidity can damage paint over time, causing it to flake, lose its colour and develop mould. This is why choosing a specific bathroom paint is so crucial here. It will provide a durable, and long lasting result that won’t dampen over time, and won’t need repainting every few months.

2. What Can You Hang From A Bathroom Ceiling?

Pendant lighting, shiplap and hanging baskets can all be hung from a bathroom ceiling for great visual impact. When choosing the pendant lights always opt for those with an IP44 + rating to ensure they meet bathroom safety regulations.

A hanging, trailing planter is a versatile decor accessory for most decor styles. Use a hook on the ceiling to attach the cord, or rope to let it hang. Opt for plants that love humidity for a low maintenance house plant that looks great all year round.

hanging planters

3. Faux Skylights

A faux skylight is an LED light that emits high CRI light that is the closest replication to real, natural daylight. Daylight light can aid tasks in a bathroom such as applying makeup and shaving. High CRI light can even help to boost your mood too.

If your bathroom has no natural light or very limited light, then a faux skylight could be a smart choice. It’s a great way of achieving a daylight look without the cost of fitting in a window, if that were even possible.

If a faux skylight is not something you want to invest in, always choose high CRI downlights and bulbs where possible so you can still get that daylight light in your bathroom.

faux skylight bathroom ceiling ideas

4. Shiplap Panelling

Shiplap panelling is always a great choice for a bathroom ceiling, especially if you are looking to create a nautical, farmhouse style bathroom in your home. It can be fitted either horizontally or vertically in the room. As it is wooden, it can swell in humid conditions so be aware of this, it may require touching up with paint during this period of movement that can happen in the first few months of it being fitted.

Once in situ, paint to your desired colour palette. White is always a great idea as it provides a fresh, contrast to the rest of the bathroom.

shiplap panelling bathroom

5. Paint It Black

That’s right. Bathroom ceilings don’t have to just be white. Adding black paint to a bathroom ceiling will create a statement look that will get your guests talking. You’re going to want to contrast this with a different colour or pattern to avoid the room getting lost in this colour. Ensure you choose a mould resistant, easy care type of paint for this.

black bathroom ceiling

6. Introduce Stencils

Stencilling can be a really fun way to create a great visual aesthetic. Everyone will naturally be drawn to the ceiling, so focus on getting some exquisite lights in there too!

Stencilling a ceiling is not for the faint hearted as it is far more time consuming than painting with a roller, but it will be worth it! If you’re choosing to go down the patterned stencil route on a ceiling, you’re going to want to avoid patterned tiles on the floor to stop any clashing.

7. Skinny Slats

Skinny slats are a thinner version of traditional wood shiplap panelling. These can be a great alternative to traditional shiplap and they can be finished off in any colour that you desire.

It’s an affordable way to elevate that ceiling, it looks super effective with exposed wood skinny slats, ideal for that farmhouse style bathroom that you have always dreamed of!

8. Upscale Lighting

Make a statement with the lighting in your bathroom. Choosing attractive bathroom light fittings that are also suitably IP rated can be somewhat of a challenge. Don’t be tempted to scrimp or miss the IP rating as it then becomes a safety issue in your bathroom.

For a traditional style bathroom you can find some grand, chandelier pendants for a bathroom, or opt for something a little more rustic to suit a farmhouse style bathroom.

statement lighting bathoom ceiling

9. Ceiling Tiles

Tiled ceilings are not a conventional way to finish off a bathroom ceiling, but who likes playing by the rules? It does come with an element of difficulty, as they literally do defy gravity in a situation like this, but it’s not impossible.

Instead of ceiling tiles, another option is multi panels which are much slimmer in build, and lighter, whilst you don’t need to grout them. This means that in a years time you won’t have that tell tale mould appearing on white grout. So much less maintenance, and it looks just as effective as traditional tiles.

10. Colour Blocks

Who said your bathroom ceiling has to be just one colour? Create zonal, colour blocks for a fun, vibrant look.

Use geometric blocks, or you could even go for a striped look to mimic shiplap panelling for a fun, Beverly Hills hotel esque look.

11. Flush, Recessed Lighting

For a seamless, and practical look on a bathroom ceiling, recessed, flush lighting is a great choice. Downlights fit into the ceiling, being unobtrusive and practical. You’ll need downlights with an IP 44+ rating or 66+ if you are fitting them directly over a shower.

Match them to the rest of your interior bathroom hardware such as the taps, and shower fittings by matching it to the bezel on the downlight.

In terms of the brightness of light, you’re going to want something that provides great levels of light to help you with specific tasks in the bathroom. Always go for a high CRI that is greater than 95, and something over 3000k in colour temperature for a white, bright light.

recessed bathroom lighting

What Colour Should My Bathroom Ceiling Be?

A bathroom ceiling should generally match the colour of your walls for a cohesive look, white is one of the most popular colours for a bathroom ceiling. However, you can choose to contrast your ceiling with another block colour to add visual interest to the bathroom. It is dependent on the decor style of your home. The type of paint you choose is more important than the colour, always opt for a mould resistant, easycare and washable paint in a bathroom.

Should A Bathroom Ceiling Be Painted White?

A white ceiling in a bathroom is the most popular choice as it generally helps to aid brightness in the room, however, a bathroom ceiling can be painted any colour to complement your decor scheme. A contrast colour on a bathroom ceiling is a great way to create visual interest.

It’s important to not be short sighted when it comes to designing your bathroom. A plain white bathroom ceiling is not necessarily the best choice, and there could be better bathroom ceiling ideas to complement your chosen decor scheme. Be creative, trust the process and refer to Pinterest for any ideas you might want to bring into fruition in your bathroom. What are your thoughts on creating a contrasting ceiling to your bathroom walls?

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