21 Must Try Autumn Hallway Ideas For A Warm Welcome

autumn hallway ideas
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Seasonal styling for Autumn becomes even more of a thing every year, and if these 21 Autumn hallway ideas won’t persuade you into getting the pumpkins out for the entire season, I don’t know what will.

Autumn or fall is typically a time that we have to unwillingly embrace darker nights, rainier days and colder weather, and decorating for one more season before Christmas just helps to make those darker nights more bearable, whilst providing a warm and inviting feel as you enter your home after a long day.

Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get onboard with it seasonally. There is something for every interior decor scheme with these 21 autumn hallway ideas!

What is the Trend In Autumn Decor 2023?

Felted pumpkins have become a huge trend in Autumn decor, adored for their softness and warmth they bring to an interior. Plus, these low maintenance cuties can be used year after year.

In terms of colours, there has been more of a shift from traditional oranges and blacks to a more neutral colour palette which is more in fitting with home interior schemes of today.

Whites, creams and light greys are popular, but your deeper, more sumptuous colours like brown and rusty reds are gaining momentum.

Here are some of the most on-trend Autumn decor items for 2023;

  • Felted pumpkins (like these cuties from Lights4fun)
  • Painted pumpkins – white, gold and black
  • Gingham fabric on cushions, throws
  • Rusty red throws
  • Kinetic lighting – lanterns, fairy lights, light up pumpkins
  • Rattan pumpkins
  • Green foliage garlands

What Colours Are Best For Autumn Home Decor?

You can choose to opt for your more traditional Autumn colours which include orange, rusty tones, reds, blacks and greens, or if you’re looking to create a more refined, elegant look in your Autumn home decor, opt for subtle neutrals such as light greys, whites, creams, and use gold and black as an accent colour.


21 Must Try Autumn Hallway Ideas For A Warm Welcome

1.Flourish Your Door With An Autumnal Door Wreath

An autumnal door wreath is one of the easiest updates you can seasonally make to your home. It sets the tone for what you can expect inside, and it’s an inviting way to greet your guests.

When choosing the perfect autumnal door wreath, look for one with oranges, reds, browns, greens and cream tones for a fitting Autumnal display.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @se9_edwardian_terrace

2. Sage Green & Autumn Details On A Built In

If you have a built in in your hallway, maximise all the vertical storage options with different touches of styling that nod to the season ahead.

Introduce oranges and Autumnal tones through garlands, wreaths and quirky signs. Don’t forget to add a pumpkin or two for a natural feel…

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @all.thats.pretty

3. Add A Vase of Autumn Coloured Foliage

If you’re not overly keen on heavily decorating for Autumn, a really simple and affordable way to gear your hallway up for the season is to swap out your existing stems in a vase in favour of some Autumn coloured foliage.

Opt for faux stems, or get outside and pick some real foliage, copper beech is a particularly fitting bit of foliage for Autumn. Dried eucalyptus and hydrangeas also work well.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @journeyat_number30

4. Wrap A Garland Around The Bannister

Decking the halls isn’t just something you have to wait for Christmas to do. A great way to draw the eye in is to add a garland to your stairs, simply wrap it around the bannister for the desired look.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @mytenbyhome

5. Go Spooky With Black & White

Orange is typically the first colour we associate with Autumn, but you can go for a slightly spookier look with black and white for a display that will take you through to Halloween.

Opt for white pumpkins for an elegant look, and really play on any black accent details you have in your home like this black round mirror.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @fiveatnumberthree

6. Hang A Simple Autumnal Garland

Not all garlands have to be super extra. This simple string garland is a subtle addition to a hallway, yet brings a welcome pop of autumnal colour to the stairs.

Of course, don’t forget to add a few pumpkins somewhere in your space for added visual interest.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @life_at_kuldana

7. Introduce Rust Tones & Untraditional White Pumpkins

Okay, orange is great, but rust tones are even better. Rusty tones are a much more mature, elegant look than a traditional bright orange in Autumn. Introduce this colour through textured throws, candles and decorative items.

White pairs really beautifully with rust for a striking contrast, paint your pumpkins white for a stand out look.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @bowerpowerblog

8. Play on Black Gingham For A Playful Feel

Gingham is a really playful material that works well with Autumn and fall decor.

