Navy Blue Kitchen Ideas For A Rich, Sumptuous Look

navy blue kitchen ideas
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These 11+ Navy Blue kitchen ideas are the perfect example of sumptuous, sultry kitchen spaces that envelope you. There’s nothing oppressive about a perfectly executed navy blue kitchen.

In recent years, navy blue has become a huge colour trend in kitchens, a perfect contrasting shade for crisp, and bold colours, and highly complementary against a range of metal accents such as brass and copper.

Whether you’re undergoing a kitchen renovation or looking to add some on-trend colour to your kitchen, these navy blue kitchen ideas will give you plenty of inspiration, save your favourites down for later!

Navy Blue Kitchen Ideas

Navy Blue Kitchen With Contrasting White

One of the most classic and timeless navy blue kitchen looks is one that contrasts with white. This seemingly minimal and crisp look is accentuated by the boldness of the navy blue on the cabinetry, whilst the white draws you up the ceiling, giving the illusion of higher ceilings.

Navy Blue certainly won’t make your kitchen feel oppressive or ‘gothic’, but teaming with a colour such as white will help to create a light, airy and social feel throughout.

navy blue kitchen ideas
Image credit: Benchmarx Kitchens

Navy Blue & Wood Tones

Woodgrains are growing in popularity in kitchens, particularly for use as accent colours with handleless kitchens through cabinetry, kitchen islands and thoughtful decor touches.

This two tonal look of navy blue with wooden tones bring a sustainable, and natural feel to this kitchen. A perfect example of a contemporary kitchen with handleless units and a bold colour as the dominant shade in the room.

navy blue kitchen ideas
Image credit: Wood Works Brighton

Navy Blue & Grey Two Tonal Kitchen

Two tonal kitchens are one of the best ways to add instant visual interest to a kitchen, it helps to break up the monotony of a single tone space too.

Navy blue and grey are just as classic a pairing as it is with white, yet grey brings a bit more of a refined balance to the space without it creating a stark contrast.

Navy Blue & Walnut Worktops

Walnut is an incredibly rich and sumptuous wooden grain, a perfect companion for navy blue. The result is an elevated space that feels solid, yet beautiful.

The chunky walnut butcher style worktop makes the area feel robust and oozes quality craftsmanship.

navy blue and walnut kitchen
Image credit: Higham Furniture

Navy Blue & Marble

This is proof that a navy blue kitchen can also be sympathetic to the property it’s in. This shade of blue works in modern, contemporary and rustic spaces like this.

A marble or quartz worktop adds a luxurious feel atop navy blue cabinetry, quartz gives a similar finish yet isn’t as porous as marble can be, so it’s one worth considering if you’re looking to keep costs down and opt for a durable finish.

navy blue and white kitchen
Image credit: Olive & Barr

Navy Blue & Pink

It’s the colour combination that shouldn’t work, but it just does in an interior.

A dusty pink like this provides a soft and restorative balance against the boldness of navy blue in a kitchen.

Opt for brass hardware finishes and dainty glass lights for that continuation of softness and warmth in the space.

navy blue and pink kitchen
Image credit: Annie Sloan

Navy Blue & Warm Details

Blue has historically always been thought of as a cold colour in an interior, but dress with the right colours and finishes and you can create a warm and inviting space to cook in.

The combination of a wood shiplap ceiling, brass light fittings and warm LED strip lights under the counter counteracts the coldness that can be associated with navy blue, the space feels warm and abundant with these details.

navy blue kitchen

Navy Blue & Copper

If you’re looking for a warm metal to complement navy blue, copper is always a winner, but ensure you carry it through the entire kitchen as an accent colour for maximum impact.

Choose a staple, quality copper sink and tap, feature copper pots and pans, and don’t forget the smaller details such as copper sockets and switches.

navy blue and copper kitchen
Image credit: Kettle Co.

Navy Blue With White Subway Tiles

Plain walls can make a finished kitchen feel a little bit flat, and you certainly don’t need a surface to ceiling backsplash to appreciate a bit of texture and depth.

If you’re creating a classic navy blue and white look, add a few rows of subway white tiles for durability, texture and depth. This timeless look will stand the test of time, and keep your walls in tip top condition.

navy blue and white subway tiles kitchen
Image credit: Abstract House

Contrasting Blues

Perhaps, one of my favourite navy blue kitchen ideas of the bunch. Layering differing shades of a colour adds visual interest and texture to an interior.

Take two tonal kitchens to a different level by pairing these two lesser travelled colours together. Opt for navy blue cabinetry and a stand out light blue kitchen island. The island pops against the navy blue and creates such a cool, invigorating colour scheme.

navy blue kitchen ideas
Image credit: Olive & Barr

Navy Blue & Mustard

Name a more iconic colour duo. Navy blue and mustard has long been a classic combo in an interior, the mustard adds warmth to the coolness of the blue, yet it offers a touch of masculinity with it too.

Only a small section of mustard is needed to nail a look like this, too much and it’s game over. The continuation of the wider shiplap above in white creates a streamlined, crisp look which instantly draws the eye up to the ceiling.

navy blue and mustard kitchen
Image credit: Original BTC

Is Navy Blue Good For A Kitchen?

Yes! Navy Blue is a classic, dramatic colour that can create an inviting and enveloping kitchen space when paired with the right colours. Opt for a two tonal cabinetry look for instant visual interest, it helps to counteract the coldness that can be associated with navy blue. This colour pairs well with timeless colours such as white and accent colours like mustard, pink, copper and brass which will bring an abundance of warmth.

navy blue two tonal kitchen
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

Is Navy Too Dark For A Small Kitchen?

Navy isn’t too dark for a small kitchen, but you do need to consider pairing it with lighter colours to create contrast and balance. For example, you could use white or light grey walls or cabinets to offset the navy cabinetry. You could also incorporate lighter elements through accessories like curtains, rugs and decor accessories. However, lighting is what will play an integral role in a small kitchen, opt for lights with a high CRI and use a mixture of light sources like downlights and pendant lights to make the space feel larger, and more inviting.

navy blue and grey kitchen
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

A navy blue kitchen is one that can be used in modern, traditional, contemporary and beyond interiors. It pairs beautifully with tell tale classic colours, but equally comes into its own when paired with bolder accent colours like mustard and pink. Which of these navy blue kitchen ideas is your favourite?

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