Ascend In Style With These Stunning 13 Painted Stairs Ideas

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If you’re looking to create a striking impression when your guests step through your front door, painted stairs are a great way to elevate your eyes with style.

As far as stair covering options are concerned, painted stairs are by far one of the most affordable ways to elevate your treads, and introduce some colour and personality into your hallway.

Not convinced? We’re put together 13 of the best painted stairs ideas that might just change your opinion of them…

13 Stunning Painted Stairs Ideas

1.Add Definition With Black

Black is the best kept secret for any interior. A little bit of black in any room will add definition and bring a touch of modernity.

A black painted staircase will ground a hallway, and it looks ultra elegant in a period style property. Opt for an off-black for greater depth and character with something like Farrow and Ball Railings.

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2. Create A Candy Coloured Stair Runner

You can have a bit of fun with a staircase, it’s the first thing your eyes generally greet, so make it a fun and enticing experience.

Create a pattern that looks like a stair runner, layer with 3 differing colours so it gives a bordered look.

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3. Lean Into A Monochromatic Look

A monochrome colour scheme in a hallway is a popular look that can work with a range of decor schemes.

Painting the treads black and the fronts of the stairs white creates a beautiful visual contrast and is really easy to achieve.

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4. Bring Softness To Your Treads With Pink

Pink is an underrated colour for a hallway but it can be a better alternative to a cream or beige.

Paint a middle landing strip with a bright white either side, the strip will draw the eye in, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

The stairs here are painted in Little Greene China Clay Deep.

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Instagram Image Credit: @thegingerhareofyorkshire

5. Mimic A Bordered Stair Runner Look With Sage Green

Sage green is a great choice for making a design accent out of your stairs. It’s warm, inviting and brings a restorative feeling to an interior.

Create a bordered look like this with sage green and white, at a quick glance it looks like a fabulous stair runner.

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Instagram Image Credit: @ruthcampbelldesigns

6. Add A Colourful Flourish To Each Step

Literally ascend those stairs in style by adding a differing colour to the face of each stair. Either choose to combine an eclectic mix of rainbow colours, or lean into certain hues such as greens and blues.

You could increase the gradient of the colour as the stairs ascend for further visual interest.

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7. Paint An Inspiring Quote

If you’re painting your stairs, they can be a fun way to add something personal to you. Adding a quote to the stairs will raise a smile every time you ascend the stairs.

Another popular quote for painted stairs is “there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs”.

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Instagram Image Credit: @allendesignsstudio

8. Number The Stairs!

Add a quirky finish to your stairs by numbering each step on the front of the stairs.

Use a colour appropriate colour and add label transfers or paint by hand for a more authentic look. If you have a busy household, white probably isn’t the best colour though…

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Instagram Image Credit: @ourcosynest

9. Go Bold With A Stand Out Colour

Zone your space and really instil a lasting impression on your guests with a colour drenched staircase and stairs.

This vibrant yellow look absolutely pops against the pink living space and white hallway. Dare to go bold and reap the benefits of this striking look.

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Instagram Image Credit: @aimeewilder

10. Create A Fun Confetti Style Look

Don’t just think of painting your stairs in a traditional way, you can have fun with off the cuff designs and templates.

This pink and confetti look is bold, enticing and fun! It looks amazing as it curves around the staircase and contrasts beautifully with the black bannister.

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Instagram Image Credit: @margyforshaw

11. Pair A Neutral With A Defining Shade For A Striking Appearance

Striped stair runners can be expensive, so fake the look with carefully executed painted stairs.

Use a soft, warm neutral and pair with a defining black or navy blue shade to create this layered, striped look.

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Instagram Image Credit: @design_central_project

12. Use Pink For A Warm, Inviting Feel

Another example of how pink looks amazing on a set of stairs.

Add a bordered line with white for a stunning stair carpet runner look on a budget. Use the same pink on your walls or somewhere else in the hallway for a cohesive pull through the space.

The gorgeous pink shade used here is French Chic Paint in Dusky Blush.

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Instagram Image Credit: @behind_the_pinkdoor

13. Make A Statement With Green

If yellow in your hallway isn’t your bag, what about a green?

Whether it’s a bold luminous green, sage or forest green, green has a restorative feeling that can be an easy way to give that nod to the outside world. Paint with a white bordered line for a polished look.

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