Used on cushions and pumpkins it brings a defining edge to a hallway, and it looks great set against oranges and greens.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @julie.thedesigntwins

9. Hang A Simple, Dried Wreath

Dried floral wreaths are a beautifully refined way to get onboard with the season, yet it’s not garish or overtly traditional.

Typically, dried wreaths can be used year after year if they’re stored correctly, add to a peg, door or simply hang from your stairs.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @cappuccino_um_10

10. Vintage Pots & Dried Flowers For A Subtle Nod To Autumn

Vintage, brown pots are a great way to bring a touch of antiquated charm to a hallway, whilst the brown, rust tones are synonymous with Autumn.

Fill with some beautiful dried flowers or faux foliage for an easy maintenance bunch that gives a subtle nod to Autumn.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @ceemcee31

11. Embrace Rust Toned Faux Foliage

Oranges, reds and rusty greens all the way for Autumn!

More is more when you’re creating a gorgeous bunch of flowers, add a mix of stems for visual interest in height and colour.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @reynoldsresidence

12. Create A Farmhouse, Pumpkin Patch Feel

I adore the farmhouse feel this fall look is giving. Embrace it fully with a Pumpkin Patch sign, dried wreath, seasonal cushion and of course, a pumpkin!

I love the addition of the rattan baskets which brings a naturally rustic feel to the hallway. It’s such a laid back, yet ultra stylish display for Autumn.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @aubreyswanblog

13. Deck The Stairs With Pumpkins

And, if you really want to go all out, you could always deck the stairs with pumpkins…

I’d only advise this if you have a very wide staircase, and no children or pets to contend with here. The soft, neutral painted tones of the pumpkins is a really beautiful way to integrate a seemingly orange season within your home decor.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @interior_delux

14. Combine Rustic Details

You can choose to go down the farmhouse, rustic route with your Autumn decor, and I just love how it looks.

Embrace whites, greens, foliage and some black gingham on cushions and throws for a cosy Autumnal look and feel.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @antiquefarmhouse

15. Add Gold & Black For A Sophisticated Autumn Look

Gold and black will instantly elevate any look, giving it a more sophisticated expensive feel.

Introduce gold pumpkins and decorative pieces like vases with a few well placed black accents, it will define the look and pull the hallway space together.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @raro.living

16. Pine Cones & Pumpkins

It’s all about the double P’s, pine cones and pumpkins.

If you want to make a really affordable update to your hallway, this look can be achieved effortlessly and at a really low cost. Pine cones can easily be picked up from a local park, just make sure you wash them before displaying in your home.

They pair really well with a few well placed pumpkins for a natural, outside, inside feel.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @dove_cottage

17. Go All In With Orange Leaves

Orange remains one of the most seasonally relevant colours, and it pops against a white interior with black accents.

Add a garland with orange leaves to a console table, or drape around a mirror like this for added interest.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @summer.poppy_house

18. Light The Way With Lanterns

Kinetic lighting is one of the best ways to create a lovely, warming ambience, and its even more important during the darker seasons.

Add a pair, or trio of lanterns to your stairs to light the way and add ambient lighting. Of course, DO opt for battery powered lights, it’s a much safer option in a home, and especially for busy households.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @eatteahome

19. Create An Autumnal Display

As you enter a hallway, some of you may have a console table or radiator cover that provides the perfect place for some Autumnal styling.

Create an Autumnal display with a garland, candlesticks, and of course, some little pumpkins!

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @littlepettittpad

20. Hang An Autumnal Door Wreath Inside

Simple, but effective. Why let everyone else outside your house enjoy a beautiful wreath when you could also hang one inside your door?

It will bring a beautiful pop of colour to your hallway, pair with a few pumpkins in the hallway to tie the area together.

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: @j_and_b_home

21. Create A Cosy Corner With Lights & Autumn Styling

Lastly, if you have a little corner, or perhaps a console table, create a beautiful, cosy corner with a selection of different lanterns, candles and pumpkins?

Layering your autumn decorations with different heights, textures and colours like this evokes instant visual interest, and it creates an ambient corner which isn’t over the top, or orange.

Neutral Autumn decor at its best! Which of these Autumn hallway ideas is your favourite?

autumn hallway ideas
Image credit: Lights4fun

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