17 Hallway Mirror Ideas To Elevate Your Entryway

hallway mirror ideas
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These hallway mirror ideas have the power to lighten and make your dark hallway feel bigger. It’s one of the most well known interior design tricks in the book.

Why? A mirror can create the illusion of a larger space in a room due to its reflective properties. When strategically placed, mirrors can help to enhance natural light by bouncing available light around the room, provide depth, and give the perception of extended dimensions.

So, if you have a dark narrow hallway – a mirror can do much more than just look pretty on your wall. It’s the perfect example of fusing form and function in an interior.

Not sure what will look best? These 17 hallway mirror ideas are the perfect choices for adding light and balance to your beautiful hallway.

17 Hallway Mirror Ideas To Elevate Your Entryway

1.Brushed Metal Effect Round Mirror

If you’re looking for a modern yet classic mirror for your hallway, a round black mirror is a fail safe option.

I’m a massive fan of round or arched mirrors in a hallway as they instil a softness in the space, and can work well with both soft and angular lines on furniture.

The black frame adds definition to a wall and brings a touch of modernity with it.

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black round hallway mirror

2. Ornica Medium Organic Shaped Mirror

Blob mirrors continue to gain popularity through interiors. They have a boho quality to them, but can be appreciated in modern hallways too.

They range in size, but just make sure you opt for one that reflects enough of your face and body, a mirror that’s too small will look inadequate and make a hallway feel even smaller.

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blob mirror

3. Home Selections Arched Metal Wall Mirror

Yes, yes, yes! I have a very similar arched mirror to this above the mantelpiece in our living room and it is just the most beautiful piece.

A mirror like this does need to be placed on a wall above something such as a console table as the bottom of the frame can feel harsh without something beneath it.

The arch lends an overall softness, with a defining black frame. Pair with other black accents in the hallway to tie the space together.

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black arched mirror

4. Velodrome Mirror

It’s not all about black and brass frames. It pays to be different in a hallway, and this is the one transitional space that you can add unique pieces for instant wow factor.

I adore this chunky rustic frame, pair with a dark green hallway or black and white space for high visual interest.

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round hallway mirror ideas

5. Shabby Chic Square Mirror

Classic square mirrors are a popular choice in shabby chic spaces, they add light and reflection but the squares can help to add further visual interest and break up the monotony of a large mirror.

Opt for a white rustic finish for a shabby chic space.

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shabby chic mirror

6. Round Pond Mirror Gold

It’s back to the blob, unusually shaped mirrors, this time with gold banding.

If symmetry is not your thing, these can go a long way at adding a touch of interest to a hallway wall, whilst perfect for bouncing light around the room for a brighter hallway.

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blob mirror gold

7. Floating Metal Wall Mirror

Add a more antiquated finish to a hallway with this Dunelm floating metal mirror in gold.

It has an art deco quality about it, but could bring a vintage edge to a modern space if you have a transitional design scheme. Place above a console table to draw the eye up.

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antique gold hallway mirror

8. Melody Maison Extra Large Black Mirror

If you have a long dark narrow hallway, adding a longer mirror can be a clever way to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it actually is.

This rustic, farmhouse style black mirror is perfect for bringing a touch of modernity for industrial, modern and black and white hallways.

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hallway mirror ideas

9. Warm White Large Mirror

A traditional or classic hallway demands something refined and sophisticated. With a gorgeous chunky frame, this long warm white mirror will bring grace and light to an entryway.

Lean on the floor for an elongated look at the end of a hallway or if you have a high ceiling, affix to the wall for a seamless look.

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hallway mirror ideas

10. Descartes Finish Wall Mirror

If black isn’t your thing, here’s the next best alternative for an arched mirror that will bring light and balance to a hallway.

Affix to a wall to create a perfect flow through an entryway. Pair with other gold accessories throughout the space for a cohesive pull.

Gold is one of the best finishes for pairing with other colours too, whether you have a blue hallway or a white, neutral entryway.

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hallway mirror ideas

11. Rivia Rattan Mirror

Rattan is still reigning supreme in our interiors. It delivers an ultra relaxed yet stylish finish, and I LOVE this rattan number.

It brings interesting visual lines to an interior, and it’s the perfect size for placing above a console table to elevate a hallway and provide function too.

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hallway mirror ideas

12. Murwara Arch Mirror

For a solid, rustic and high quality mirror, nkuku can do no wrong.

With a beautifully aged finish on the frame, this arched mirror should be placed above a console table for interesting visual impact.

Be it modern, rustic or a traditional space, this is a highly versatile mirror that looks amazing in many different settings.

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hallway mirror ideas

13. Mirrorize Round Wooden Mirror

Wooden tones are perfect for a Scandinavian hallway. It adds a nod towards the natural world and is the perfect balancer against a white and black colour scheme.

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hallway mirror ideas

14. Mindi Wood Mirror

Beautify your hallway with a wood blob mirror, I can’t get enough of these things!

A modern look that adds instant visual endearment to a hallway, position on a wall on its own, or above a well styled console table for further interest.

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hallway mirror ideas

15. Costway Decorative Rustic Mirror

Dark wood and black is a defining feature of rustic and farmhouse style interiors – you typically can’t do one without the other.

A beautiful marriage of definition, elevate on a wall above a black console table for a defined and grounding look in your hallway. Plus, the price is super pretty too!

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hallway mirror ideas

16. Afsan Solid Mango Wood Mirror

Traditional hallways demand something classic and sympathetic to the era and style of the property.

Made from solid mango wood, this high quality and stunningly ornate large mirror is perfect for elevating and adding light and balance to a hallway.

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hallway mirror ideas

17. Mayfair Leaner – Antique Gold Mirror

For larger hallway spaces, leaning a mirror against the wall can be a great way to show grandeur and gravitas in a hallway.

Lean against the end of a hallway to effectively bounce light around the room. If you are leaning one in a hallway just be mindful of traffic flow around the mirror.

Which of these hallway mirror ideas is your favourite?

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hallway mirror ideas

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