25 Stair Carpet Runner Ideas To Elevate Your Hallway

stair carpet runner ideas
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If you’re looking to elevate and add instant impact to your hallway, these stair carpet runner ideas are a softer, and more luxurious approach than painted and fully carpeted stairs.

I’m a huge fan of a stair runner as they add greater visual interest, but add border edging and those vertical lines suddenly help to draw the eye in and make the hallway feel bigger, so they’re perfect for dark, narrow hallways too.

If you need anymore persuasion for a stairs upgrade, this collection of stair carpet runner ideas features a whole host of different designs and styles for traditional, to modern rustic interior design schemes.

Is A Stair Runner A Good Idea?

Yes! Stair runners are incredibly stylish, and they add greater visual interest than standard carpeted stairs, whilst they provide a much softer, luxurious approach than painted stairs which show wear and tear very easily overtime.

Stair runners are available in a huge range of colours and styles to suit your home, plus, the addition of a border adds more visual interest, and can help to draw the eye in, giving the illusion of a bigger hallway.

25 Stair Carpet Runner Ideas To Elevate Your Hallway

1.Introduce Jewel Tones For A Sumptuous Feel

Stair runners are the perfect opportunity to really leave a lasting impression on your guests. It’s often the first thing you see as you enter a hallway and you can really use it as a way to create visual interest and draw the eye in.

The perfect example of how green can look incredible in a star runner, paired with other jewel tones for a sumptuous, warm look.

25 Stair Carpet Runner Ideas To Elevate Your Hallway
Image credit: @kateguinnessdesign

2. Thick Black Border For Definition

A total classic when it comes to stair carpet runner ideas, adding a thick black border to your stair runner works so well in tying the space together with other accents.

It adds definition to the colour of the runner, and it creates a vertical line down the stairs which in turn, draws the eye in, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

Stair Carpet Runner Ideas
Image credit: @theyorkshireflooringcompany

3. Go Bold With Yellow

Ever imagined a yellow carpet looking good? Yeah, me neither.

But paired with the right colours, the geometric style runner is refined, elegant and it brings a warm pop of sunshine colour with it.

Don’t be afraid to mix colour in an interior for a unique and playful look.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @sophiecooneyrunners

4. Vertical Black Stripes To Draw The Eye In

Verticality and stripes is one of the best design tricks to making a space feel bigger. Instead of adding a border to the outer edges of a stair runner, I love the incorporation of thick black lines in the middle of the runner.

It instantly draws your eyes in to the stairs, and the contrast against the horizontal lines on the materials is visually exciting.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @ascraft_textiles

5. Create A Striking Look With Red

For a more romantic style interior, or one that’s wishing to deliver a strong lasting impression, red can be a great accent colour that’s warm and impactful.

Paired with grey, it creates a classic combination, whilst the stripes give the illusion of a bigger hallway.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @roger_oates

6. Cream Herringbone With Black For A Timeless Look

Cream herringbone style carpet is a popular favourite for stairs, it’s versatile for most interiors, yet delivers a hardwearing look with visual interest.

Add a black border to really add definition to the runner. Pair with other black accents in the hallway to tie the space together, such as with a black painted bannister, black mirror or black and white floor tiles.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @house.on.the.drive

7. Add Visual Interest With Damask

A damask pattern like this is a great addition on a stair runner for a traditional interior.

Albeit not a popular stair covering, this elegant and highly refined pattern will bring a touch of traditionalism, whilst bringing a versatile and aesthetically pleasing finish to a hallway.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @nourison

8. Multicoloured Runner For Ascending Interest

Literally add ascending interest to every stair you elevate with a multicoloured stair runner in a fabric which cleverly features a different colour on each stair.

I absolutely adore this playful style of runner, it would be a great addition to a traditional or modern interior to form a true focal point.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @astorenamedstuff

9. Be Playful With Animal Print

Animal print can look sophisticated and luxurious in the right doses.

This charming animal print whilst playful, remains carefully refined with the addition of the double stripe border which takes its colours from the main print.

You only need to rely on a pattern like this to deliver that focal feature in a hallway.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @hartleytissier

10. Colour Blocking

This hallway is certainly one not short on colour, and the careful consideration and cohesive use of colours looks incredible against the bright white walls.

