The Ultimate Lighting Above Kitchen Sink Ideas

The ultimate lighting above kitchen sink ideas that carry the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Arguably, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home to nail when it comes to lighting. The room needs to be able to cater to changing needs as the role of the room changes throughout the day.

From providing precision task lighting to aid tasks, to ambient levels of lighting that help you to relax and unwind in at the end of the day.

Lighting above kitchen sink is a specific area that needs adequate task lighting to help with clarity, and aid tasks without leaving you with a headache. So, whether your kitchen is situated in front of a window, wall or in a kitchen island, get ready to be inspired with these ultimate lighting above kitchen sink ideas!

The Ultimate Lighting Above Kitchen Sink Ideas

Rise & Fall Pendant Light

If you’re positioning a light directly over a kitchen sink then there could not be a more perfect light than a rise and fall pendant.

The beauty of these is that they can be pulled down when you need more lighting and pushed back up when they’re not needed.

You do need to ensure that the light is either appropriately elevated out of the way of moisture and splashes of water, or opt for a suitably IP rated which is protected against moisture and dirt.

lighting above kitchen sink
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A set of spotlights dotted along a wall are a great alternative to downlights. They provide targeted lighting where you need it most and rather than sitting flush into the ceiling, they actually become part of your design choices in a kitchen.

Black spotlights like these look sensational in a range of kitchen designs from modern, to minimalist and farmhouse styles.

Modern Black Pendant Light

A singular black pendant light over a sink within a kitchen island brings gravitas to the space. This eye catching light becomes a focal point within this room whilst providing great targeted lighting on an area that needs it most for preparing, cooking and entertaining with friends.

lighting above kitchen sink

LED Strip Lighting

If you have a sink tucked away under cabinets it can pose some lighting issues. LED strip lighting is the best solution for this.

It’s affordable, adds an eye catching area & a backlighted look during the evening, but ultimately it adds lighting to a difficult area to help you aid tasks in the kitchen.

lighting above kitchen sink

A Row of Three & LED Strip Lighting

A kitchen island becomes the focal point of any kitchen, so making the right decisions around lighting will help to do it justice, and perfectly balance functionality with design value.

LED strip lighting has been used as a way to highlight the size of the kitchen island, with a row of three beautiful pendant lights within it.

This type of layered lighting scheme works well as you can have all the lighting on for precision tasks, whilst when it comes to entertaining or relaxing, the LED strip light alone with provide ambient levels of lighting to evoke the right emotions.

lighting above kitchen sink
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Downlights remain one of the most popular ways to light a kitchen. They’re recessed which means they sit within the ceiling cavity without protruding, this achieves a seamless look that is versatile for most kitchen design schemes.

They’re one of the best types of lighting for task lighting. Always opt for those with high CRI, these will achieve the most clarity and precision and always install with a dimmer switch where possible.

The kitchen is one of the rooms in a home that requires the greatest flexibility with lighting, allowing you to adjust the brightness when required to match the role of the room, and the mood you’re trying to evoke.

lighting above kitchen sink
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A Row of Glass Pendant Lights

A classic row of glass pendant lights adds timeless style to lighting above kitchen sink. Glass pendant lights are available in such a huge range of styles to find something that suits your space.

They’re great for creating a light and airy space in a kitchen as glass helps to reflect, disperse and retract light.

Single Droplet Style Pendant Light

Bring some harmonious balance to a kitchen sink in front of a window with a single droplet style pendant light. This gorgeous light brings visual interest to the space, use it as an opportunity to mix metals or keep things consistent by using the same metal finish that already features throughout your kitchen on sockets & switches, and cabinet hardware.

lighting above kitchen sink
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Add Glamour With Chandeliers

Up the ante with a bit of glam. If you have a bespoke or handmade kitchen, match it with something that really adds some presence to the space.

A pair of exquisite chandeliers creates a definitive focal point above this kitchen island with sink. The beautiful glass fixtures contrast incredibly with the navy blue, white and grey kitchen fittings.

lighting above kitchen sink
Williams & Sons

Strip Light

A classic strip light is making a comeback in kitchens. Perfectly reserved for contemporary kitchens or those with an industrial feel.

