The Best Little Greene North Facing Room Colours

little greene north facing room
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North facing rooms can be notoriously tricky to tackle, but these Little Greene North facing room colours are some of the best shades to counteract that cold light, and bring some warmth into the equation. 

When decorating, it is really important to understand what way the room faces before picking a paint colour as it can really alter the overall look and feel of the colour from how it appears in a South facing room to what it does in a North facing room. 

So, North facing room at the ready, be it a living room, bedroom or beyond, let’s explore some of the best Little Greene North facing room colours to ensure it delivers a warm and inviting feel. 

What Colours Are Best For A North Facing Room?

North-facing rooms tend to possess a certain dusky charm, where even the influx of natural light seems to carry a slightly chilly undertone. So we want to try and combat the cold and warm up it with the right type of colours.

When choosing whites, look for paints with yellow based, creamy and beige neutrals to counteract the natural blue light that is making the room feel cold.

If you want something with more colour, turn your attention to soft pastels – those delicate yet impactful tones of pinks, and yellows will bring warmth to the space. However, you can also choose to lean into the darkness, and opt for deeper hues of green and blue for an inviting feel.

Steer clear of overly bright whites as your main wall paint. The reason behind this counsel is rooted in the fundamental physics of light – or the lack thereof. Bright white in its brilliance, requires ample light to bounce off and create a dynamic play of illumination.

In a North-facing room, where light often tiptoes, using such a white can make a room feel flat, and even colder.

North facing room

The Best Little Greene North Facing Room Colours

Clay – Pale

Clay – Pale is part of Little Greene’s Stone palette of colours which are natural colours offering warmth and tranquility whilst bringing a timeless colour to a home.

Clay – Pale is among one of their whitest colours, yet it has subtle yellow pigmentation which creates a creamy off-white which is perfect for a cold North facing room.

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little greene north facing room

Rolling Fog – Light

Rolling Fog in Light has a slight yellow undertone, it can be a great choice if you want an off-white which doesn’t have too much of a sunny disposition.

This colour pairs well with Blush and Tuscan Red for a really warm, co-ordinated look in a North facing room. Don’t forget to introduce a few black accents for a touch of modernity, and to tie to the space together.

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little greene north facing room


Stock is one of my favourite Little Greene north facing room colours. It’s a subtle pastel shade of white from the fragrant country flower, its soft yellow undertones leave a lovely disposition on a wall.

As you can see, it works beautifully with deeper shades of yellow, mustard yellow, wooden tones and navy blues for a really warm feel.

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little greene north facing room

Travertine – Light

If you want an off-white with a slightly darker yellow pigment, Travertine – Light is the perfect honey coloured yellow that is a great uplifter for any cold North facing room.

Pair with more defining yellow shades, or keep things neutral with related whites from Little Greene like Clay – Pale and Shirting for a really crisp, clean contrast.

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little greene north facing room

Light Beauvais

This shade offers a notable warmth to an interior, its warm yellow undertones give it an almost honey, caramel tone which is perfect for combatting the cold, blue light associated with a North facing room.

Pair with light pinks, or more defining tones such as Blush and Tuscan Red for a bold, impactful space.

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little greene north facing room

Julie’s Dream

This light pink shade is based on umber which gives it a warm outlook without it being a sickly pink. The result is a dusty pink shade that is subtle, yet not too feminine.

If you aren’t a fan of yellow undertones, pink toned paints are a great alternative that are warm, and will bring a delicious softness to a room.

Pair with differing shades of pinks and reds for a warm, romantic feel, or create a neutral look with other Little Greene shades such as Flint and Silent White – Pale.

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little greene north facing room


With its delicate, powder-like hue, Masquerade offers an alluring, natural undertone which is perfect for pretty much every room in the home.

This dusty shade looks incredible in both traditional and modern interior schemes. Introduce some well placed black accents to define the room and bring a touch of modernity.

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little greene north facing room

Air Force Blue

Whilst yellow and pink undertones are great guidelines to work towards in a North facing room, they aren’t your only options. You can go the other way and also really lean into some stronger green-blues which will bring depth an impact to a room.

Air Force Blue is deeper and richer than some of Little Greene’s blue shades, even more so when used on all the walls of a room.

Pair with other lively accents such as yellows and other differing tones of blue for a layered look.

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little greene north facing room


Inspired by Chinese rugs, ceramics and textiles from the Canton area, this rich blue-green paint colour is perfect for North facing rooms if you really want to lean into these darker hues.

In fact, it’s perfect for creating a cosy and inviting space, be it a cinema room or a bedroom.

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little greene north facing room

These are some of my favourite Little Greene North facing room colours that will help to create that warm, inviting feel, regardless of the room position. If you need any help with choosing paint colours, please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

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