21 Stunning Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

vaulted ceiling lighting ideas

These 21 stunning vaulted ceiling lighting ideas will provide the perfect balance between function and style, lighting a vaulted ceiling seamlessly.

A vaulted ceiling can often present a lighting conundrum as the ceiling is arched, usually high and difficult to reach, and light adequately.

The shape of a vaulted ceiling makes it more difficult to light as traditional light fixtures won’t touch the sides, and distribute the amount of light required to make it work.

If you’re in the process of choosing vaulted ceiling lighting, there are a number of ways to create a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing lighting scheme that will work with your vaulted ceiling, not against it.

What Is The Best Lighting For Vaulted Ceilings?

The best approach is to use a combination of light sources for a layered lighting look, this allows you to achieve maximum brightness when required, but create a relaxing ambience in the evening. With vaulted ceilings you should use a mixture of long drop pendant lights, downlights, wall lights and floor level lighting such as floor lamps to create an even and distributed balance of light throughout the space.

21 Vaulted Ceiling Lighting Ideas

1.Downlights – Recessed Lighting

Downlights are a popular type of vaulted ceiling lighting. As they are recessed they achieve a seamless, flush look which is perfect for contemporary style homes.

As vaulted ceilings are so high and tend to have a larger surface area, downlights are great as part of a layered lighting scheme with ceiling lights too.

Downlights can be used to follow the sloped ceilings down on their own, but they don’t offer any further style to the space like they do with the addition of a vaulted ceiling light, such as a pendant light as styled below.

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downlights vaulted ceiling

2. Focal Pendant Light & Row of Odds From A Beam

A lot of vaulted ceilings tend to have real or faux beams added to create a rustic, modern farmhouse style interior. The benefit of beams in a vaulted ceiling is that they are lower than the highest point of the ceiling which makes it easier to light.

As shown here, use the beam to hang a row of odds, a great lighting idea over a kitchen island or dining room. If the room is shared with a dining room or living space, introduce a beautiful pendant light with a long drop to the central part of the room.

DSC0692 copy
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

3. Downlights & Stand Out Modern Black Chandelier

A timeless vaulted ceiling lighting idea is to combine flush, recessed downlights on the slopes of the ceiling, with a central, defining light fixture from the centre point of the ceiling.

A modern black chandelier brings a grounding aspect to a room, introduce this style to modern farmhouse and modern rustic interiors for a beautiful look.

vaulted ceiling

4. Exposed Bulbs

If you’re trying to achieve an industrial look, bare all with some exposed Edison style bulbs. They provide an industrial edge and a good source of lighting in a central part of the room.

You will want to combine another light source as bulbs on their own won’t be enough to distribute light throughout a vaulted ceiling.

bulbs vaulted ceiling
Image credit: Kettle Co. Kitchens

5. Defining Black Fan Light Fixture

Vaulted ceiling lighting with fan are a great choice for contemporary style interiors. This defining black fan light fixture can also work well in a modern rustic setting. The long drop allows for light to distribute evenly throughout the room, combined with some white, flush downlights for a well lit, lighting scheme.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @dagandesign

6. A Row of Pendants, Wall Lights & Central Focal Light Fitting

Create some strong visual interest with a row of pendants on either side of a vaulted ceiling, with a central, long drop pendant light and wall lights on either side.

The mixture of finishes creates an endearing look, and this layered lighting scheme means things can be pared back in the evening to create a relaxing ambience.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @amystormandco

7. It’s All About Curvature

Keep things simple with your vaulted ceiling lighting by incorporating a circular pendant light fitting. This gorgeous fitting directs lighting around rather than downwards.

This helps to adequately distribute light around the room, whilst the beautiful brass finish warms up the bright white shiplap ceiling.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @fieldandforestdesign

8. Black Pendant Lights

Black pendant lights are always a good vaulted ceiling lighting idea. A white vaulted ceiling can be sparse, but combined with the right accents and it will bring the space to life, whilst adequately lighting it too.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @houseonwillowhill

9. Bring The Glam With Chandeliers

Dazzle a vaulted ceiling with a bit of glam. A pair of chandeliers on either side of a vaulted ceiling keep things in proportion and well lit.