They can provide excellent task lighting and they are a great alternative in kitchens with low ceiling space.

lighting above kitchen sink
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Cascade of Pendants

Mix things up! A row of three pendant lights adds formality to a space, but why not make a cascade out of them and position them at different heights to add further interest to the kitchen?

You could match your light fittings or make like this kitchen by featuring different styles.

lighting above kitchen sink
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A Pair of Oversized Lights

Oversized lighting is one of the most beautiful ways to light a sink which resides in a kitchen island. A rule of odds is usually best practice over a kitchen island, but if you’re going large, a pair of two perfectly balances the space.

Too small, and a pair of two lights will look significant in the space and not achieve the desired look.

Lighting above kitchen sink ideas
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A Row of Odds

A row of odds still remains one of the best ways to light a kitchen island with a sink. A row of three, five or seven is more favourable than evens because it creates a perfect symmetry of space between each light, and odds are more visually endearing in a space.

Just like the aforementioned, don’t go really small with your pendant light choices. They will look insignificant over a large kitchen island and will completely detract your attention from the rest of the kitchen, and not in a good way.

Lighting above kitchen sink ideas
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Picture Wall Lights

Picture wall lights are a great addition to a kitchen where a sink is positioned in front of a window. They add elegance and targeted lighting above kitchen sink, and they’re great for kitchens with a low ceiling too.

This style of lighting can be enjoyed in farmhouse, modern rustic and traditional style kitchens. Brassy tones are perfect for bringing warmth and drama to the space.

Lighting above kitchen sink ideas
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Adjustable Reading Wall Light

Adjustable reading wall lights are just perfect for those little nooks in kitchens, especially where the sink is situated in front of a window or wall, where a pendant light just wouldn’t be a functional choice.

This type of wall light can be adjusted so you can move the targeted light to the places that need it most. They’re one of the most stylish types of wall lights too, combining function and aesthetics, they’re onto a winner.

Lighting above kitchen sink ideas
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Brass Pendant Lights

Go brass, or go home. Brass light fittings are one of my favourite styles in a kitchen space. They contrast so well with pretty much most colour schemes from a pared back white look, to sage green kitchen cabinets.

They add warmth and undeniable style. Use this opportunity to mix metals in your kitchen for extra visual excitement, mix with aged brass tones with decor accessories or play around with using polished chrome on tap fittings as shown here.

Lighting above kitchen sink ideas
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Circular Light Fitting

A circular light fitting is a perfect alternative to hanging a row of pendants over a kitchen island with sink. It provides more targeted lighting in one specific area and it adds beautiful curvature to the space. A great choice for smaller kitchen islands.

Lighting above kitchen sink ideas
Image Credit: @vejbaek_

Rattan Pendant Lights

If you’re looking to create an ultra relaxed yet stylish kitchen interior, opt for rattan pendant lights over a kitchen island. They soften the overall look of a kitchen and provide a really relaxed vibe.

Rattan isn’t one of the best materials for rooms that experience high moisture levels, and they aren’t the easiest to clean so just be aware of this when considering if they will work in your kitchen.

Lighting above kitchen sink ideas
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Singular Glass Pendant Light Fitting

Or, keep things simple with a singular light fitting. Your choices of lighting above kitchen sink choices are slightly more limited if it’s not embedded within a kitchen island, but there’s still plenty of gorgeous options to consider.

A singular glass pendant light fitting like this is perfect in a kitchen space where the window and sink is central as it becomes a focal part of the room. Glass fittings will continue to reflect light even when not in use, so they’ll bounce around that gorgeous natural light when you need it too.

Lighting above kitchen sink ideas
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Lighting above kitchen sink can be slightly tricky to navigate, but whether it’s in front of a window, wall or embedded into a kitchen island, as you can see, there’s plenty of different styles you can choose from that fulfil their function, and become part of the design aesthetic in a kitchen.

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