21 Stunning Attic Bathroom Ideas With A Sloped Ceiling

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Have you recently converted part of your attic to incorporate a bathroom with a sloped ceiling? You’ve now got a practical space, but not sure how to decorate it.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite ideas that will inspire you to take risks and be bold with your brand new bathroom.

21 Stunning Attic Bathroom Ideas With A Sloped Ceiling

1.Envelope the Space In One Wallpaper Design

Make a statement with your attic bathroom and decorate it with wallpaper. Due to the sloped ceiling, a design with a lighter background might be a wise choice but go wild with your choice of pattern!

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2. Add A Touch of Femininity With Pink

Pink is a versatile colour that works really well in bathrooms. If your attic bathroom is quite compact, pink is a great shade to go for as it keeps a space feeling light and bright but introduces colour at the same time.

To avoid your bathroom feeling juvenile, ditch pastel pink and opt for a muted tone instead.

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3.Use The Sloping Roof To Maximise Shower Space

Be clever with your bathroom layout if your ceiling is sloped and position your shower at the highest point.

This is the ideal spot for your shower enclosure and maximises the amount of space available.

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4. Go For A Half Tiled Look For Visual Interest

A popular and very practical bathroom wall covering is tiling half the height of the wall and leaving the rest painted. 

Choose a tile with texture and in a colour that you love and that you’re not going to get bored of. For maximum impact, use black grout.

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5. Use Horizontal Shiplap For The Illusion of More Space

Shiplap or any type of wooden cladding will add texture and interest to your bathroom walls.

If laid horizontally, it will trick the eye into thinking your bathroom is wider than it really is. Paint it white for a light and minimalist feel.

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6. Combine Earthy Green & Terracotta For An On-trend Combo

One of our favourite colour combinations, especially for a bathroom, is green and terracotta.

Pair vertical green tiles with a statement terracotta sink. Accessorise with gold accessories and hardware to add an element of luxury.

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7. Half Wall Panelling & Wallpaper To Draw The Eye Up

Traditional tongue and groove panelling is a popular choice for bathrooms. Make it contemporary by painting it a trendy colour and contrast it with wallpaper. 

Be inspired by this gorgeous design and opt for a bright yellow sink to make your bathroom truly pop.

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8. Ground The Room With Victorian Style Floor Tiles

Your attic bathroom may be brand new but that doesn’t mean it has to be decorated in a modern way.

Lay Victorian-inspired patterned floor tiles to pay homage to eras gone by and pair with traditional bathroom fittings.

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9. Add Defining Black Accents

Do you want your attic bathroom to make a dramatic impact? Adding black accents will do just that.

If you’ve got room for a roll top bath, opt for a design with black feet and choose black taps and hardware to match.

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10. Choose A White Scheme And Pair With Wall Cladding

Keep your attic bathroom feeling light and airy by painting it white. Your sloped ceiling may or may not feature a window. If it doesn’t, it’s important to keep the room as light as possible.

Contrast an all white scheme with monochrome flooring and wall panelling for texture.

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11. Add Baby Blue For A Coastal Feel

Blue will always be one of the top colour choices for bathrooms and we understand why. It brings a coastal feel to the space that feels relaxing and cosy. 

Amp up the nautical theme and install wall panelling. 

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12. Embrace The Outside World With A Huge Skylight Window

Let the light in with an oversized skylight window. These are a statement feature for any attic bathroom and make the whole room feel luxurious and expensive.

A skylight window is also fantastic for letting in the fresh air and of course, for ventilation.

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13. Create A Striking Contrast With Neutral Walls & Monochrome Floor Tiles

If neutrals are more your thing then why not design a beige attic bathroom? 

We recommend breaking up the beige with a monochrome floor to avoid the space feeling dull or flat.

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14. Colour Drench Upwards For A Cosy Feel

Colour drenching is one of our favourite painting techniques for contemporary spaces. This simply means using one colour and saturating the room with it. 

Take your wall colour up onto the ceiling for a cosy effect.

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15. Bring Industrial Charm With Reclaimed Floor Tiles

Love vintage and antique interiors? Incorporate some second hand fixtures and fittings into your attic bathroom and opt for reclaimed flooring.

Whether this is floorboards or tiles, you’re likely to find your perfect second hand floor at your local reclamation yard.

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16. Pair Grey, White & Brass For A Timeless Look

Juxtapose a white and grey bathroom with brass fittings. A cooler toned neutral bathroom can end up feeling quite clinical however, if you choose a warm toned metallic to pair with it, it can make a real statement.

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17. Maximise Every Inch With Storage Opportunities

Utilise every bit of space that you have available in your attic bathroom by incorporating shelving in any spare alcoves. 

We love these shelves pictured above that work perfectly for storing extra towels and bathroom accessories.

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18. Use Wooden Tones & Plenty of Greenery For A Natural Feel

Adopt a natural feel in your attic bathroom by using lots of wood and greenery in your design.

A light oak is perfect for a Scandinavian feel and looks wonderful paired with plants housed in terracotta pots.

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19. Create A Beautiful Contrast With Pink & Monochrome

Pink tiles paired with black grout is a statement design feature that bold interior lovers will simply adore!

Be brave and incorporate this into your attic design if you want to bring the drama.

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20. Create An Eye Catching Feature Wall In Green

Biophilic design is a buzz word in the world of interiors and the bathroom pictured above adheres to it beautifully.

Interiors inspired by all things nature encapsulates the term and this green feature wall is a wonderful example.

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21. Use The Slope To Include An Intentional Privacy Screen

If your attic bathroom is an en suite you may not have fitted a door between your bedroom and bathroom.

Still want to create a level of privacy? Install a screen to hide your toilet away from the rest of your bathroom.

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