This type of chandelier features defining black accents as well as the mirror effect drops which help to disperse light in a room.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @viviennecutler

10. Black Lantern Fitting

A singular lantern fitting is sometimes all you need for a vaulted ceiling. It’s all in proportion to the size of your space, something like this wouldn’t work in a huge living room design with a vaulted ceiling.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @dagandesign

11. Chandeliers & Downlights

A kitchen is one place you really cannot scrimp on lighting. In this vaulted ceiling, downlights are an absolute essential on the sloping roof to provide targeted lighting for task preparation. You can then combine the function with aesthetics by introducing a stunning chandelier over a kitchen island.

This gives greater flexibility over your vaulted ceiling lighting, allowing you to adapt the lighting sources as the role of the room changes throughout the day.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @peggysuescountryhome

12. Glass Lighting

Choosing glass for your vaulted ceiling lighting is a great choice because glass lights will continue to reflect, disperse and retract light, even when they aren’t switched on. They can help to bounce swathes of beautiful natural light around the room, and they distribute light evenly when they are switched on.

In an expansive space like a vaulted ceiling, glass lighting really does come into its own.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @country_modern_build

13. Long Drop Pendant Lights

A long drop on pendant lights is a cornerstone of vaulted ceiling lighting. As ceilings are often very high and cavernous, long drops are required to carry light to the appropriate area, yet stop the room from feeling dark.

In the below setting, a long drop is required to cover a kitchen island for task lighting, yet a fan pendant light is used on the other side as the kitchen morphs into a living room.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @katehomedesignandfindsnash

14. Black Wall Lights

Black wall lights bring a defining aspect to the walls beneath a sloping ceiling. They can elevate walls where light from above doesn’t quite reach, whilst providing targeted lighting to reading nooks and beyond.

Black is a great choice for modern farmhouse, industrial and modern rustic interiors.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @kristin_kgdesigns

15. Lanterns & Bedside Table Lamps

Vaulted ceiling lighting is only effective when you combine a couple of different sources. In a bedroom setting a natural combination is with a central pedant light and bedside table lamps.

Match the finishes, or mix two different metals on the lights for an eclectic and interesting look.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @pearsondesigngroup

16. Discrete Spotlights

If you’re not a fan of downlights, spotlights are another great choice. They don’t sit flush to the ceiling, but they don’t encroach too much into the rest of the interior, they’re great for providing targeted lighting too.

If you have a white ceiling, opt for white to keep things really minimal or let them become part of the design aesthetic by introducing black, defining spotlights. Track lighting is another sensible option for a vaulted ceiling as they can provide good illumination in harder to reach areas.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @pearsondesigngroup

17. Bubble Chandelier

Dare to be different by introducing a really fun, and eclectic style of lighting. Bubble chandeliers become part of the design aesthetic and can be a really endearing feature to a vaulted ceiling be it in a bedroom, or living room.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @pearsondesigngroup

18. Combine Textures Too!

Combining different light fixtures is the key to nailing your vaulted ceiling lighting, but think about textures too.

Be it rattan, metal finishes or exposed bulbs, combining different textures creates depth and character which is even more important in an expansive vaulted ceiling space.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @houseofcarms

19. Oversize With Brass

Large, oversized light fittings in a vaulted ceiling bring drama and character, going oversized is best as they will be more in proportion to the space. A tiny light fitting will feel inferior in the space and become an eyesore.

Use metal finishes such as brass to introduce a lovely warmth against a white vaulted ceiling.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @claudinestarkdesign

20. Layer With Wall Lights

Wall lights are one of the best ideas for a vaulted ceiling lighting scheme. They keep low level lighting adequate in the space, and they complement pendant lights perfectly.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @kristin_kgdesigns

21. White Light Fittings

Defining black light fittings are a big part of farmhouse and modern rustic interiors which tend to opt for vaulted ceilings, but white is good too!

White light fittings bring a crisp and clean aesthetic to an interior, even more beautiful set against exposed wood beams.

vaulted ceiling lighting
Image credit: @wellhouseandco
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