11 Stunning Copper Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

copper kitchen backsplash
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A kitchen backsplash is a real opportunity to deliver something stunning, eye catching and of course, durable in a kitchen. A copper kitchen backsplash is a perfect way to bring some exquisite warmth into the space, whilst being particularly on trend with metallic backsplashes.

Perhaps you are looking to tie a backsplash in with copper decor accessories & pots or pans, or maybe introducing a mix of metallic finishes for exciting visual interest in your kitchen.

You’ll definitely feel inspired after seeing these 11 completely different copper kitchen backsplash ideas that will ignite warmth and provide an endearing touch to your kitchen.

11 Copper Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

1. Copper Leaf Glass Tiles Backsplash

Nothing says extreme decadence like these stunning copper leaf glass tiles by Original Style. This style of decorative glass is a nice alternative to traditional tiles or cut to size copper sheets.

This copper backsplash is highly textured with a slight reflective sheen. The most beautiful pop of warm colour to a kitchen, contrasting with neutral colours through to bold hues like forest green and navy blue.

copper backsplash
Image Credit: Original Style

2. Mixed Metallic Copper Kitchen Backsplash

Why not make a splash with a copper kitchen backsplash that features a myriad of other metallic finishes for a textured, visually endearing look?

This look can similarly be created with laminate sheets which could include anything from copper, anthracite to brass finishes. The great thing about laminate panels for a backsplash is that they are super easy to clean and maintain, and no fiddly grout to clean out.

copper kitchen backsplash

3. Mosaic Style Copper Tiles

There’s something a little bit luxurious about copper in a kitchen, and this backsplash design is a treat for the senses.

This mosaic style tile combines 6 differing styles of pattern and texture for a layered, decadent look. Use from worktop to ceiling, or carry it up to shelving, or a lower height to make a bold statement.

copper tiles
Image credit: Original Style

4. Copper Blue Hexagon Tiles

These hexagon copper tiles bring beautiful lines and colour to a kitchen space. The blue tinge gives that aged looked, similar to what a patina would look like on copper after a period of time.

Tie in with navy blue cabinetry, or bring colour to an all white or neutral kitchen.

copper hexagonal tiles
Image credit: Applebys Tiles

5. Cut To Size Copper Kitchen Backsplash

A simple, cut to size copper kitchen backsplash is one of the most affordable ways to bring this gorgeous colour into your kitchen. These sheets can easily be cut to size with the relevant online retailer and are usually a form of laminate.

Laminate is a great solution to a backsplash wall as it’s easy to fit, is durable and cleans beautifully. There’s no tile crevices or grout to clean and it just makes it one of the most enviable ways to add a copper backsplash to a kitchen.

copper kitchen splashback
Image credit: Custom Splashbacks

6. Burnished Copper Kitchen Backsplash

If you love the aged look that copper can bring to a kitchen, opt for a similar burnished copper kitchen backsplash. Featuring a myriad of colours with a reflective sheen, this will make a bold and luxurious statement in a kitchen.

Match with other copper decor accessories in your kitchen, or mix metals like demonstrated here with a stainless steel cooker hood.

burnished copper backsplash

7. Aged Copper Kitchen Backsplash

Years of weathering has created this exquisite aged copper kitchen backsplash. Whilst this one has developed patina with age, you can purchase lacquered versions which have already had the patina process applied to created.

The result is a marbled effect with different colours showing through, green is a typical colour achieved with patina. A perfect choice for a traditional, country or industrial style kitchen.

copper backsplash
Image credit: @sinclair.studios

8. Copper Brick Style Tiled Backsplash

Brick tiles are a fun choice in a kitchen with their symmetrical beauty. These copper brick tiles instantly lift this kitchen, applied from worktop to ceiling for high visual impact.

Opt for a white grout to make the tile pop, or ground things with a black accent. As you can see, copper pairs really well with the black hardware details and cooker hood as it brings a touch of modernity into the space.

copper brick backsplash
Image credit: @dustandthings

9. Square Tiled Copper Kitchen Backsplash

This copper kitchen backsplash brings a great pop of natural colour to this kitchen. This is a copper glass tile which comes finished, this means it won’t patina with age. This is a preferable option for a kitchen in some respects as it’s much easier to clean. The finish you see now is what you will still have years down the line.

This is the total maintenance free option of having copper in a kitchen.

copper backsplash
Image credit: @colossusmfg

10. Copper Mosaic Tiles

What a colour contrast! Copper mosaic tiles create a charming, lustrous backsplash in a kitchen. This design is only needed for a small section as a backsplash so as not to overwhelm the kitchen.

Pair with a bold hue such as navy blue to create strong visual interest, and excitement in the room.

copper backsplash
Image credit: @noellebeckerstudio

11. Slim Line Copper Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash doesn’t need to be from worktop to ceiling, in fact a slim line copper kitchen backsplash like this is sometimes all you need to get the desired look.

This beautiful, aged copper backsplash carries along the length of the kitchen. Pair with other copper accessories to tie to the space together.

copper backsplash
Image credit: @annecarrdesign

Traditional, aged copper that will patina with age is generally more expensive and requires a fair bit of maintenance to upkeep in a kitchen.

In an area such as a kitchen which comes into contact with regular moisture and dirt, it can be a difficult metal to maintain, despite it looking incredible.

If this does bother you, glass tiles, laminate or lacquered finishes are the best option to consider in a kitchen as you still get the traditional look of copper, without the maintenance it demands. Which copper kitchen backsplash idea is your favourite?

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