11 Striking Black Hallway Mirrors to Elevate Your Space

black hallway mirror
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A black accent in a hallway is the pièce de résistance. A gorgeous black accent will go a long way at pulling a space together, and a black hallway mirror is a perfect way to do just that.

A black hallway mirror is perhaps one of the greatest investments you can make in a hallway. It will serve a functional purpose and bounce available light around the space, making it feel larger and more open. Plus, a black framed mirror will introduce a welcome black accent which brings definition and a touch of modernity to a hallway.

Looking for the perfect black hallway mirror? This edit of 11 mirrors has everything from affordable to high end, modern designs and beyond.

11 Striking Black Hallway Mirror Ideas To Elevate Your Space

1. ZENIDA Round Mirror for Wall, 50×50 cm

A round mirror is by far one of the best styles of mirrors for a hallway, especially narrow, small hallways. The curvature on the mirror brings a subtle softness to the space, whilst the black frame bringing a defining accent into a hallway.

Always size up before getting a mirror, you don’t want a mirror that’s too small as it will look inferior in a small hallway and make the space even smaller.

Place at eye level height to elevate the walls, and above a console table if you have one.

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black hallway mirror

2. 60 x 90cm Minimalist Black Wall Mirror

I always think you should go bigger where mirrors are concerned, even more so in a hallway.

You want to create a light and inviting entryway for your guests, and a large mirror will give the illusion of a bigger space and continue to bounce around any available light.

I love this rectangular black framed mirror, it’s a nicer alternative to a round frame and it can help to elongate your walls even more.

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black hallway mirror

3. Imoma Iron Overmantle Arch Mirror

Whilst this mirror is designed for use over a mantle, if you have a console table in your hallway, an arch mirror lends itself to placement over a console table.

This beautiful mirror features a black iron frame for further visual interest.

Introduce a few other well placed black accents in your hallway to pull the space together, such as black candlestick holders, black light fittings and interior door hardware.

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4. Goteborg Mirror

The iconic blob mirror is reigning supreme in interiors, with the search for blob mirrors up a whopping 10,000% in the last month, wow!

The unstructured curves lend even more of a softness to a hallway than a traditional round mirror, they’re ultra relaxed, yet a stylish addition to a home.

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GoteborgMirror landscape 1728x.jpg

5. Garden Trading Fulbrook Mirror

A grid style black framed mirror brings such a beautiful definition and touch of modernity to any interior. This style of mirror is great for modern, farmhouse, cottage and Scandinavian interior styles.

A mirror like this works best placed above something like a console table or radiator cover.

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Simple Style Black Frame Mirror.jpg

6. Annadel Round Wall Mirror, 80cm

If you want to introduce a round mirror with slightly more texture and character to a wall than a simple black frame, this gorgeous thick beaded framed mirror is a welcome alternative.

Its unusual beaded frame brings definition, character and texture to a hallway.

It virtually works with every type of colour scheme too, from neutrals, earthy tones to more bold statement making shades, even if you do have a yellow hallway...

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7. COSTWAY Decorative Rustic Wall Mirror

Perhaps you’re looking for a rustic mirror with just a subtle black accent.

Resembling a farmhouse door, this rustic wall mirror from Amazon is the perfect addition to a rustic, farmhouse or modern rustic interior.

The dark wooden detail brings a natural feel to a hallway, with a defining black upper frame which grounds the mirror in the space, yet doesn’t create an oppressive feel.

Pair with off-white or cream walls for a real stand out focal point.

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8. Lenaig 60 x 90cm Metal Window Style Mirror

Window style mirrors are a hugely popular choice for hallways, they break up the monotony of singular glass panes, and their definition brings a wonderful touch of modernity.

Prop on the side of a console table, or affix to the wall to help elevate and elongate the walls in your hallway.

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9. Milan Large Arch Wall Mirror

Arch mirrors are one of my favourite additions to an interior, they combine perfect architectural lines and curvature for a structured, yet relaxed design.

This style of mirror does not work if it’s not placed over something because of the straight line across the bottom.

Do place it over a bench, console table or radiator cover to feel the benefits of this style of mirror, plus it will look more intentional in the hallway.

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10. Millhaven Silver Grey Circular Wall Mirror

If you love a round mirror but find them a little bit too plain, this Arighi Bianchi mirror brings the best of both worlds, with a silver grey bar which runs down the centre of the mirror.

It contrasts beautifully with the black outer frame, and it can be a refreshing way to add visual interest on a mirror.

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11. Embrace Those Curves – Garden Trading Cherington Round Wall Mirror, 80cm

Ending this black hallway mirror edit with one final round beauty.

It’s all about embracing those curves, they really are one of the best ways to introduce softness and style to a hallway.

This mirror is also available in a 100cm version, always measure up before purchasing as images look wildly different to what they do in person!

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black hallway mirror

If you want to create a relaxed, yet ultra stylish interior with some definition, a black hallway mirror is that secret ingredient.

Which of these black hallway mirror ideas is your favourite?

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