11 Clever Narrow Hallway Storage Ideas & Hacks

narrow hallway storage
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Narrow hallways get quite a wrap in the interior world, they can feel dark, uninviting, and where on earth do you store your shoes, coats and everything else?!

Narrow hallway storage solutions do exist, but you do need to be much more considerate and savvy with what you do introduce to the space.

My greatest rule I can give you about deciding whether a piece of furniture or storage is suitable for a narrow hallway? If you’re in doubt about its size, it’s probably because it’s just too big for the space.

Forget how beautiful it is, you have to be that extra bit clever about narrow hallway storage.

Can You Put A Bench In A Narrow Hallway?

The real question here should be, what’s the size?

Of course, in a narrow hallway you can still place a bench, but it’s dependent on how narrow the hallway is. Most narrow hallways by standard means will not be able to sufficiently take the size of a bench without affecting the flow in a hallway.

From my personal experience and advice (from my own narrow hallway) I would not add a bench in a narrow hallway. Plus, if you have the space, there is much better use you can make of it with vertical and wall mounted storage.

If adding a bench encroaches onto the space and affects how you move through the hallway in any way, you shouldn’t introduce a bench. You’ll thank me later!

narrow hallway storage

11 Clever Narrow Hallway Storage Ideas & Hacks

1.Introduce A Narrow Console Table

If you absolutely want to introduce a console table into your narrow hallway you need to choose the most narrow, slimline version you can find.

If you have a radiator in the hallway, you may choose to get one like this that goes some way at covering a radiator, yet it doesn’t eat into any additional space like a radiator cover can.

This option will only provide storage for displaying decorative items, trinkets and important things like keys. If you don’t need a console table, there are better ways to make the most of the space in your narrow hallway.

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narrow hallway storage

2. Replace A Console Table With A Horizontal Wall Unit

Now, a better solution to a console table which won’t restrict the flow in your hallway.

Always opt for vertical or wall mounted narrow hallway storage solutions where possible, they are the best options for creating storage without taking away from your precious floor space.

This long wall unit has a gorgeous wooden detail to it for added visual interest, with space to store items inside, and on top for a decorative display.

A perfect alternative to a console table, install it so you can easily reach for what you need, but not so low that you end up walking straight into it as you enter the hallway.

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narrow hallway storage

3. Vertical Strorage WINS

Vertical storage conquers all in a narrow hallway, so think about how you can use verticality to your advantage.

If you are adding a shelf, why not add one with pegs built in? It instantly doubles your storage and solves the old age question about where to hang coats in a narrow hallway.

Function has to be at the forefront of your decisions because hallways are a transitional space which need easy access to coats, shoes and dog leads.

Most narrow hallways will have space for wall pegs to hang a couple of coats, it will make all the difference.

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narrow hallway storage

4. Disguise A Narrow Console Table For Storage

This enduringly popular unit from IKEA is something you’ve probably spotted on Instagram time, and time again.

This nifty unit looks like a neat console table, yet it’s four drawers open out to reveal shoe storage, clever, huh?

It’s a very simple unit more suited to Scandic and modern interiors, dress the top to bring some colour into the hallway and add a round mirror on the wall to soften the space.

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narrow hallway storage

5. Utilise Under Your Stairs…

If you have really limited space in your hallway, utilising the space underneath the stairs can be a functional and effective way to add additional storage which otherwise wouldn’t be able to exist in the hallway.

I’ve come across this type of solution a couple of times now, such a smart way to create extra storage that you wouldn’t know existed – perfect for storing shoes, dog leads and everything else you need within easy reach.

narrow hallway storage
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6. Add A Narrow Bench WITH Storage

Now, if you must add a bench to your hallway, your non-negotiable must be that there is some place underneath it to use for storage.

This bench fits a pair of beautiful rattan baskets underneath for storing soft items like scarves, gloves and hats, plus it adds a lovely natural softness to a hallway.

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narrow hallway storage

7. Embrace Simple Wooden Pegs, Build Your Own Peg Board

If you want to keep your hallway storage really minimal, just make things really simple with some wooden pegs like this. They do the job and they look great in Scandic and minimalist interiors.

Alternatively, create your own pegboard by affixing them to a wooden plank. We did a similar thing in our own hallway so we could make a custom made pegboard which fitted perfectly into the drop between the door and the hallway.

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narrow hallway storage

8. Think Vertically When Choosing Storage

Always think vertically when choosing storage and how you can really utilise wall space.

This bench unit is a popular choice for busy households as it combines function and aesthetics. It offers ample storage for shoes, bags and plenty of pegs to hang your absolute essentials.

A lot of narrow hallways will still not be able to house a unit like this, so creating your own custom made unit may be a better solution if you need this level of storage in your hallway.

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narrow hallway storage

9. Combine A Mixture of Narrow Hallway Storage Solutions

You don’t need to stick with just one type of storage solution in a narrow hallway.

A simple wall mounted shelf instead of a console table provides a perfect perch for styling, yet it makes the narrow hallway still feel open and airy.

Elevate with some wooden pegs, and you may even find there is still room for a narrow bench in the hallway like in this terrace hallway.

narrow hallway storage
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10. Run A Long Shelf Peg Unit Along A Wall

Use the length of a wall to really maximise your narrow hallway storage solutions. If you can’t find the right size, create a custom made shelf or have a look on places like Etsy where some sellers make custom sized ones.

This long shelf not only adds visual interest to a plain wall, but it doubles up as a great place to style the area, and hang everything you need within easy reach.

narrow hallway storage
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11. Embrace Wall Mounted Storage

Wall mounted storage will become a best friend in a narrow hallway. It’s one of the best ways to get a slimline unit that doesn’t eat up much of the floor space.

A unit like this with doors will provide additional storage options, and the top can be used like a console table to style and prop a mirror on.

Which of these narrow hallway storage ideas is your favourite? If you have any questions about decorating a small hallway or need some advice for your own hallway, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

narrow hallway storage
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