15 Stunning Dark Green Hallway Ideas For Instant WOW Factor

dark green hallway ideas
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If you want to deliver a sumptuous, rich and lasting impression as guests step through your front door, a dark green hallway could be just the decor inspiration you’re looking for.

Whilst dark green could be considered as an oppressive colour in certain settings, and wrong doses, a dark green hallway will bring a richness, warmth and depth that other neutral colours just cannot bring to the game.

If you’re wanting to bring a touch of the outside world in and create a rich and inviting space, join me as I share 15 stunning dark green hallway ideas with you that will deliver instant wow factor in your home.

15 Stunning Dark Green Hallway Ideas For Instant WOW Factor

1.Dark Green Half Wall Panelling

Dark green can feel like an intimidating colour, but in the right doses and it can create and impactful and welcoming space.

Using dark green on half wall panelling creates a well defined and grounded look in the space, with a neutral upper with either paint or wallpaper. It helps to draw the eye up and balances beautifully against the dark green.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: Mylands

2. Add A Striking Pop of Mustard Yellow

Green and yellow naturally work well together as they are next to each other on the colour chart.

Add an interesting pop of colour by introducing a bold mustard yellow on a bannister, it creates a beautiful contrast against the dark green backdrop and black and white mosaic floor tiles.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: @homemilk

3. Dark Green Panelling Under The Stairs Storage

How is this for a defined under the stairs area in a hallway? I love it!

This deep olive green works as it creates a clear zone in the hallway, with a high contrast against the white walls. It lends to perfect space for a cosy bench to put shoes on, hang coats, as well as plenty of concealed storage for everything else.

This is a perfect example of colour inspiration and how you can still use a colour such as dark green that is impactful, but which doesn’t make the overall colour scheme feel dark or oppressive in the space.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: @mylands_london

4. Dark Green With Defining Accents of Black

Black accents bring a touch of modernity to a space, providing an even more defining contrast against the dark green walls.

Use black accents in a few wall placed areas to tie the hallway together such as with the door, bannister and by introducing a piece of furniture like a console table in the entryway.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: @nospacelikehome.uk

5. Half Wall Dark Green Floral Wallpaper

An exciting way to create instant visual interest with dark green in a hallway is picking a sumptuous dark green wallpaper and papering halfway up the wall.

Not only will this look instantly draw the eye up as you enter the space, but positioning it half way up will avoid the space feeling oppressive.

Pair with real foliage to accentuate the dark green tones and pair with a contrasting metal on hardware such as antique brass or polished brass to make a real statement.

dark green hallway ideas

6. Eye Catching Black & White Floor Tiles

Black and white is a perfect complementary scheme of colours for dark green. It draws the eye in and provides a strong visual contrast against the dark green.

Make like this hallway and introduce plenty of real house plants for a layered and natural look. Brass touches on light fittings and interior hardware will create further warmth and depth in the scheme.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: Pinterest

7. Defining Black Bannister & Stripes

I adore this dark green hallway look. The main foundation is dark green, with a dark green feature wallpaper wall, with a defining black bannister for definition and depth.

An interesting stair runner is a great way to guide the eyes and deliver instant visual interest. The black and white stripes add further definition, whilst the stripes help to elongate the stairs. Recreate the look with Calke Green by Farrow and Ball and Pitch Black on the bannister.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: Pinterest

8. Dark Green Bench Built In

If you have a long or large hallway, why not create a bespoke built in bench – a place to sit, add storage and hooks for coats and dog leads.

It’s the perfect fusion of form and function in a hallway, and the dark green colour adds warmth and definition, with a beautiful floral wallpaper above which envelopes the space, lightens and adds a further nod to the natural world outside.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: Jkath Design Build + Reinvent – 24 St Albans Rd W, Hopkins, MN 55305

9. Dark Green Panelled Feature Wall

Not all panelling is made equal, and there are so many more options than standard shiplap, wainscoting and country square style panelling.

You can be completely creative with how you position mouldings like this, and the dark green colour really makes them stand out on this feature wall.

It creates a focal feature within an otherwise white hallway, dress it accordingly with a console table, mirror and plenty of decor accessories.

Don’t keep everything green though! You should introduce at least one other colour for range of depth.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: Pinterest

10. Colour Blocking

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when using dark green in a hallway, keep things simple with a separation of colour blocking.

Paint the lower half in a defining dark green colour, and a white or off-white on the upper half. It creates the illusion of more space, keeps the space feeling light, and will instantly draw the eye up as you enter the hallway.

dark green hallway ideas
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11. Dark Green & Gold Wall Mural

Synonymous with the art deco movement, dark green and gold delivers a regal and highly sophisticated look, but use it sparingly like here in a feature wall which ascends with the stairs.

One feature wall is all you need to get the strong visual impact from using dark green, keep the rest of the colour scheme otherwise neutral, but don’t be afraid to pair with wooden tones and black accents for definition.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: Beautiful Walls

12. Green and Black

There’s no other timeless colour combination than dark green and black. Black brings an even more defining accent to the space and it has been styled perfectly here with a half wall panelling look that ascends with the stairs.

This colour scheme is perfect for maximalist, modern and even some traditional interior schemes. Introduce at least one other colour such as wooden tones, white or rustic details to avoid the space feeling ‘heavy’, and oppressive.

dark green hallway ideas
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13. Wooden Tones

To keep with that natural, outside inside feel, pair wooden tones against the dark green interior of a hallway. It will add a stunning visual contrast and keep the space feeling light.

Use internal doors and strip back to their original finish, a wooden bannister, flooring or just a beautiful antique piece of wooden furniture to benefit for this classic combination.

dark green hallway ideas
Image credit: No Space Like Home

14. Ascending Wall Art

Stairs can be a common area that gets left, but it’s also one of the easiest you can use to your advantage in interior design and make the space feel visually interesting.

Ascending wall art will follow you up the stairs and draw the eye in as you enter the hallway. Curate your own gallery wall that ascends, add a mix of frames for an eclectic feel, or group a set of black frames for a touch of modernity.

dark green hallway ideas
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15. Farrow and Ball Green Smoke Look Throughout

I absolutely love this Farrow and Ball Green Smoke look. The entire space is enveloped in this colour from walls to architraves and doors, it creates an almost cocoon of colour as you enter the hallway but it’s important to break up the monotony of the block colour in other areas.

Introduce interesting prints with brassy frames, and carefully considered furniture that introduces depth and further tones to the colour scheme. This is key to avoid the hallway feeling flat.

Which of these dark green hallway ideas is your favourite?

dark green hallway ideas
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