15 Kitsch Sink Curtains Ideas To Steal, On-trend Skirtains For 2024

sink curtains
Annie Sloan Kitchen Satin Paint In Carnaby Yellow

Sink curtains, otherwise known as ‘Skirtains’ are one of those controversial interior design trends. It’s the cafe curtain of the below window world.

The wrong type of fabric and they can be interpreted as granny chic. But they really do bring a kitsch element to a kitchen, boot room or beyond that brings a boat load of personality.

There’s no surprise we’re seeing the rise of these, they’re a quirky alternative to doors, and disguise everything from washing machines to exposed wiring.

On the fence of the skirtain trend? Peruse these sink curtains ideas to see how the right fabric can bring personality and flair to your space.

15 Kitsch Sink Curtains Ideas To Steal, On-trend Skirtains For 2024

1.Lean Into Moody Tones

When it comes to choosing the right fabric for sink curtains, there are so many options. A plain linen or ticking stripe can be fresh and modern, whilst a bold or moody colour like shown in the fabric below brings interest and softens the space.

Whilst they’re typically called ‘sink curtains’, don’t be pigeon holed by the name. They are great for concealing washing machines and empty spaces. If you’ve just moved into a new property and there’s an empty space, it can be a better alternative to trying to find a matching door, and so much more affordable.

sink curtains 2
Kappar Sunset Ecru Fabric By Abigail Borg

2. A Twee Gingham Print

A classic gingham is a hugely popular fabric choice for this style of covering. Red is a timeless choice, but let your kitchen decor lead the way in choosing the right colour.

Opt for a colour in keeping with your kitchen, or throw in a bold, contrasting colour which will add interest and personality.

sink curtains 3
Image credit: Tori Murphy – Kitchen – Dresser Check Dresser curtain without upstand, Sheer Natural flop-over frill curtain

3. Classic Ticking Stripe Is A Timeless Option

Ticking stripe fabric is a staple in the interior design world. If you find bold patterns daunting, a ticking stripe is easy to incorporate and in the right colour way, it will virtually go with any colour scheme.

You can’t go wrong with a classic charcoal or blue ticking stripe.

sink curtains
Image credit: Annie Sloan

4. Go Neutral With Linen

Take note from the beauty of cafe curtains and utilise linen for your sink curtains. This relaxed style of fabric is lightweight, no-nonsense and will work with virtually any design scheme.

It will add a classic and timeless look to your kitchen, bathroom or beyond. Finish with a brass curtain rod for a touch of elegance.

sink curtains 4

5. Use Bold Geometric Fabric

If playing it safe isn’t your style, go all in with a bold geometric fabric.

Take inspiration from the below image and show the unexpected in a kitchen. It will draw the eye in and give strong visual interest.

Whatever colours feature in the fabric, be sure to feature them at least somewhere else in the room so the colour and fabric looks intentional.

sink curtains 5
Instagram image credit: @Kate_wellesley_home

6. Farmhouse Stripes For A Rustic Kitchen

If you love stripes but not the formality of ticking stripe, go for a relaxed linen farmhouse stripe fabric instead.

The perfect fabric for a kitchen, boot room or bathroom.

sink curtains 6
Instagram image credit: @provenance.studio

7. Finish With A Lace Hem

Lend a slightly more retro and vintage feel by adding decorative embellishment to the top and hem of the curtains.

A run of lace adds that handmade, vintage feel and looks great in the right setting. This style is most suited to farmhouse and eclectic decor schemes.

sink curtains 7
Instagram image credit: @tracey_hiebert

8. Keep It Simple With White Linen

White linen is a no-nonsense option for skirt curtains, it’s floaty and works with any colour scheme.

Just be prepared that white isn’t the most forgiving colour and it’s likely to get dirty over time being in a kitchen. A white linen like this is best for less used spaces or to conceal areas such as a washing machine.

sink curtains 8
Instagram image credit: @luisa_m.calmonte

9. Make Them Floor Length

If you’re wondering what the best type of length for skirt curtains is, it’s floor length. They should just gently skim the bottom of the floor.

You can choose to add flares or trims to the bottom, but curtains that simply graze the floor are on-trend and relaxed in their approach.

sink curtains 9
Instagram image credit: @thehillgroup_homes

10. Upcycle Shower Curtains

Make like this bathroom and rework a pair of old shower curtains to conceal a standard pedestal basin.

The gingham pattern creates a bold and colourful colour play against the yellow unit. Admittedly, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but that’s the fun part of interior design.

sink curtains 10
Instagram image credit: @ciarakenaston

11. Add Layers

Find traditional skirtains a bit bland? When you’re making them from scratch, it’s your opportunity to interpret them however you want.

Add some layers to your skirt for added texture and interest. The perfect look in a farmhouse kitchen as shown in the image below.

sink curtains 11
Instagram image credit: @modernfarmhouseinspo

12. A Classic Farmhouse Check

There’s something ultra stylish yet relaxed about a classic farmhouse check. The black brings definition and modernity to the space.

If you want something a little bit extra then plain linen, this is a perfect choice as it works so well with both neutral and bold colour schemes.

sink curtains 12
Instagram image credit: @bronwynpoole

13. Pick A Contrasting Colour

We absolutely adore this gorgeous boot room! Let your colour scheme lead the way when picking your fabric, and go for a completely contrasting colour in your fabric.

Blue and yellow together? It looks amazing!

sink curtains 13
Instagram image credit: @claudiadeyongdesigns

14. Match It To Your Blinds

When you pick a bold fabric with a colour that doesn’t feature anywhere else, I always recommend you need to use that colour somewhere else in the space. It creates a cohesive colour scheme and looks intentional.

Why not use the same fabric on your blinds or other textiles in the room? It creates a running theme in the space that looks beautiful.

sink curtains 14
Instagram image credit: @Victoria.smee.curtains

15. Black Ticking Stripe Adds Definition

Stuck on a ticking stripe fabric? You can’t go wrong with charcoal or black.

The black accent will ground the room and adds a touch of modernity. Plus, it’s the universal accent colour that goes with all colours. Take note from this rustic utility room scheme below.

What’s your thoughts on skirtains? Are you here for it, or do you find them a bit too granny chic? Let me know in the comments below!

sink curtains 15
Instagram image credit: @1930s_doer_upper
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