15 Stunning Small Hallway Flooring Ideas to Transform Your Space

small hallway flooring ideas

If you’ve stumbled across this blog it’s likely because you have a small hallway and are wondering what small hall flooring ideas will help to deliver a stylish finish, without making the space feel even smaller. Sound familiar?

Our Victorian hallway in our terrace house is no different. You’d be lucky to swing a small cat successfully, make that rat.

But, for the first place you see as you enter your home, it needs to be inviting, homely, and of course be functional.

By the end of this post, you’ll be armed with 15 small hallway flooring ideas that will help you transform your space into the stylish, welcoming hallway that you’re excited to come home to.

15 Stunning Small Hallway Flooring Ideas

1.Hallway Runner

There are some easy ways to transform a narrow hallway with effective flooring. A long runner through the centre of the hallway is one of the best tricks, and one of the cheapest small hallway flooring ideas.

A hallway runner will give the appearance of a longer, more expansive space by giving the area its own boundary. Not to mention it will also add comfort, warmth and interest. Plus, sound insulation if you have particularly creaky floorboards…

Opt for one with bright colours to make the most of this trick, it’s a great way to lift a neutral, otherwise plain hallway. Just because it’s a small space, you don’t need to steer away from colour.

If you go for something light like a natural sisal, don’t go too light or it will show every scuff and stain. The hallway is a high traffic area, so think about function too!

small hallway floor runner
Image credit: Weaver Green

2. Light Laminate Flooring

Laminate is one of the most practical hallway flooring solutions for a small hallway. Light laminate keeps the space light and airy, whilst it’s one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain.

If you have children or pets, laminate is one of the more affordable options, and a timeless investment. Keep it as it is, or top with a floor runner for some added comfort on the tootsies.

small hallway flooring ideas
Image credit: Tile Mountain

3. Traditional Patterned Tiles

I’m a sucker for traditional patterned floor tiles in a hallway. In fact, they’re made for narrow hallways such as in Victorian houses.

Pattern can still be cherished in a small space, and celebrated! It draws the eye as you enter the home, providing an exciting, and interesting welcome.

It’s also another low maintenance flooring option which is practical for those with pets.

4. Dark Oak Wood Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is available in many different styles to suit your home decor needs. Small hallways don’t need to be all white and neutral, it’s good to add some variation, and dark oak wood laminate can provide the perfect grounding aspect to a hallway.

Add to a modern hallway design for instant warmth. Pair with black accents for a defining contrast, and incorporate other colours with artwork, decor accessories and a carpet runner.

5. Neutral Carpet

A carpet isn’t the first choice when it comes to hallway flooring, but it’s still one of the best small hallway flooring ideas to consider.

It’s a high traffic area so it becomes susceptible to every mark, dirt and mud you walk in. Having said that, there are some bonuses of adding carpet to small hallway.

A neutral carpet can help to lift a small hallway, whilst it provides a warm and welcoming spot as you enter the hallway.

Despite it being carpet, you can still use the trick of adding a hallway runner to set a boundary in the space, in fact I’d encourage it! It lets you introduce some more colour and texture, and will protect the carpet too.

6. Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles

Stone effect tiles brings a beautifully rustic feel to a small hallway. They’re a low maintenance flooring solution in high traffic areas and really easy to keep clean.

They’re neutral, yet not too light for a small hallway, bringing a touch of a defining accent with them. They’re so easy to style with other colourful accessories, or keep things neutral if you’re trying to achieve a modern rustic style interior.

7. Herringbone Flooring

Herringbone has seen a huge resurgence in homes over the last few years. Whilst it can be considered a busy design, it can still work effectively in a small hallway.

Or perhaps, you have existing herringbone tiles underneath old carpet that you can restore to their full glory?

This interior design style brings a warm aesthetic to a modern hallway. Add a floor runner to set a boundary in the area, it can help to break up the monotony of herringbone too.

8. Cream Matt Floor Tiles

Nothing beats a neutral floor tile option for a small hallway. Cream matt floor tiles like this offer an uncomplicated option to a hallway. They bring a light and airy aesthetic, don’t crowd out an already small hallway, but they can help to lift it instead.

Don’t opt for a light grout like white! You’ll forever be trying to clean it.. Opt for a warm cream, grey or black grout instead which is much easy to maintain in a high traffic area like the hallway. Speaking from experience!

9. Painted Floorboards

Keep things simple by up-cycling the flooring in your hallway that you already have. Painting flooring can bring a rustic, warm aesthetic to a small hallway.

Lean towards colours that work with your interior design scheme, but don’t take it too moody on the floor as it will make the space feel even smaller.

White will lift the floor, but it’s not the easiest colour to maintain… Be mindful with your choices, and you can still add a floor runner to introduce more colour to the hallway.

small hallway flooring ideas

10. Peel & Stick Vinyl Floor Tiles

Vinyl tiles are an effective solution to a small hallway, and one of the most effective flooring solutions. These peel and stick tiles can be fitted yourself without the hassle of cutting, placing and grouting tiles.

You can still get the designer look, without the price tag. These Victorian style tiles would look beautiful in a small hallway area.

11. Victorian Floor Tiles

Victorian floor tiles weren’t always about extravagant patterns. I really love the look of these white tiles with a respective border, this helps to create a boundary within a small hallway, whilst the white lifts the length of a hallway.

Skip a floor runner in this instance to appreciate the beauty of these tiles.

12. Natural Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is the road less travelled when it comes to flooring options for a small hallway, but one not to instantly dismiss.

If you have a mid century modern interior, or you like the style, cork flooring could be a great choice. It’s relatively affordable, brings a defining accent to a hallway floor, and introduces warmth with it too.

13. Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking to stay in your home for a long period of time, making the investment in hardwood flooring is well worth it for the quality. It’s made from natural materials and is more solid and versatile than laminate.

Available in many different styles, hardwood flooring is a smart small hallway flooring choice which will add solid definition to a small hallway.

It’s on the higher end of the spectrum, but one worth considering if you want to create a hallway to stand the test of time.

small hallway flooring ideas

14. Monochrome Floor Tiles

How charming are these checked monochrome tiles? The perfect placement in a narrow, Victorian terrace hallway. Creating a captivating entry that will distract from the size, and shape of the hallway!

Again, you’ll want to skip a hallway runner here to let your guests (and you) appreciate the beautiful flooring.

15. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta is one of the hottest up and coming trends in interiors. It lends a beautifully rustic touch to an interior which is warm, and aesthetically pleasing in equal measure.

A timeless style that works well in modern style and rustic interiors. Medi-villa vibes pending…

These small hallway flooring ideas will help you to get the most out of your bijoux space. Size is no object with the right materials and subtle tricks.

If in doubt, always opt for a hallway runner, they are a game changer for inexpensive changes to a hallway that will make a big overall difference. What do you think of these small hallway flooring ideas? Drop me a comment below if you need any further help with your small hallway styling, I’d love to help!

Before You Go…

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