Blue and Grey Kitchen Ideas: The Coolest Colour Combo

blue and grey kitchen ideas
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These blue and grey kitchen ideas might be the persuasion you need to commit to this two tonal, cool colour combination.

Grey has long been a popular colour choice for kitchens, wonderfully timeless and a neutral shade that works with a myriad of design styles.

But introducing a two tonal look and a colour like blue adds instant visual interest, and it provides a strong and bold colour contrast against the grey.

If you’re looking to explore this cool colour combo in your home, let these blue and grey kitchen ideas inspire you to take the plunge!

Do Grey and Blue Go Together In A Kitchen?

Grey and blue is a cool colour combination that work together beautifully in a kitchen. Just be mindful of the shades you use. A baby blue looks stunning with a pale or dark grey for definition, with a classic pairing of navy blue and pale grey looking sensational together. It creates a powerful colour combination that creates extra visual interest than just using block grey in a kitchen.

Blue and Grey Kitchen Ideas

Navy Blue Shiplap Kitchen Island

A shiplap kitchen island will provide instant definition to this focal point in your home, providing a trendy, yet timeless feature. 

It truly becomes a focal point in this kitchen as it’s in a contrasting navy blue shade to the pale grey cabinetry. This two tonal looks on the cabinetry and breakfast bar worktop creates a visually exciting space, delivering a light, airy and social space.

Make like this kitchen design and match colour co-ordinating pendant lights over the kitchen island for a cohesive, and structured look.

blue and grey kitchen 2
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

Cobalt Blue With A Wooden Worktop

Make a real statement with a bold, cobalt blue kitchen island. This colour absolutely pops against the grey cabinets. Warm things up with a chunky butcher block style worktop which brings durability and robustness to the space.

It adds a rustic charm which makes this a great addition to a country, farmhouse or rustic modern kitchen.

blue and grey kitchen 3
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

Curved Kitchen Island

It’s all about curvature in our interiors, and those perfectly formed curves on a kitchen island help to soften a space and add a more delicate offering to a kitchen.

Choosing blue for the kitchen island is a popular choice as it allows you to enjoy the colour whilst the grey cabinets keep the overall space grounded, and neutral.

blue and grey kitchen 4
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

Baby Blue & Grey

Name a more iconic duo!

Who knew baby blue could be appreciated past a newborn babies clothing collection? In a kitchen like this it delivers a seriously cool, and mature statement.

The baby blue cabinetry has an ultra stylish yet relaxed look to it, with a distressed ceiling to lighten and soften the overall room.

Paired with grey worktops for a bit of depth, this kitchen look really works, and it’s probably got to be one of my favourite blue and grey kitchen ideas of the bunch.

blue and grey kitchen 5
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

Two Tonal Cabinetry

Pairing block cabinets with a contrasting kitchen island is commonly seen in kitchens, but another great way to tie two colours like blue and grey together is by using two tonal cabinetry.

This usually involves having a top set of cabinets an opposing colour to the bottom lot of cabinets. Typically a colour combination that is a bold contrast such as blue and grey create the most complementary and bold statement together.

blue and grey kitchen 6
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

Grey Quartz Worktop

That pared back baby blue cabinet style is back, and it just looks incredible with a pared back grey quartz worktop and brass hardware which sets the look apart, bringing a welcome bit of warmth into the equation too.

Baby blue is the lesser popular shade over navy blue in a kitchen, but it brings a much lighter and airier look with it, and we can definitely expect to see more of this shade in kitchens over the coming years.

blue and grey kitchen 7
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

Grey Accents

There’s a running theme with that ultra adorable, yet mature baby blue colour in a kitchen. Introduce grey as an accent colour to lift the scheme, and provide a bit of definition if using a darker grey shade.

These bar stools set off the baby blue colour, yet we see it in other well placed items too from the pendant light cord to the coffee machine, to the chrome finishes on the fridge and toaster.

blue and grey kitchen 8

Blue & Grey Marble

Deliver a luxurious and elegant feel to a kitchen with bold blue cabinetry and an exquisite grey marble worktop. Paired with a white Belfast sink, it creates a really clean, airy and beautiful look to the kitchen.

Marble is typically more expensive and less durable as a worktop in a kitchen, it’s always worth looking at quartz finishes as they are cheaper and far more durable for use in a kitchen.

blue and grey marble
Image credit: @gresth_living

Grey Panelling

Let the blue kitchen do its thing and create a focal wall with grey panelling. This chunky style of panelling is well suited to traditional, country style homes, but it comes into its own in this eclectic setting too.

This cobalt blue look is BOLD, yet the grey is a really important component here as it helps to neutralise the blue, and balance the room.

Grey panelling
Image credit: @the_buchanan_interior

Bold Patterned Tiles

Draw the eye as you enter the room with some seriously cool, patterned floor tiles. I love!

Grey is subliminally used in this room as one of the colours that draws from the floor tiles, it creates such a beautiful contrast with the white brick tiles and blue cabinets for a seriously cool, and stylish kitchen space.

bold tiles kitchen
Image credit:

Neutral Tones With A Pop of Blue

I absolutely love this blue and grey kitchen look. There’s something about those soft, pastel tones of blue that look sensational with neutral colours like grey.

A more duck egg blue shade like this still feels a little bit warm, but it brings an air of brightness and warmth with it that looks great on the upper half of the wall. It’s visually exciting and will help to draw the eye up when you enter the kitchen too.

grey blue kitchen
Image credit: @marionhellweg

Blue and grey is the new white and grey in a kitchen. It’s visually exciting, and creates the coolest colour combination in an interior. Which of these blue and grey kitchen ideas is your favourite?

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