9 Hallway Carpet Ideas, Plus Expert Advice For Getting It Right

hallway carpet
Image credit: Tapi Carpets and Floors | Morocco carpet collection in Fez | Instagram user: @tale_victoria

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for a hallway, there’s an age old debate in the interior world whether carpet should in fact be used in a hallway.

Many fear it is old fashioned, will get dirty easily and isn’t well suited to those with pets and children.

So, to dispel the myths, we caught up Johanna Constantinou, trends expert at Tapi to get expert insights into using carpet in a hallway, along with 9 stunning examples of carpet in situ in real homes.

Is Carpet A Good Flooring Option For A Hallway?

Flooring is the make or break for any room in an interior, and it’s an investment you don’t want to get wrong.

Whilst tiles and wooden flooring are popular choices, carpet often gets left behind because of the misunderstanding of how it can actually work really well in a transitional space. We spoke to Johanna Constantinou to get to the bottom of whether carpets actually are a feasible choice for flooring a hallway.

“A carpet is a fantastic flooring option for your hallway, as it offers comfort and a soft welcome. They retain heat so they’re great at keep your home warm, even if your front door opens and closes regularly. Carpets are also good for safety, as they provide a non-slip surface, reducing the risk of falling or tripping. They absorb sounds, so they’re useful if your building has multiple users, or to lay on landings and upstairs corridors too”.

Johanna added, “To keep your carpet in its best condition, you need to regularly vacuum it. Encourage your guests to take off their outside shoes at the door, and make sure pets and children don’t track dirt and mud into your home. Mop up spills and stains immediately, and your carpet will stay in good shape for many years to come”.

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Image Credit: Tapi Carpets and Floors | Jessica carpet collection in Coal

What Is The Best Type of Carpet For A Hallway?

Hallways are a transitional, high traffic area in the home so extra consideration around the type of carpet you choose becomes even more important.

Johanna Constantinou said, “Wool is a natural insulator, it repels dirt and is a sustainable option, so we’d recommend budgeting for a wool or wool-blend carpet for your hallway. Synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester feel soft to touch as well as being durable, so carpets made from these materials would be another great option for hallways”.

“Look for a high fibre density as they tend to hold up better in busy areas. Consider carpets with stain-resistant treatments to make your hallway carpets easier to maintain”.

hallway carpet 2
Tapi Carpets & Floors | Casablanca Carpet in Sandy Cobble | @_homeofvictoria

 What is The Best Colour Carpet For A Hallway?

When it comes to choosing the best colour of carpet for your hallway, you’ll want to take note from your colour scheme, tastes, lifestyle and also how much light your hallway receives.

Narrow spaces that mimic cold North facing rooms won’t work as well with darker tones, whilst a beige carpet might not be best for a Sunny south facing hallway or one that is home to pets.

Johanna added, “This is entirely up to you, your colour scheme, your taste and how much light you get in your hallway.  We wouldn’t recommend anything too pale if your hallway is the busiest area of your home, as you may struggle to keep it looking brand new”. 

“The latest colour trends are neutrals, from the ever-present greys, through to beiges and earthy tones like taupe and brown. We have been seeing the revival of green tones and a small pivot towards pattern and colour.  It’s an enjoyable problem to have so much choice!”.

hallway carpet 4
Image credit: Tapi Carpets and Floors | Sorrento carpet collection – medium brown | @ourplaceno.40

11 Hallway Carpet Ideas In Real Homes

If you’re still mulling over whether to use carpet in your hallway renovation, here are 11 stunning and very different examples of how carpet has been used in real homes.

1.Golden Tones For Added Warmth

Beige carpets with a warm, golden undertone can be a popular choice for hallways.

They can introduce much needed warmth and definition to an all white space, and provide that soft underfoot comfort as you get home.

hallway carpet 5
Image credit: Carpetright

2. Play With Stripes For The Illusion of Space

Wool carpet is one of the best choices for a busy hallway, and this 100% wool loop pile carpet comes in 4 modern stripe designs that are perfect for creating the illusion of more space too.

It will add warmth to a hallway, and is ultra soft underfoot. We love how this looks with the classic wainscoting panelling.

hallway carpet 6
Tapi Carpets & Floors | Sorrento Carpet Collection in Wide Beige | @itsnotsogrimupnorth

3. Lean Into Pattern For A Striking First Impression

It’s a marmite carpet, you’ll either love it or hate it!

But pattern carpets are making a 360, this can create a striking first impression and work beautifully in the right decor scheme. Kate Watson Smyth has recently launched a similar collection from Alternative Flooring.

hallway carpet 7
Instagram Image Credit: @divinesavages

4. Introduce Definition With Herringbone

If you have a fairly neutral colour scheme in your hallway, adding tones of black throughout as an accent is a great way to add definition and modernity.

This herringbone loop pile carpet is a popular choice for hallways and stand alone stair runners, finish with a border to tie the space together.

hallway carpet 8
Instagram Image Credit: @gordonsfurniturestorebolton

5. Keep It Neutral With Grey

Grey is still up there as being one of the most popular neutral colours for a hallway, and interior. Grey carpet can however forever rule your colour choices as it can feel cold and be difficult to work with.

A lighter grey carpet is more versatile than a darker shade, and more forgiving in hallways with minimal light or no windows.

hallway carpet 9
Instagram Image Credit: @cormarcarpets

6. Create A Seamless Flow With Stripes

A striped carpet is not only hugely timeless, but it will create a seamless flow between your stairs and hallway.

This thin striped wool carpet is stylish, classic and hardwearing for a hallway.

hallway carpet 10
Instagram Image Credit: @forfloors

7. Contrast A Neutral With Black

If you have black accents in your space such as a black bannister it’s a great idea to pair with a neutral carpet choice so you can create that striking contrast.

Greys, beiges and taupes are great choices which will work seamlessly with your decor scheme and provide balance with black accents.

hallway carpet 11
Instagram Image Credit: @littlemanorlane

8. Wool Cascade With Border For A Show Stopping Entrance

Carpets in hallways are mostly popular when just used as stair runners, joining onto wooden flooring or tiles in the hallway.

This show stopping wool cascade carpet totally transforms this staircase, finished with a bold black border for gorgeous definition.

hallway carpet 12

Instagram Image Credit: @kersaintcobb

9. Flatweave Classic Herringbone

Finally, if you have a hallway with no windows, choosing to lean into the dark side can be a great choice.

Pair darker shades with a flatweave classic herringbone carpet, shown here in the colour lunar. It adds a classic finish, and pair with a black border on the stairs to ground the look.

hallway carpet 13
Instagram Image Credit: @fibreflooring
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