19 Scandinavian Hallway Ideas For A Stylistically Pure Look

Scandinavian hallway
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Scandinavian style is one of the more pure, stylish yet ultra laidback looks, and a Scandinavian hallway is no different. The perfect way to leave a calming and restorative lasting impression with your guests.

But what are the main characteristics of this interior style? Scandi style is typically clean and minimal with a focus on natural materials such as wood and wool. It boasts a light and airy colour palette with functionality and simplicity at the heard of the design trend, resulting in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

If this style sets your heart alight, and you’re a fan of light and breezy decor styles, you’re probably going to enjoy delving into these 19 stunning Scandinavian hallway ideas...

19 Scandinavian Hallway Ideas For A Stylistically Pure Look

1.Black Crittal For Definition

A monochromatic colour scheme is an integral part of Scandinavian design, in a very light, airy colour palette, black accents bring definition and stop a scheme from feeling ‘floaty’.

Crittal doors and mirrors are a perfect addition to a Scandinavian hallway as they bring a strong contrast and grounding aspect to the space.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @cathrinedoreen

2. Add A Round Mirror

I am a huge advocate for a mirror in any hallway space as it can give the illusion of more space and help to bounce light around the hallway.

But also, from a Scandinavian function point of view, we all love to check ourselves before we leave the house, right?

A round mirror with black frame is true to Scandi style, some subtle definition to tie in with other black accents, whilst the rounded frame delivers a touch of overall softness.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @minimalist_homes

3. Simplicity Is Key

Simple details are at the heart of Scandinavian style, and less is more here. A hallway must be a decluttered space for this design style to keep a calm flow.

Elevate storage like this wall mounted shelf to deliver storage space whilst keeping the hallway floor clear.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @momentsbywendy

4. A Touch of Sage Green

Whilst Scandinavian style is synonymous with white, black and neutral tones, sage green is a very welcome colour in the Scandi colour palette.

It can bring some welcome warmth to an otherwise clinical space, and it breaks up the monotony of plain white on the walls.

Don’t forget to add in some black accents through decor accessories or wall art to help define the space and give it that signature Scandi feel.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @lieblings_blog_

5. Black & White Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a great way to express personal style in a hallway, and they can help to elevate the space too. Opt for black frames with white or neutral prints to be in keeping with your Scandinavian hallway.

You might choose to add other details to your gallery wall like decorative motifs or signs to suit your style.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @sille.sophie

6. Cohesive Neutral Tones

I adore this Scandinavian hallway. It has the perfect combination of white and black, with interesting neutral tones introduced in various accents to create a cohesive feel.

Brown and wooden tones are a core part of Scandi style, lending an overall natural and earthy feel to a space.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @mariaf1212

7. Black & White Hallway

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a Scandinavian hallway. A classic black and white look will stand the test of time with this design style.

Keep the walls white and introduce black through defining accents such as doors, interior hardware, frames and decorative accessories.

Flooring can vary, but white, natural wood and even darker wood flooring options will look great in a Scandi hallway.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @instakodit

8. Colourful Hallway Runner Rugs

Whilst Scandinavian style adheres to a muted colour palette, but don’t be afraid of introducing some colour to the hallway in the right places.

A colourful, oriental style runner rug will instantly break up the monotony of the white, whilst runner rugs can help to elongate and make narrow hallways feel bigger than they are too.

Scandinavian hallway

9. Embrace Panelling

Panelling is one of my favourite choices in a hallway, even in a white colour, it adds so much more depth and character than plain painted walls, and it looks amazing too.

To embrace the Scandi look, keep the panels white. Avoid the more traditional types of wall panelling as the design scheme will end up becoming transitional – a mix between two different design styles.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @ikeabulgaria

10. Rustic, Natural Details

Natural materials are a defining characteristic of Scandinavian design. Where the design style is predominantly white, natural materials and furniture help to add warmth and character back into the space in a natural way.

Introduce a rustic bench, let your floorboards do the talking, or just add some gorgeous rattan baskets underneath a console table to give that nod to the natural world.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @malmo_and_moss

11. Darken The Tone

Dare to darken the tone and appreciate Scandinavian style in a different tone entirely. Your colour scheme doesn’t have to be predominantly white.

With a more boho approach, grey, mink and even tones of browns can be great alternatives that add a more defining look to your Scandinavian hallway.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @casa.harjo

12. Floor Standing Mirror For Height

Add a floor standing mirror to your all white hallway for light reflecting benefits. Not only will a huge mirror help with scale in a large space, it will give the illusion of a bigger space and bounce around the natural light it does have available.

Again, look for mirrors with a black frame to get that much needed definition into a white space.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @scandinavian.interior

13. Functional Pieces of Furniture

Scandinavian style is all about function, angular pieces of furniture and sleek, streamlined units.

Opt for handleless units for a streamlined feel and a range of textures to layer and add depth to the interior scheme.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @hygge_by_kate

14. Wood Slat Wall Panelling

Another type of panelling that is perfect for a Scandi hallway is wood slat panelling.

This natural, rustic style of panelling only has to be used in small sections, it can be an effective way to zone spaces. Such as a bench area to take off shoes, or to highlight the space behind a console table.

It can be fitted in a few different ways but commonly reveals a black partition between each slat which gives a defining feel to the overall finish.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @home_by_kittyioz

15. Scandinavian Victorian Hallway

Scandinavian style is NOT just for modern homes, proof that is can be functional and look beautiful in Victorian houses too.

I adore Cate’s simplistic, Scandinavian style and everything down to the perfectly chosen stair gate is just synonymous with this design style.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @catesthill

16. Soften With Curvature

Curved furniture, decor accessories and lighting is one of the best ways to soften a room or a space with lots of black, defining accents.

Don’t forget to embrace foliage and natural materials in your furniture choices for that nod to the natural world.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @mishkashoe

17. Defining Black Staircase

A bold, defining staircase becomes a focal feature in a hallway, and it can be a great way to break up the monotony of white and really add a grounding look to your hallway.

Add in other various black accents in the hallway such as on frames and light fixtures for a cohesive pull throughout.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @placefortyeight

18. Bold, Black Console Table

If you have the space, a black console table is a diamond feature for me in a Scandinavian hallway. It will define the space and it provides the perfect place for some Scandi styling.

Add dried flower combinations, angular vases and plenty of candles for a Hygge feel in the space.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @tk_hartleyhome

19. Soften With Rattan

Rattan pendant lights are one of the best ways to soften a hallway, creating a relaxed yet ultra stylish space.

I am a huge fan of rattan lights in a hallway, and they come into their own in a Scandi space as they introduce natural materials, warmth and a welcome break from the expanse of white.

They’re such an affordable style of light too and they look beautiful singularly or hung in a cascade.

Scandinavian hallway
Image credit: @sdi_interior_design_studio

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