19 Grey Wallpaper For Hallway Ideas

These 19 grey wallpaper for hallway ideas are the perfect addition to a hallway space, elevating your walls in a different way to what paint achieves.

Trawling through different types of wallpaper ideas can be a slog. Grey wallpaper is a great choice for a hallway as it delivers a neutral, versatile finish that’s highly complementary to a range of colours.

From a modern hallway to an Art Deco interior, there’s so many different styles to satisfy every design led home.

Not sure where to start? Let’s delve into these grey wallpaper for hallway ideas to help you find the perfect match for your hallway.

19 Grey Wallpaper For Hallway Ideas

1. Grandeco Wood Panel Grey Wallpaper

Wooden panelling is still hugely popular in home interiors, but it’s not the easiest thing to get right.

In addition to this, panelling can look beautiful, but it can be expensive, take a lot of time and it can damage your walls if you choose to remove it at a later stage.

This wood panel grey wallpaper from Homebase looks just like the real thing, incredibly deceptive on the eye, and it delivers a professional looking finish.

The best bit? It can easily be changed when you fancy a freshen up, perfect for use in a hallway or a feature wall in a living room.

panelled wallpaper grey

2. Scandic Textured Grey Wallpaper

You don’t have to go wild when it comes to grey wallpaper for the hallway, but a little texture goes a long way at adding definition to a hallway. It delivers an elegant and luxurious feel to a wall.

If you have a narrow hallway, opt for a bright white ceiling to draw the eye up as you enter, this helps to elongate the ceiling.

scandi grey wallpaper

3. Plaster Texture Stone Mural

For an industrial style hallway, this plaster texture stone mural wallpaper from Dunelm is beautiful! This textured design has a smooth finish, with natural and artificial light bringing out different shades on the wallpaper.

It has glimpses of gold within the wallpaper so you could pair with brass interior hardware details for really beautiful cohesion.

plaster effect wallpaper

4. Botanical Gallery Wall Grey Mural

This is ingenious! This wallpaper doesn’t repeat, and it features what looks like an actual gallery wall on a grey backdrop, how perfect would this be in a hallway?

It’s not cheap as far as wallpaper goes, but it alleviates the cost of buying and thinking about producing your own gallery wall. Plus, it requires no marking, or messing up of your walls that you’ll need to rectify at a later stage. I love it!

dark grey wallpaper

5. Archive Pagoda Grey Wallpaper

A delicate and detailed Pagoda design, this whimsical print is perfect for a hallway, set against a black accent for a defining look. Think a black console table or coat stand.

This versatile wallpaper would look beautiful in a half panelling design. Panel the bottom half, and wallpaper to the ceiling. This gives the illusion of a higher ceiling too as it draws the eye up.

patterned wallpaper

6. Silver Grey Wallpaper

You can’t beat a stripe in an interior, they add such elegance and sophistication to the space. This white and grey striped wallpaper from B&Q is ultra affordable at under £10 a roll.

It delivers a timeless effect to a hallway, wallpaper the whole wall or add above panelled walls for an elongated, stylish look.

stripy grey wallpaper

7. Arthouse Banana Palm Chalk Grey Wallpaper

Creating a fun, maximalist hallway? This oversized banana palm print wallpaper is perfect in the right setting. You’ll want to run this pattern from floor to ceiling to appreciate the beauty of this. Pair with tropical plants and monsteras for a really fun, elevated hallway look.

Not sure if the pattern is too bold for your interiors? Always pick a sample up beforehand so you can try it in the space and see how it looks in different lights throughout the day.

tropical grey wallpaper

8. Superfresco Glamorous Tweed Effect Plain Light Grey Wallpaper

If you want to keep things simple but want the durability and texture that comes with wallpaper, this is such a versatile and beautiful choice.