The colourful journey seemingly never ends, and this fun stair runner features a whole host of playful colours.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @kandhdesignltd

11. Dare To Be Different With Your Border Colour

Black will always remain a popular border colour on a stair runner, but why not dare to be different?

The pink and orange edging on this runner bringing a completely different perspective to this neutral carpet, a welcome pop of colour that adds an endearing visual point in a hallway.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @diffmiller

12. Cream & Black For A Classic Look

Cream and black is a classic colour pairing for a hallway, this neutral combination is a timeless look that can be appreciated in Scandinavian, traditional and modern interiors.

If traditional stripes feel a little too ordinary for you, this style of stair runner is a stylish alternative to introduce lines into a runner.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @thecarpetworkroom

13. Add Stair Rods For A Defined, Elegant Finish

Stair rods are a traditional finish for stair carpet, yet they aren’t seen as often with a stair runner.

Finishing touches do matter, and for something that gets used and appraised on a daily basis, stair rods can add a defined an elegant finish to a runner.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @nourison

14. Rustic Line Detail

A modern rustic interior demands something a little less defining than thick stripes, and this feels like the perfect middle ground.

Neutral herringbone style with soft black lines. It will still draw the eye in, but it has a much more stylish, and relaxed approach on the stairs.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @kaleenrugs

15. Introduce Natural Elements With Green

If you need anymore persuasion that green can look great in a carpet…

Horizontal and vertical stripes makes for visual interest and endearment. Plus, a beautiful stair runner like this will draw the eye in, giving the illusion of a bigger hallway.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @urbane_living_london

16. Go Bold With Houndstooth

Houndstooth is a style that we barely see on stairs in the UK, and I don’t know why.

It delivers a bold and timeless look, with a simple thin border for added definition.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @kaleenrugs

17. Basketcase Rustic Stair Runner

If you’re looking for a stylish yet ultra relaxed stair carpet runner, this one seemingly ticks all the boxes.

The hessian style fabric with basketcase pattern brings a beautifully rustic quality to the stairs.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @thecarpetworkroom

18. Black & White Stripes

If in doubt, go for black and white. A monochromatic scheme is effortlessly timeless, and super easy to deliver in a hallway.

This black and white stripe draws the eye in, with a delicate yellow border for a pop of colour.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @mynortheasthome

19. Blue & White Dalmatian Print

Forget traditional black and white Dalmatian print, it’s all about blue and white.

Pair with brass stair rods for a warm, perfectly executed look.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @designercarpets

20. Baby Blue & White Detailing

Yes, I’m having a moment for baby blue in interiors right now, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this colour combo over the coming years.

A timeless look that takes a modern approach on stripes, with brass stair rods for a warm finish. A perfect look for a coastal cottage or a nautical interior.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @briahammelinteriors

21. Classic Black Border

It’s that black border again…It brings such a classic and timeless look to a period property, think Victorian or Georgian style properties.

It just adds beautiful grounding definition to this hallway without it being overpowering.

stair carpet runner ideas

22. Cheeky Leopard Print

Leopard print can be classy too! Pair with a black painted staircase or rich mahogany wood for depth, and a stand out look.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @nourison

23. Farmhouse Style Blue Checker

Just like houndstooth, this isn’t a style of stair carpet runner that we see too often in UK interiors.

I adore this blue checker style, it reminds me of classic farmhouse style and it brings depth and warmth against the all white interior.

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @natashakalitadesign

24. Add Vintage Charm With An Afghan Stair Runner

Afghan rugs are just the best way to bring vintage charm to an interior, and they look amazing in transitional spaces.

They also translate pretty well to stair runners, and this is probably one of my favourite stair carpet runner ideas. Just look at the warm vintage touch it brings to this hallway, I love it!

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @newenglandloom

25. Be Bold With A Touch of Pink

Lastly, if in doubt, add a bold pop of colour.

This bold pink and orange border completely lifts the stairs in this hallway. If you opt for something colourful like this, just ensure you feature the colours at least once somewhere else in the hallway as it will make the introduction of that colour feel intentional, and cohesive in the space.

Which of these stair carpet runner ideas is your favourite?

stair carpet runner ideas
Image credit: @kersaintcobb

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