7 Ways To Create Extra Storage In A Bedroom

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Creating extra storage in a bedroom is probably one of the most wished for necessities in a bedroom.

Not only do we have a lot of stuff, but we want to be able to store it in something so it’s out of sight, in order to avoid our bedroom feeling cluttered.

Whilst you certainly have to be more imaginative with space in a small bedroom, you run the risk of dumping and misusing space in a larger room too. It’s a catch 22 situation.

Whilst decluttering is a great place to start, let’s take a look at 7 ways you can create extra storage in a bedroom without having to up-size.

1.Beds With Built In Storage

Every bedroom needs a bed. It’s not moving anywhere, but what if you could maximise the space you have without having to do anything?

Ottoman Beds are one of the best ways to suddenly create oodles of storage that is completely tucked away. You wouldn’t even know it existed, yet it is a massive space saver, especially for small bedrooms.

So, how do Ottoman beds work? The ottoman base provides generous storage for pretty much anything you want to store in it, from clothes and linen, to toys!

Commonly, ottoman beds have holes that allow you to assemble the ottoman to lift up from the side of your choice. The base lifts easily with the help of a gas hydraulic system so you can access the lined storage area underneath the bed.

Ottoman storage beds are not just function first, they’re available in many different styles so there’s something to suit your interior design.

Another great alternative is a divan bed. These also feature storage underneath, this usually includes serval drawer combinations. These are also perfect for storing items such as clothing, linen and towels.

A divan or ottoman storage bed is an absolute no brainer if you have a small bedroom.

divan bed

2. Shoe Rack

If your wardrobe isn’t big enough to hold all of your shoes, incorporate a shoe rack into your room and paint it to match the walls.

Paint is the trick as is elevates the look, and it won’t feel like it’s encroaching into the space.

A large rack with adjustable shelves is enough to hold everything you need from boots, and heels to flats.

Depending on how everything is arranged you could also use it to store decor accessories, books and rattan baskets too.

3. Corner Shelving

If space is a premium or you have a minimal room, corner shelving can make the most of what is otherwise seemingly dead space.

A corner shelf is a great idea for super small bedrooms where bedside tables are just not an option. It means you can still create that cosy reading shelf, whilst having a place to store any trinkets and your drink at night time.

corner shelving

4. Wardrobe Compartments

How well is the floor-drobe of your wardrobe utilised? Is it a dumping ground? Is it a mixture of shoe boxes and bags of stuff?

Your wardrobe is a missed opportunity to create real space saving storage, you just have to make it work smarter. Your wardrobe can hold a lot more than you think and there is ample room underneath where your clothing hangs.

You can use stacked wire baskets, add in shelving or even build in some drawers if you’re handy on the DIY side of things. Depending on the folding method that you use, each shelf will hold plenty more items of clothing in an easily accessible way, whilst maxing out your storage opportunities!

wardrobe compartments

5. Utilise The Inside of Doors

Don’t forget about the inside of doors on wardrobes or cabinets. This section can be used for hanging storage or racking that can be used to store a multitude of things, depending on the size of the internal space.

Once the rack is anchored in place, you can fill it with pretty much everything from nail varnish and books, to ties!

6. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the saving grace for any bedroom strapped of space. They come in a multitude of shapes and colours to suit your decor space, or you can have a go at building your own!

Each unit typically has a number of different shelves within it. Not only do they add depth and personality to your interiors, they’re a great place to store small items that visually look good on show. Think perfume bottles and nail varnishes.

floating shelves

7. Wicker Storage Baskets

My ultimate favourite storage option in any home, no matter the decor scheme. Wicker baskets are a better option than plastic storage boxes, they’re much easier to pull out when needed, and they look amazing too.

For example, if they’re stored in a wardrobe, you know what’s in it before you pull it out as they typically don’t have a top on them.

They complete spaces underneath bedside tables and look like part of the decor scheme once on show, as well as giving you that all important extra storage space.

wicker storage baskets

There are many creative ways to increase the storage options in your bedroom without spending a lot of money, or ruining the aesthetics of your bedroom. What other storage options do you have for a bedroom?

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