28 Blue Kitchen Island Ideas to Transform Your Space

blue kitchen island ideas

Blue kitchens still remain a popular colour way in a kitchen. Make a statement with these 28 blue kitchen island designs.

A blue kitchen island is a beautiful addition to a blue kitchen, or if you’re opting for a two tonal look with contrasting cabinetry.

From navy blue to teal, these inspiring 28 blue kitchen island ideas should give you plenty of inspiration for your next kitchen remodel.

28 Blue Kitchen Island Ideas

1.Blue Shaker Style Kitchen Island

A blue shaker style kitchen island brings effortless style to a kitchen, perfect for traditional, farmhouse and modern rustic style interiors.

Create a two tonal effect in your kitchen like this Williams & Sons look, navy blue contrasts beautifully with the grey cabinetry, achieving instant visual impact as you step into the kitchen.

blue kitchen island ideas
Kitchen Image: Williams & Sons

2. Curved Blue Kitchen Island

Curves are in! A perfectly rounded kitchen island adds softness to a room and works well in a U-shaped kitchen like this, or as a stand alone kitchen island.

I adore curved kitchen islands, they add character and visual interest to the space whilst the shape helps to soften the overall look of the room. 

blue kitchen island ideas
Kitchen Image: Kettle Co. Kitchens

3. Fluted Wood Cladding

Fluted wooden cladding on cabinetry and kitchen islands has seen a huge surge in popularity in kitchens over the last year. If you like curves, you’ll love this look in a kitchen.

It creates a soft and flattering aesthetic that looks sensational with a muted blue shade like this, as it does with baby blue and navy blue shades too. It pairs well with a curved worktop to carry through those curves.

4. Waterfall Worktop

A waterfall worktop is an elegant way to beautifully extend a kitchen island, without it having any harsh edges. The wrap around style is effortlessly chic and adds a different dimension to a kitchen.

A white quartz or marble style worktop looks sensational with a navy blue kitchen island.

5. Cobalt Blue Kitchen Island

Fancy making a statement in your kitchen? Cobalt blue is a lesser travelled kitchen colour, but it looks incredible in the right setting.

Pair with mustard hues for an eclectic contrast that just works.

6. Marble Worktop

A marble worktop is a hugely popular choice for adding to a blue kitchen island. It adds durability and timeless style to a kitchen, outliving kitchen trends that come and go.

Marble is available in so many different styles, quartz should also be considered as a more affordable, and what can be considered a more durable option for a kitchen worktop.

7. Pale Blue Kitchen Island

It’s not all about those navy blue hues. This pale blue pared back shade looks exquisite with distressed wooden tones and chrome detailing.

A contemporary style kitchen that looks incredible.

8. Copper Sinks

Brass, chrome and black nickel are some of the more popular interior hardware trends in a home, but what about copper?

These copper sinks add an exciting element to this kitchen island, breaking up the monotony of the marble worktop whilst it contrasts beautifully with the blue body of the cabinets.

9. Wooden Worktop

Adding a wooden worktop to a blue kitchen island instantly creates a farmhouse style, country inspired look for a kitchen.

Wooden worktops are long lasting, bring timeless style to an interior and they’re incredible durable for the busiest of kitchens.

10. Traditional Hand Painted Kitchen Island

A traditional style kitchen island is perfect for traditional, period style and even modern interiors. A hand painted kitchen island gives you total control over kitchen design, and it delivers a beautiful finish.

Pair with white cabinetry for a crisp, two tonal kitchen design.

11. White Belfast Sink

Who doesn’t love a Belfast sink? This traditional token on a kitchen island adds functionality and style to a kitchen.

Make like Olive & Barr with a marble worktop and navy blue cabinetry for a traditional, classic look.

12. Handleless Kitchen Island

A handleless kitchen island design is the ultimate in contemporary and modern design. It delivers a sleek and streamlined look, adding timeless style to a kitchen.

13. Open Shelving

Open shelving on a kitchen island adds instant intrigue and visual interest. It’s a perfect place to style and add your own unique mementos to the space.

It can be a visually exciting way to display your favourite cook books, plants and decorative items.

14. Terazzo Worktop

Marble and white worktops are probably the two most common choices with a blue kitchen island, but it’s fun to be different!

A terrazzo style worktop adds a playful touch to a kitchen, and a great way to incorporate other colours into the space.

blue kitchen island ideas

15. Extended Worktop

blue kitchen island ideas

16. Solid White Worktop

It’s important to plan a kitchen with longevity and timeless style that you know will still be stylish in a few years to come. A solid white worktop is a no-nonsense classic way to elevate a blue kitchen island.

