17 Autumn Wreaths That Your Front Door Will Love This Season

Autumn wreaths
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Autumn wreaths are the perfect way to adorn your front door (or interior) and give a nod to the cosy season ahead, whilst leaving a warming first impression with your guests.

Perhaps one of the simplest Autumnal styling addition you can make that’s relatively affordable, yet is something that can be used and loved for years to come.

With Autumn around the corner, we’ve rounded up 17 of the best Autumn wreaths that your front door (and your guests!) will love this season.

17 Autumn Wreaths That Your Front Door Will Love This Season

autumn wreaths

1.Faux Pampas Neutrals Wreath

If you want to lean into the neutral side of Autumn, this dried pampas grass wreath is a great choice that won’t offend your neutral interiors.

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autumn wreaths

2. Maple Leaf Autumn Wreath & Garland

I absolutely love Lights4fun for their beautiful and affordable range of seasonal styling accessories.

You can’t help but feel cosy and warm from spotting this on a front door.

It’s packed full of autumnal colours and green foliage for a natural feel.

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autumn wreaths

3. 50cm Artificial Eucalyptus Wreath

Keep it simple with a neutral and earthy favourite like this eucalyptus wreath.

Measuring at 50cm in diameter, it’s perfect for adorning a front door, above a fireplace or adding to an internal door.

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autumn wreaths

4. Autumn Wreath With Pumpkins

Nothing says cosy season like traditional Autumn wreaths, complete with pumpkins and autumnal colours.

This gorgeous wreath boasts a range of seasonal colours, pumpkins, berries, maple leaves and green foliage.

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autumn wreaths

5. 50cm Oak Leaf Autumn Wreath Micro Light Bundle

What’s better than Autumn wreaths? Wreaths that have fairy lights within them too.

This stunning oak leaf wreath is packed full of seasonal colours for a bold look, the wreath is comes with micro LEDs on a discreet wire that you can easily intwine into the wreath.

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autumn wreaths

6. Large Autumn Golden Sorghum Wreath – Orange

Grab that gorgeous Autumn aesthetic with this fabulous fall wreath from The Range.

Measuring 50cm in diameter, it features maple leaves, berries and sorghum.

Add to a front door or window for an Autumn look.

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autumn wreaths

7. 22 Inch XL Autumn Fall Wreath

A true best seller on Etsy for a reason, this gorgeous fall wreath is packed full of beautiful colours.

The real beauty of this wreath is that it looks like real dried flowers, but it’s all faux stems so this wreath can be used and loved year after year.

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autumn wreaths

8. 50cm Pumpkin & Pinecone Autumn Wreath Micro Light Bundle

If you like a classic Autumn colour scheme, this Lights4fun wreath and light bundle is a perfect choice.

Measuring at 50cm, perfectly generous for a front door, the wreath features green foliage, pinecones and pumpkins throughout.

It comes included with discrete micro lights for an added touch of magic and warmth this Autumn.

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autumn wreaths

9. Pauwer 40cm Artificial Lavender Wreaths for Front Door

Take the less travelled, but just as beautiful route with an artificial lavender wreath for Autumn.

It will deliver a gorgeous pop of colour to a door as those darker nights start to draw in, and it can be used for a Spring decor look too.

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autumn wreaths

10. Autumn Hydrangea Wreath

There’s something about those fluffy hydrangeas in the summer that are super lovable, but as the season starts to transition, this Autumn hydrangea wreath makes a great alternative.

The wreath is 100% artificial measuring at 45cm.

It features fabric leaves, berries and of course, those gorgeous Autumnal hydrangea heads.

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autumn wreaths

11. 45cm Wheat Autumn Wreath Micro Light Bundle

This wheat light bundle from Lights4fun is a much more pared back, subtle approach to Autumn.

It’s crafted from faux wheatgrass foliage and comes with micro lights that you can entwine within the foliage for a warming glow at night.

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autumn wreaths

12. PAIKOE Autumn Sunflower Wreath Front Door with Maple Leaves for Autumn

Lean into the traditional side of fall with this sunflower wreath from Amazon.

Crafted onto a raffia wreath base, it has the addition of a ‘Welcome’ sign across the wreath, a nice touch to add to your front door.

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autumn wreaths

13. Orange Pumpkin Wreath

This gorgeous orange pumpkin wreath is packed full of orange and white artificial foliage, topped with seasonal pumpkins and pine cones.

The perfect finishing touch for a front door to invite the new season in.

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autumn wreaths

14. 40cm Pre Lit Black Glitter Halloween Wreath

If you prefer the spookier side of Autumn, step this way.

Another great garland from Lights4fun, measuring at 40cm, this pre lit black glitter halloween wreath adds a charming effect to a front door, above a fireplace or even when hung on an internal door.

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autumn wreaths

15. Luxury 50cm autumn wreath for your front door

Embrace those darker nights by embracing some warmer colours for the season ahead.

This luxury artificial wreath from Etsy is packed full of colourful roses, green foliage, sunflowers and pumpkins.

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autumn wreaths

16. 45cm Autumn Door Wreath with Artificial Maple Leaf Berries

Elevate your front door with this high quality Autumn door wreath.

The wreath features lifelike berries and maple leaves for an on-trend, Autumnal look.

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autumn wreaths

17. Velour Pumpkin Wreath

Finally, we thought we’d throw in a wild card to our Autumn wreaths edit…

Velour pumpkins? They exist on wreath form too.

This less than traditional wreath will certainly turn heads this Autumn, what do you think?

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Hanging an on-trend, Autumnal wreath on your front door is one of the best ways to transition into this cooler season. Which of these Autumn wreaths is your favourite?

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