13 Yellow Hallway Ideas That Will Make You Rethink Everything

yellow hallway ideas
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I know what you’re thinking. A yellow hallway? Seriously?

Yellow seems to have become a stigmatised colour for our interiors over the years, if it’s not gaudy, it’s sickly, and if it’s not sickly it’s far too vibrant and unrestful.

Yes – yellow in the wrong tones can go wrong very quickly in an interior, but there is a whole host of yellow hues that look unforgettable in a home. It can be all too easy to zone in on our insular view of what the colour yellow is depicted in our minds.

I’m here to change your opinion with these 13 yellow hallway ideas which will literally make you rethink everything. Yellow paint order pending…

Is Yellow A Good Colour For A Hallway?

Yes! Yellow is naturally a warming and inviting shade that pairs really well with other shades such as black, navy blue and white.

However, yellow can quickly go wrong in an interior space when used with the wrong colours. Remember, yellow doesn’t have to be used as a dominant colour, it can be used effectively as an accent colour on architectural details, light fittings, through colour blocking and decor accessories!

13 Yellow Hallway Ideas That Will Make You Rethink Everything

1.Wrap Yellow Around The Architectural Details

One of the subtlest ways to incorporate yellow into a hallway scheme with big impact is to drench all architectural details in it – this is your skirtings, architraves and doors.

The result is a warm, inviting pop of colour that becomes a welcome accent in a hallway. It creates an exquisite contrast against the muted wallpaper.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @weltonfinds

2. Half Wall Panelling With A Warm Burst of Yellow

Half wall panelling is an effective way to introduce depth and character to a property, particularly in period properties like this.

All white panelling is classic, but an all white look can be uninspiring and boring. So, swap the white for a bold yellow upper.

It draws the eye up to this delicious yellow tone brightens and warms the space.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @hubner.studio

3. Heritage Yellow & Wooden Tones

Heritage yellow is in. This dark mustard yellow, vintage style of yellow is favoured in kitchens, hallway spaces and bedrooms.

It delivers a muted, toned down version of traditional yellow and pairs beautiful with defining wooden tones for a balanced colour scheme.

yellow hallway ideas

4. White & Pale Tones of Yellow

If you’re ever in doubt, yellow pairs beautifully and effortlessly with a white foundation.

The soft yellow tones can be a more palatable way to enjoy yellow in your hallway, whilst the white living space helps to brighten and lighten the hallway too.

This type of look can be appreciated by Scandinavian and modern interior schemes.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @swantjehinrichsen

5. Combine Teal & Yellow For A Striking Look

Teal is one of those bold, statement making shades that is highly complementary to yellow, the result is a striking, eye catching look.

Choose one of the colours as the dominant colour in the space and use the other as an accent colour, this will avoid the colours fighting for attention in the space.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @rachaeltaylor_

6. Divide Colour With A Dado Rail

A dado rail in a hallway is a traditional way to divide a wall which lends itself perfectly to dividing colour in the space.

The use of yellow ascending into white helps to immediately draw the eye up as you enter the space, giving the illusion of higher ceilings.

I adore this yellow hallway, it’s grounded with some black and white tiles and other black accents in the space to tie to the hallway together.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @grahamandbrown

7. Yellow Colour Blocking

Maybe you’re not quite there yet with embracing yellow in its full entirety across walls, so why not introduce it with some colour blocking instead?

This clever colour blocking follows up over and across the top of a door for a visual guide through the space.

Yellow details can be pulled through the runner rug and throw on the banister which helps to keep the space cohesive, and doesn’t make the colour blocking feel unintentional.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @elissia_my_so_called_life

8. Say Hello To A Yellow Front Door

Oh, hello.

One of my favourite ways to introduce a bold splash of yellow colour without encompassing the entire hallway.

It’s the perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression with your guests, and it looks incredible with this colour scheme. The black bannister adds some much needed definition, whilst navy blue is a highly complementary colour to navy blue.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @homelydesigns._

9. Playful Yellow Wallpaper

It’s not all about utilising yellow paint in a hallway, pick some playful yellow wallpaper for a design that brings personality and flair to your hallway.

When choosing your wallpaper be mindful about the other colours in the pattern and ensure these are worked into the rest of your hallway in some way too. This will ensure the space feels intentional and cohesive.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @kitkempdesignthread

10. Mustard Yellow & Black Accents

Mustard yellow provides a mature, and more pared back feel of yellow in a traditional sense. This style is perfect for maximalist spaces, drench your doors and architraves in it for a fun, playful burst of colour.

The wallpaper used here features a similar tone in the pattern for a nod to the mustard yellow doors. The black bannister adds some definition and a touch of modernity to the hallway.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @ellmooicecreams

11. Yellow Wall Panelling For Uniformity

I mean, who doesn’t love a bit of tongue and groove panelling? This small pop of yellow on the panelling provides a delightful burst of colour and interest in this hallway.

If you’re looking for the perfect flooring to pair with a yellow hallway, start with black and white tiles. It creates instant drama and pairs beautifully for a striking, eye catching look as you step through the door.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @lifeofaninteriorstylist

12. Sitting Pretty With A Yellow Bench

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to using yellow in a hallway. Simply use it as an accent colour for a cheery pop of colour, it’s easy to style and can be changed accordingly.

A bright yellow bench is a charming addition to this otherwise white hallway space, it brings colour and function to the space. Dress with some warm cushions for a defining contrast.

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @readandhall

13. Draw The Eye Up With Yellow

Finally, perhaps my favourite yellow hallway of them all. I absolutely LOVE the intentional use of yellow colour on the ceiling here. It’s the perfect colour scheme for pairing with these original Milton tiles.

The addition of yellow which overlaps onto the walls makes the ceiling look that much taller as it envelopes the space beautifully. Pair with black accents throughout to finish the look off.

Which of these yellow hallway ideas is your favourite? Have I changed your opinion on yellow in a hallway?!

yellow hallway ideas
Image credit: @ourtaylormadehome

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