With a slight tweed effect it gives a beautiful texture and look on closer inspection without it feeling overbearing in the space. I love this for a hallway as it hides a multitude of sins and won’t require regular touch ups and maintenance like standard paint can demand.

grey wallpaper 01

9. GoodHome Ficus Grey Art deco Gold effect Textured Wallpaper

Featuring a gold effect geometric pattern, this is one of the most fitting style of wallpapers for an Art Deco hallway scheme. This perfectly petite pattern features throughout with a grey background.

Perfect for a feature wall, or using on all the walls throughout a hallway.

grey wallpaper 02

10. Renaissance Damask Wallpaper

I love a Farrow & Ball wallpaper and you really get the quality for what you pay. This renaissance style white and grey wallpaper would look wonderful in a traditional property, or even in a modern Victorian style home decor scheme.

patterned grey wallpaper

11. Organic Textures Organic Stone Grey Wallpaper

This gorgeous brick style effect wallpaper works well with industrial and farmhouse style decor schemes.

It can be quite a claustrophobic design, so it’s worth using for focal walls only, and more specifically in a hallway I have seen uses of this on the door wall only which look beautiful.

Complement the rest of the hallway with a tonal grey shade for a cohesive look.

brick style wallpaper

12. Galerie Sisal Weave Grey Wallpaper

Similar to a tweed finish, this sisal weave grey wallpaper from Homebase delivers a refined and elegant look to a hallway.

It looks sensational against a forest green, just incorporate a few indoor plants for the desired look.

plain grey wallpaper

13. Wood Panel Grey Mural

These panelling wallpaper designs are honestly getting better and better. Traditional wainscoting like this is perfect for more traditional style properties, but there has been a resurgence in its use across other design disciplines including modern design.

There’s no denying that panelling does look sensational in a hallway as it sets the tone for what’s to come. This not only delivers a professional finish, but it looks real too.

grey panelled wallpaper

14. NuWallpaper Woods Grey Self Adhesive Wallpaper

This forest wallpaper from Dunelm delivers a charming feel to a hallway. It does run the risk of becoming dated in a few years, but as it’s only adhesive you can chop and change your wallpaper choice as often as you like with minimal effort required.

Adhesive wallpaper is slightly more expensive in price, but it’s a great idea if the thought of pasting wallpaper is daunting.

wood effect wallpaper

15. Next Optical Triangle Grey Wallpaper

The ultimate in geometric and Art Deco wallpaper, this triangle grey wallpaper from Homebase combines a beautiful combination of greys and rose gold for a glamorous, elegant finish.

optical wallpaper

16. Arthouse Calico Stripe Grey Wallpaper

Something stripy with a bit of a difference. This versatile wallpaper features large scale strips in differing grey shades which adds extra visual interest to a hallway.

It will elongate those walls, and it could work perfectly in conjunction with wall panelling too.

striped wallpaper

17. Spot Grey Wallpaper

Dalmatian spots, but make them grey! This is such a fun wallpaper look for a hallway, and would look charming above a bright white half panelled wall.

Introduce black accents for a modern approach, or bold pops of colours through furnishings and decor accessories for a more maximalist look.

grey spotty wallpaper

18. 3D Tropical Leaves Wallpaper

This elegant floral wallpaper design has a 3D effect, making this print really pop on your hallway walls.

Avoid pairing with more grey in your hallway unless you opt for a darker charcoal grey which will help to ground the room.

grey 3d wallpaper

19. Sprigs Raven and Gold Wallpaper

Finishing up with this beautifully dramatic wallpaper, grey and gold is the perfect mix of regal, elegant colours.

This contemporary pattern is perfect for elevating a hallway, delivering a luxurious and sophisticated feel to a room.

grey sprigs wallpaper

Is Grey A Good Colour For Hallway?

Yes, grey is a versatile neutral that is well suited to use in a hallway. It’s a more forgiving colour than bright white and it’s highly complementary with other neutrals, or bolder pops of colour if you want to make more of a statement in a hallway.

These 19 grey wallpaper for hallway designs are perfect for modern to contemporary hallway spaces, whether you have a large or small space at your perusal.

Grey wallpaper can be dressed up, or you can opt for a bold piece that really delivers a statement when you step through that front door.

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