19 Small Attic Bedroom Ideas That Maximise Space

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Attic conversions are a great use of unused space and can be turned into a cosy bedroom. A lot of attic bedrooms are small but they can be bursting with character and offer a fantastic space for either teenager children or guests to fully relax in. 

Need some advice on how to maximise the square footage you have available in your attic bedroom? Then keep on reading.

19 Small Attic Bedroom Ideas That Maximise Space

1.Bring Character With Exposed Brick

Exposed brick brings lots of character to an otherwise plain white space. We recommend exposing the brick behind the bed to create a feature wall.

If exposed brick isn’t an option, you can always fake the look with brick slips of brick printed wallpaper.

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2. Envelope With Wallpaper

Design a beautifully patterned cocoon by adorning your attic bedroom walls with wallpaper. Don’t just wallpaper the walls, wallpaper the ceiling too for a cosy and encapsulating feel.

A subtle floral pattern works well to suit most styles of interiors or if you’re feeling brave, opt for a classic stripe.

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3. Draw The Eye In With An Accent Wall

Create an accent wall behind the bed to perfectly frame the space. This can be done with paint, wallpaper or even panelling.

If you don’t feel confident tackling wallpaper or panelling yourself, consult a professional who will be able to help you.

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4. Build Storage Solutions Into The Eaves

Making the most out of every square inch of space is very important when it comes to attic bedrooms. 

The best way to maximise storage is to get built in furniture that works with all of the awkward corners and crevices in the room.

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5. Follow The Eaves With Book Storage

A floor to ceiling bookshelf is what dreams are made of and this glorious attic bedroom pictured below boasts just that.

Create a window seat as the focal point of a built in bookshelf and to act as a cosy reading nook.

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6. Create A Cosy Bed Nook

This built in bed design would be perfect for a child or a teenager that is wanting an extra level of privacy. 

It feels like its very own cocoon and is framed beautifully by a pair of gingham curtains.

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Instagram image credit: @a.cotswold.lifestyle

7. Run A Fun Pattern Throughout

An attic bedroom is the perfect space to let your creativity run wild. It’s a room that isn’t going to be seen regularly by guests and you can revel in the fact that you’ve designed it to suit your own individual taste. 

Running a pattern throughout is a stylish and bold decorating choice.

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8. A Cosy Squeeze For Two Beds

If you need your attic bedroom to accommodate two people then you may be able to squeeze two single beds in there.

To avoid it feeling too cluttered or overwhelmed, simply add one bedside table and lamp and choose matching bedding to make the room feel cohesive.

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9. Use Wallpaper & Colour To Make A Small Space Enticing

Be proud of your small attic bedroom and fill it with bright colours and patterns to make it feel alive.

Patterned wallpaper is a bold and expensive choice so make sure you choose a design that you love and won’t get bored of.

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10. Draw The Eye Up With Half Wall Panelling

Add some texture to your attic walls by introducing half wall panelling.

There are lots of different styles of panelling to choose from and if you don’t feel confident executing this yourself then call in a local carpenter who can help.

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11. Combine Different Textures For Warmth & Interest

Distract the eye from the lack of space in an attic bedroom and layer up lots of different textures. 

We’re thinking of beams, exposed brick, wood panelling and lots of soft furnishings.

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12. Make Wooden Beams A Focal Feature To Frame The Room

An attic with exposed beams is a beautiful feature of any home. Don’t shy away from this and instead boast about it! 

Leave your attic room neutral and let the beams do the talking.

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Instagram image credit: @cotswoldinterior

13. Warm, Cosy Colour Scheme

Try and make your attic room feel as warm and cosy as possible by choosing a warm and neutral colour palette.

Sandy beiges and taupes work well to make a room feel cosier.

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Instagram image credit: @brickdustandglitter

14. Eaves Full of Leaves

How gorgeous is this attic bedroom that’s adorned with leaf patterned wallpaper? We’d say it’s the definition of bringing the outside in! 

Bring the wallpaper up onto the ceiling to give your bedroom the wow-factor.

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Instagram image credit: @mikegarlickdesign

15. Add Wooden Cladding To The Ceiling

Make your attic room embody a cosy log cabin in the woods by cladding your ceiling with wood. 

Avoid doing it to the walls as well, as this may make the room feel a bit too dark and oppressive.

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Instagram image credit: @a.house.called.eastwood

16. Tongue & Groove The Bed Wall For The Illusion of Space

Designing an attic bedroom and maximising the space is all about tricking the eye. 

Adding tongue and groove panelling to the back wall of your attic can create the illusion of more vertical space and taller ceilings.

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Instagram image credit: @studiosteidl

17. Pop A Desk Next To The Bed For A Multi Functional Space

Most rooms in modern homes need to be multi-functional. If you require a working from home space then why not fit a desk into the alcove of an attic bedroom? 

It’ll be away from the rest of the house so it can offer you a quiet and relaxed place to work.

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18. Colour Drench

Colour drenching is a decorating technique which involves painting an entire room in one colour. This includes all of the walls, ceiling and woodwork.

Choose a paint colour that you love and be bold with it!

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19. Lean Into An Earthy Colour Scheme

You can’t go wrong with an earthy colour palette. It naturally grounds the room and feels multi-dimensional.

Earthy greens, reds and oranges are all wonderful choices for creating a rustic look.

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