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curved kitchen island
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If there is one trend that I just can’t get enough of at the moment, it’s curvature in interiors. Arcs are in all around the home, from a curved kitchen island to curved archways and curved bar designs.

This perfectly rounded interior design trend is perfect for all interiors. Curves add instant character to a space, with those sleek lines that are perfectly formed, and create a gorgeous aesthetic. A basic room can be lifted by anything that simply has a curve.

Needless to say, I already have a curvature board on Pinterest and have become obsessed with this design trend, and these curved kitchen island ideas are just the tip of this well rounded decor trend.

Let’s take a look at some of the best curved kitchen island ideas.

Curved Kitchen Island Ideas

Long Length Curved Kitchen Island

I adore the length and curve of this kitchen island which features the sink, but also plenty of room for a set of cute bar stools. Perfectly round, this design adds serious visual interest to the kitchen space.

curved kitchen island
Image source: Pinterest

Combining Curves

This perfectly minimal interior uses curves as the main focal point with a curved sofa and side console table. It makes total sense that this stone look curved kitchen island is an extension from the kitchen.

Cool, sleek and minimal.

curved kitchen island
Image source: Pinterest

Wood Fluted Curved Kitchen Island

It’s not just about a curved worktop, it’s about the design wrapped around the kitchen island too. I have seen lots of designs like this on Pinterest, using natural wooden panels to curve gently around the kitchen island.

This stunning design is trendy, and perfect for many decor styles. Don’t let it stop at the kitchen island either, curved wooden knobs that are painted or left to display the natural finish of the wood are highly complementary with traditional and country style kitchens.

curved kitchen island
Image source: Pinterest

Traditional Shaker Curved Kitchen Island

Even if you opt for a more traditional, shaker style kitchen you can incorporate the beauty of curves into the space.

This kitchen island takes advantage of the rounded style by incorporating a series of cupboards into the space, helping to maximise on storage opportunities too.

curved kitchen island
Image source: Pinterest

Marble & White Panelling

It’s not just about wapping natural wood around the based of a curved kitchen island. This ultra minimal, and neutral design embraces this marble, white styled panelling.

How well does it contrast with those petite wooden bar stools though?

curved kitchen island
Image source: Pinterest

Extension of The Kitchen Island

Why not carry through your kitchen island with the extension of a curved kitchen table? This unusual kitchen island look is perfect for growing families, and the contrasting worktop creates a boundary between the prep space, and a space to relax, eat and wine down with the family.

The soft curve on the end of the kitchen island creates a nice flow, and an eye catching focal point in the room.

curved kitchen island
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

Contemporary Curved Kitchen Island

The great thing about curved kitchen islands is that they work with shaker kitchens through to contemporary, slab handleless cabinetry in kitchens too.

This contemporary curved kitchen island boards a chunky granite worktop for durability, and those soft curve on the sides instantly softens the overall look.

curved kitchen island 1

Minimalist Curved Kitchen Island

Curves perfectly lend themselves to use in a Scandic, minimalist interior, and this gorgeously soft kitchen island features a perfectly rounded curved all over with a curved pocket to prop up some bar stools.

Changing from a straight edge to a curve has the ability to completely transform a kitchen space, it softens and adds a delicate edge to the kitchen.

curved kitchen island 2
Image credit: @casa.kanso

Contrasting Materials

Bring greater visual impact to your curved kitchen island by contrasting materials for an exciting, and characterful look.

The black granite worktop provides a bold design statement, wrapped with wood and defined with a gold accents through the hardware details. It completely lifts the rest of the white cabinetry in this kitchen without the black feeling oppressive in the space.

curved kitchen island 1 1
Image credit: @laredmodeling

Half Moon Kitchen Island

If a kitchen island is a deal breaker in your kitchen but space is a premium, this neat half moon kitchen island is a smart saving way to stylishly introduce a kitchen island, without disrupting the flow around it.

With those gentle curves, it adds such a stylish and visually exciting focal point in the kitchen.

curved kitchen island 2 1
Image credit: @lebai.official

White & Gold Curved Kitchen Island

For a minimal look that oozes elegance and luxury, combining white and gold is a timeless combination that will age well with the kitchen.

The white fluted panelling helps to elongate the kitchen island, with the delicate gold accents which totally lift the white, whilst bringing warmth and elegance with it.

curved kitchen island 3

Image credit: @our.hillside.home

Black & Marble Curved Kitchen Island

Use black as the grounding accent in your curved kitchen island for depth, and definition in the room. As shown, this island has been topped with a gorgeous grey veined marble for a touch of luxury.

We can’t get away from those gold accents, it’s such an elegant way to introduce a bit of warmth through cabinet handles and taps.

curved kitchen island 4
Image credit: @3d_wall_panels

Sage Green Curved Kitchen Island

Sage green is one of the hottest colours for kitchen interiors right now, and for good reason too.

This restorative, and relaxing shade is the perfect addition to a neutral colour scheme. It adds warmth and a gentle nod to the natural world outside, combining beautifully with both neutrals, or more spicy colours such as terracotta.

curved kitchen island 5
Image credit: @kockumdesign

Two Tone Curved Kitchen Island

One of the best ways to raise visual interest and depth in a kitchen is to combine two highly contrasting colours. The backdrop of the green cabinetry absolutely pops against the sleek white, fluted panelled curved kitchen island.

The curved island brings a beautiful softness to the space, pair with brass fittings for ultra opulence.

IMG 4727
Image credit: @sheratoninteriors

Warm Tones & Curved Corners

There’s something really rich and beautiful about the companionship of warm tones and curved corners. The contemporary feel has added definition from the marble backsplash.

Curved kitchen islands are perfect in both smaller and larger kitchens, they provide a much better flow and cohesive pull through a room, the difference in those soft, curved edges makes such a difference to the feel in the overall space too.

IMG 4728
Image credit: lebai.official

Modern Subway Tiles

A modern interpretation of the much loved subway tiles. Allowing creative rounded shapes in this kitchen, the curved lines from the continuation are a running feature throughout from the lights, to the very cool extractor fan and the track lighting.

Modern, sleek and ultra minimal, the black accents in the kitchen ground the area and add another touch of modernity.

IMG 4729
Image credit: thenewdesignproject

Are Curved Kitchen Islands In Style?

Yes! This on-trend design style in a kitchen is one of the best ways to soften the overall look of your kitchen, the inviting curves are welcoming and it works with both traditional shaker kitchens through to a more modern fluted panelling design on a curved kitchen island. They can also be a better choice for smaller space as it creates a better flow around the island.

I adore curved kitchen islands, from a design perspective, they add character and visual interest to the space whilst the shape helps to soften the overall look of the room. Which curved kitchen island design is your favourite?

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