13 Bold Hallway Wallpaper Ideas For Narrow Hallways

hallway wallpaper ideas
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Dark, narrow hallways shouldn’t be restricted by decor choices. Bright white isn’t the only option, and these bold hallway wallpaper ideas are proof that narrow hallways can have style, and substance too.

Narrow hallways are a common gripe with homeowners, I have one too. But with careful styling and thoughtful colour considerations, a dark narrow hallway can feel just as inviting, homely and light like a large space can.

There’s not a lot out of the agenda for narrow hallways when it comes to wallpaper choices, but these 13 bold hallway wallpaper ideas will ensure that your space feels open, airy and not constricted by a crowded wallpaper design.

What Kind of Wallpaper Is Best For A Hallway?

For narrow, small hallways, try incorporating verticality with stripes on wallpaper, it will give the illusion of a bigger space.

All types of wallpaper like floral prints, stripes and textured wallpaper can look good in a hallway, but to make the space feel cohesive, do paint the woodwork in one of the colours that feature in the wallpaper, it will create an intentional feel and make the hallway flow.

hallway wallpaper ideas
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13 Bold Hallway Wallpaper Ideas For Narrow Hallways

1.Paint The Woodwork In A Striking Colour

Wallpaper can be a really visually interesting way to elevate a hallway, whilst painting your woodwork in a colour that appears in the wallpaper is one of the best ways to create a cohesive space that flows, painting woodwork in an opposing, striking colour instead makes a bold statement.

This look isn’t for everyone, but it can be an intentional and fun way to make colour work for you in a hallway.

hallway wallpaper ideas
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2. Add Half Wall Panelling For Balance

Half wall panelling is an enduringly popular type of panelling in a hallway.

It adds instant depth and definition, and adding wallpaper to the upper half works in drawing the eye up, even more important in a narrow hallway, and it adds greater visual interest than just paint.

Using white on the lower half maintains a light and airy feel, whilst balancing any colour featured in the wallpaper.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @laurenelaineinteriors

3. Go Neutral & Embrace Texture

You don’t always need to go wild with colour on wallpaper. In fact, wallpaper can be a perfect way to bring subtle texture into an interior scheme, whilst maintaining a minimal and neutral feel. It’s much more visually interesting and warm than just plain painted walls.

This caramel grass cloth wallpaper creates a really inviting and enveloping feel against the defining woodwork.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @keptlondon

4. Soft Blues For A Coastal Feel

Blue is naturally a colour that evokes a feeling of the outdoors, and incorporating blue into wallpaper creates a coastal feel that can be enjoyed in coastal inspired homes, cottages and even minimalist schemes.

The whimsical wallpaper adds visual interest without being overbearing in a small hallway.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @shelley_cottage

5. Monochromatic Magic

Black and white hallways are among one of the most popular looks. It’s a no nonsense colour scheme that looks just as good in both small and large hallways.

Pair a tiled floor with black and white vertical striped wallpaper, it draws the eye up, giving the illusion of higher ceilings, yet the slightly chunkier stripes make the space feel bigger than it is.

Very tight stripes can feel crowded in a very narrow hallway.

hallway wallpaper ideas
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6. Go Bold & Contrast On The Stairs

This is one of my only exceptions to using bright white in a narrow hallway, and that is when it contrasts with playful colour, or bold wallpaper like this.

It creates balance between the stark contrast, and an inviting envelope between the two. If you do go for a bold wallpaper choice like this, I would strongly recommend using one of the colours within it on the woodwork (skirtings and architraves) as it will look intentional and tie the space together.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @pinkhouseliving

7. Match The Wallpaper Colour On The Woodwork

One of the best ways to nail a wallpaper look in a narrow hallway is to feature one of the colours within the wallpaper on all the woodwork.

It creates a really cohesive colour scheme, drawing you through the hallway.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @chewknew

8. Colour Drench For Warmth & An Inviting Feel

Colour drenching involves using one singular colour throughout the space, this includes walls, ceilings and woodwork.

Or in this case, have a brief interlude with a gorgeous pop of colour with some wallpaper. This intentional use of wallpaper looks amazing on the upper half of the wall, yet the colours almost blend together for a really inviting feel.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @cynthiafergusondesigns

9. Warm Florals To Elevate

I absolutely love Kerry Villers home on Instagram, in her recent hallway makeover she has opted for a shiplap style half wall panelling with a warm, ditsy floral wallpaper on the upper half.

The wallpaper brings a gorgeous softness to the space, balancing perfectly with the bright white for an open and airy feel.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @kerryvillers

10. Use A Dado Rail For Elevated Interest

Dado rails are commonly used for the separation of colours, but how about using them to add a border of colour above?

I love this intentional use of wallpaper, a great alternative if you want to use a bold wallpaper in a space but only in a small dose.

It instantly draws your eye up as you step on into the hallway, a very clever styling trick that will go a long way in making a narrow hallway feel bigger.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @the_idle_hands

11. Bring The Outside In

Biophilic living and a desire to bring the outside world in is a trend that continues to grow. This hallway is an almost extension of the natural world, and what an inviting way to greet your guests?

I absolutely adore the botanical print, with grounding green woodwork. The white ceiling draws the eye up and provides a crisp, beautiful contrast to the wallpaper.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @bornandbredstudio

12. Subtle, Botanical Print For An Airy Feel

Wallpaper doesn’t always mean bold, colourful and garish.

Opting for a subtle, botanical print like this brings a lovely softness, a small amount of colour, yet it has a hidden touch of verticality to it without it being traditional stripes.

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @thevitamindproject

13. Think of Verticality With Stripes

Finally, one of my favourite hallway wallpaper ideas for narrow hallways.

Think of verticality with stripes. Vertical stripes are one of the best tricks for small and narrow spaces as they will instantly elevate the eye, making the space look larger.

This doesn’t mean you need to use stripes from floor to ceiling to feel its benefits. This charming half painted wall with upper wallpaper blends seamlessly with the colour palette for a cohesive, warm and inviting feel.

Which of these hallway wallpaper ideas is your favourite?

hallway wallpaper ideas
Image credit: @laurastephensid

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