White creates a beautifully clean contrast that will lift the space and create that light, social and airy space that a kitchen demands.

blue kitchen island
Image credit: @thecheerfulhome

17. Brass Hardware

Blue & brass hardware is a match made in heaven. Interior hardware is the jewellery of a kitchen and it really is those finishing details that make a difference.

A polished brass detail adds beautiful warmth to a kitchen, match with the same metal throughout or if you fancy mixing metals, opt for an aged brass too.

blue kitchen island
Image credit: @homesinteriorsdecor

18. Black Worktop

There’s a lot to be said for adding a black worktop to a blue kitchen island. Blue & black are considered a crime together when it comes to fashion, but they can add great visual appeal together in an interior setting.

A black worktop is one of the most forgiving too, a great choice for busy households!

navy blue kitchen island
Image credit: @kitchenarchitectureltd

19. Baby Blue Kitchen Island

A candy coloured pastel dream! A baby blue kitchen island adds a beautifully understated flair to a kitchen, pair with white cabinetry for a fun, yet pared back kitchen.

Incorporate fun tiles and brassy hardware to bring some warmth in to balance out the cool hues. A baby blue kitchen island creates a stylish, yet relaxed kitchen space.

baby blue kitchen island
Image credit: @nishasnest

20. Built In Wine Cooler

The beauty of a kitchen island is that it brings a whole host of opportunities to maximise your storage. A built in wine cooler is a great addition to a kitchen island, perfect for cooling wine, champagne and cans of your favourite soft drink!

navy blue kitchen island
Image credit: @laceandgraceinteriors

21. Built In Hob Unit

If your kitchen lacks space, adding a built in hob unit to a kitchen island worktop is great for keeping your kitchen worktop space free for preparation and styling. It should be an extension of your kitchen and close to other places in your kitchen such as a sink and cooker for easy access.

blue kitchen island
Image credit: @frostingjewelry

22. Chrome Hardware

Chrome hardware can deliver and cool and sleek impact to a kitchen. It’s one of the most versatile kitchen hardware metals and works so well with most colours, especially on a blue kitchen island.

Add chrome cup handles for a rustic edge, or chrome pull handles for a more modern, contemporary feel in a kitchen.

two tone kitchen
Image credit: @trumankitchens

23. Teal Kitchen Island

Think outside the box when it comes to blue kitchen island ideas. Teal is a stand out colour that brings a renewed sense of freshness and colour to a kitchen.

It’s hard not to look good with a colour like teal. Pair with a white or quartz worktop for a stunning contrast.

teal kitchen island
Image credit: @durasupreme

24. Kitchen Island With Seating

A traditional kitchen island is commonly seen with a section for high bar stools, but why not use it to incorporate a built in seating area?

This creates a central hub in a kitchen that’s cosy, stylish and maximises on the space you already have. It can be a great functional choice for combined kitchen/diners where space is a premium.

blue kitchen island
Image credit: @kbbmagazine

25. U-Shaped Blue Kitchen Island

Not every space can have a stand alone kitchen island, but a U-shaped kitchen island is a great workaround to this.

It adds a stylish aesthetic to a kitchen, whilst still allowing you to appreciate the benefits of a beautiful, blue kitchen island.

blue kitchen
Image credit: @liberty.interiors

26. Shiplap Panelled Blue Kitchen Island

For the ultimate farmhouse style inspired blue kitchen island, it wouldn’t be complete without shiplap paneling.

The wrap around horizontal shiplap panelling creates a stunning aesthetic, and a rustic look that can be appreciated in farmhouse, and modern rustic kitchens.

blue kitchen island
Image credit: @kendraparkerdesign

27. Bold Blue Kitchen Island

Forget the navy blues and baby blues of the world, opt for a bold blue colour on a kitchen island that provides a stunning contrast against white cabinetry.

This bold pop of colour adds instant visual interest to the space, paired with a dark wood worktop for a true taste for the senses.

bright blue kitchen island, wood worktop
Image credit: @madetolasthomes

28. Aged Brass Hardware

Polished brass looks great with blue kitchen islands, as does a gorgeous aged brass hardware detail. Bring aged brass into the kitchen island with statement aged brass pendant lights, cup handles, knobs and sockets & switches.

I love the subtle aged look of brass, opt for an unlacquered brass is you like to see the ageing process develop over time.

blue kitchen island
Image credit: @fromrenotorightnow

Whether it’s traditional, modern or out of the box ideas you’re looking for, these blue kitchen island ideas should have given you plenty of inspiration for your next kitchen remodel. Which blue kitchen island idea if your favourite?

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