The Best Sage Green and Terracotta Kitchen Ideas

sage green and terracotta kitchen
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A sage green and terracotta kitchen is a combination you never thought you’d hear, right? But if you’ve stumbled upon this blog you’re getting serious about adding this colour combination of the year to your interiors…

It’s the new on-trend colour combination of 2023, and there is a lot to love about this harmonious pairing.

The softness of the green balances perfectly with the warm that exudes from terracotta. The coolest colour clash in our interiors yet.

Let’s take a look at some of the best sage green and terracotta kitchen ideas to give you inspiration for your kitchen makeover.

Do Terracotta and Sage Green Go Together?

Yes, terracotta and sage green naturally work well together as the warmth of the terracotta shade is well balanced with the coolness of the sage green. The combination of the two earthy shades creates a tranquil ambience that pairs well in bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

Nicole from Sleek-chic Interiors shares her views on this on-trend colour combination; “Sage green and terracotta is one of the most effortless combinations for an interior. Sage green brings a subtle softness, yet terracotta delivers such a warm and inviting presence in a space. It’s a visually exciting combination that can be layered with differing shades of the colours for an enhanced colour scheme”.

The Best Sage Green and Terracotta Kitchen Ideas

Terracotta Brick Style Flooring

A beautiful way to incorporate this rustic, earthy colour combination into a kitchen is by pairing brick style terracotta tiles on the floor with sage green cabinets.

Differing sage green colours all work effortlessly with terracotta.

This rustic brick style tiles are earthy, oversized and bring a statement to this kitchen. The sage green cabinets are offset by white, two tonal cabinets for added visual interest.

sage green and terracotta kitchen 2
Image credit: Sarsen Stone Group

Herringbone Terracotta Tiles & Sage Green Cabinets

There’s a lot to love about herringbone terracotta tiles. Available in a range of styles, it’s one of my favourite ways to weave them into a sage green kitchen.

The rustic tiles ground the kitchen, introducing warmth and texture to the space.

For added texture, if you have a kitchen island why not bring in a set of light, terracotta bar stools for extra layering and depth in the space.

sage green and terracotta kitchen

Terracotta Wall Tiles

You can dare to go bold with this colour palette in a kitchen, and if you opt for sage green cabinets, lift those walls with a burnt orange, terracotta wall tile for exuberance and warmth.

Tile to the ceiling, or create a half wall backsplash for protection and colour. Add a set of open shelves to display your most loved kitchen items, and decor accessories.

sage green and terracotta kitchen 3
Image credit: Topps Tiles

Terracotta Wall

Introduce terracotta into the equation in an affordable, simple way by simply painting the walls in the kitchen.

This features a Farrow and Ball shade in Red Earth. This beautifully rich shade contrasts with the sage green and quartz countertops perfectly.

If you have open shelves like this, use them to display natural materials such as wooden bowls, foliage and other darker accessories to define and ground the area.

Terracotta Cabinets & Sage Green Walls

Terracotta is a colour that has been used and loved in interiors across the world for years, but it’s slowly making its mark in our kitchens. So, terracotta kitchen cabinets are currently the road less travelled, but boy, it packs a punch!

This punchy colour looks incredible on the kitchen cabinets, adding a true statement that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

This warm shade is balanced beautifully by the coolness of the sage green walls for a softened look that just works.

sage green and terracotta kitchen
Instagram Image Credit: @studioduggan

Terracotta Tiles & Decor Accessories

An exciting kitchen is one that combines different layers and textures which can tell a story. The earthy tones of the floor tiles blend beautifully with the sage green cabinets.

Tie the two colours together with well placed terracotta decor accessories on the kitchen countertop that will also pop against the white and sage green backdrop.

Use rustic terracotta pots filled with foliage, bowls and pottery.

sage green and terracotta kitchen 1
Instagram Image Credit: @mandarinstoneofficial

Two Tonal Kitchen Cabinets

Two tonal kitchen cabinets are a great way to inject some personality, and bring extra visual interest to a kitchen.

Two tonal lets you use two different colours in a kitchen to create a contrast, and balance the space. In this setting the earthy wood tones on the lower half work beautifully with the extension of the terracotta wall tiles and sage green upper cabinets.

sage green and terracotta 2
Instagram Image Credit: @academytiles

Terracotta Bar Stools

If you already have a sage green kitchen, perhaps you’re interested in introducing a touch of terracotta, but in a subtle way.

You absolutely can use terracotta as a subliminal accent against sage green and it actually works really well whether it’s for the light fittings, or decor accessories carefully positioned on a countertop.

If you have a kitchen island, slotting a set of terracotta bar stools into the space will add instant visual interest and warmth to the area without it being overpowering. Plus, I just love the curved arches of these bar stools, they bring a beautiful softness to the kitchen island.

sage green and terracotta kitchen 3
Instagram Image Credit: @timneve

Look Up! A Terracotta Ceiling

Forget white ceilings, you can use them to make a real statement with this warm colour in your kitchen.

The kitchen is finished with pale blush countertops which co-ordinates beautifully with the light terracotta ceiling.

As you enter the room, the first thing that will happen is that your eyes will be drawn up, creating the illusion of higher ceilings, even if they aren’t that tall…

It’s a charming way to use terracotta in a sage green and terracotta kitchen, pairing beautifully with the soft green kitchen cabinets.

sage green and terracotta kitchen 4
Instagram Image Credit: @johnlewisofhungerford

Half Wall Terracotta Patterned Tiles

A spicy way to use terracotta in a kitchen is with creating a half wall backsplash with terracotta patterned tiles for visual endearment.

Finish the upper wall with a clay colour for a bold statement. The soft, and dark greenery creates a perfect balance, for a tranquil and soft space.

sage green and terracotta kitchen 5
Instagram Image Credit: @loulou.dela

Terracotta Hexagon Floor Tiles

Terracotta floor tiles remains one of the best ways to incorporate this colour into a sage green and terracotta kitchen as it helps to ground the space.

These hex terracotta tiles are a match made in heaven for the cool, sage green cabinets. An earthy combination that looks incredible.

sage green and terracota kitchen 6
Instagram Image Credit: @the.fashionable.home

Brass Hardware

It’s all in the detail, and brass hardware is a fine finish for a sage green and terracotta kitchen.

Brass is one of the finest metals against sage green cabinets as it exudes warmth and pops against the sage units.

As terracotta is also warm, brass provides a perfect compliment to it where it is also used in the same kitchen setting, such as on the floor tiles, on the walls or cabinets.

sage green and terracotta kitchen 6
Instagram Image Credit: @tradco_architectural_hardware

If you’re looking to achieve a relaxed, tranquil vibe with a touch of warmth in your kitchen, this colour scheme can be explored in modern, rustic modern, traditional and transitional style interiors.

Wondering what other colours work in a sage green and terracotta kitchen? Bookmark these additional shades for later…

  • Black (as a defining accent)
  • White
  • Cream
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Brass finishes
  • Wooden tones on furniture/decor accessories

Ready to start creating a sage green and terracotta kitchen in your home? Which look is your favourite?

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