Kitchen Trends 2023: The Top Designer-approved Colours That Should Be On Your Radar

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Kitchen trends come and go as designers in the kitchen industry play around with colours to create fresh schemes that meet homeowners’ ever changing needs in the kitchen.

With such a wide variety of combinations of hues and nuances, it can be challenging to decide on the best one, which is why many opt to revamp and change the face of this room by repainting the walls every few years – a quick and easy fix to make an outdated kitchen look brand new.   

Whether you want to breathe some fresh air in with a few hues, or renovate the hub of your home from soup to nuts, the best starting point for elevating its look is the paint.

It’s unavoidable to grow bored with your kitchen’s aspect or have your mind set on new colours that resonate with you more, whether revolving around the same palette or opting for a completely different scheme.

Luckily, adding some bold colours or giving more functionality to the sanctuary of your home is possible with the latest colour kitchen trends developed with the modern homeowner in mind.

So, let’s check this roundup of expert-approved kitchen trends to elevate your cooking space.

Kitchen Trends 2023: The Colours


Creamy whites have always been ideal for creating comfy, layered environments that combine both style and functionality.

Light-filled rooms are all the rage, and white is the best colour choice to make the room feel airier and larger. A perfect choice, especially for smaller kitchens.

If you have a North facing kitchen opt for white shades with yellow undertones to help combat the cold light associated with North facing spaces.

It also brings cleanliness and makes the home look classy or stylish, depending on what you want your kitchen to deliver.

A chalky off-white wall looks striking with accent colours for cabinetry that adds contrast and drama. Similarly, if you want a quieter space that exudes calmness, you can work around the white palette and only focus on subtler shades. 

While white is not the friendliest kitchen colour because it is not the best at hiding stains and dirt, creamier shades do the opposite and cover flaws efficiently while delivering the promised benefits.

Ultimately, it all comes down to how you mix and match these soothing shades and your choice of kitchen cabinetry.

When the furniture is well-designed and uses quality materials and finishes, maintaining and keeping it clean is easy.

There’s a wide variety of options for this undertaking, as there are numerous providers you can choose from. However, because you have the freedom of choice and can mix and match more hues according to the outcome you desire, starting the journey by browsing through Kitchen Warehouse Ltd can be a good starting point to help you find inspiration, regardless of whether you’re up for a complete kitchen overhaul or want to change your kitchen’s face by replacing the cabinetry’s doors.

off white kitchen

Sage Green

With homeowners growing desire to spend more time outdoors and connect with nature, it’s no wonder why there’s been so much buzz around green hues.

This garden-borne colour can easily be included in any kitchen area and perk up the dullest of rooms, it makes a popular choice for homeowners seeking to liven up their kitchen.

Dark green had its moment; but now is the time for brighter and paler nuances to shine. The nature-inspired green has staying power as the benefits of using hues that evoke feelings of modishness and freshness will never disappear.

Known as one of the cleverest colours as it provides both biophilic benefits and feelings of vibrancy or zen, depending on your choice, sage green can quickly spruce up your cooking space and give it new life.

Looking to take this on-trend shade one step further? Sage green and terracotta kitchens are the ultimate in well balanced, restorative and stylish spaces.

sage green kitchen

Bold Black

Some homeowners might find the idea of black kitchen walls foreboding or extreme because it can make a space feel cramped and look smaller.

If you want an extravagant and dramatic style and your cooking room is large enough to permit using this paint, it’s definitely one that should be considered. 

There’s always been hype around black nuances, emerging as go-to choices for all the rooms, from bathrooms to kitchens, much because you can easily mix and match it with both warmer shades like beige or darker hues like navy blue, this is an effective trick to create an outstanding modern design that speaks for you.

It can be a statement colour while also serving as a neutral backdrop that works well with different textures and finishes.

One thing you should consider to ensure your kitchen delivers a soothing effect instead of being gloomy is to pay close attention to the undertones.

When black is combined with green, it can help boost productivity, and when mixed with white, it provides a striking contrast. 

black kitchen


Besides the choices of popular colours these days, there’s a trend catching up: kitchens revolving around two tones.

A mixed colour scheme is gaining momentum these days, as the days when you only had one option regarding the colour of your cabinets are long gone.

A two-toned kitchen is exactly what it sounds like; some walls or cabinets are painted in one colour while the remaining spots or kitchen island embrace more saturated or subtler shades. 

Because the space is often divided up into more parts, you can easily play around and paint cabinets in earth-toned hues while relying on the walls to make a statement with bolder shades.

Similarly, you can’t go wrong if you opt for colours that catch your eye. You don’t want a run-of-the-mill kitchen, nor should you be satisfied with one that doesn’t reach its full potential.

A singular colour in a kitchen can make the space feel flat, whereas opting for a two tone design with highly contrasting shades creates instant visual interest and depth as you walk into a kitchen. From grey and white to navy blue and grey, there are so many timeless colour combinations that work seamlessly together in a two tonal kitchen design.

two tone kitchen


It’s not always so much about the colour, but also the finish. Woodgrain kitchens have always been popular, but kitchen designers are seeing an increased demand for them.

Sustainability is the word that is ever growing at the front of peoples minds and woodgrain kitchens help to give that further nod to the outside world around us.

Woodgrain is a perfect choice for contemporary, minimalist and even modern style kitchens when teamed with another on-trend colour like sage green and tied together with a black accent for a defining look.

woodgrain kitchen

Last but not least, Heritage Yellow sees rising demand

There’s a growing desire for bolder, braver colours that can make a statement and add drama to the kitchen, which is why there’s an uptick in sunshine-inspired hues of yellow.

This colour looks good with muddier tones of green, creating a nature-inspired sanctuary that boosts your mood.

On the other hand, you can opt for darker shades of black or blue if you want your kitchen to exude luxury and be low-maintenance. Which colour kitchen trends spark your interest?

heritage yellow kitchen

Before You Go…

Two tone kitchens are by far one of my favourite kitchen design choices, the mix of two highly contrasting colours gauges instant visual interest whilst it avoids the room feeling flat.

If you’re looking for any persuasion in your own kitchen makeover, the below post is packed full of inspiration for blue and grey kitchen ideas, one of the coolest two tonal kitchen looks out there.

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