29 Black and White Stairs Ideas To WOW Your Guests

black and white stairs

For monochrome loving home interiors, these 29 black and white stairs ideas will wow your guests and provide monochromatic marvels in any setting.

A staircase is often a focal point of any entryway, a perfect place to impress your guests as they step through your doorway. A black and white scheme can be adapted to most home decor styles, a welcoming black accent in modern interiors for a grounding aspect, and a perfect balance of colours in minimalist design.

Ready to ‘step up’ your interior decorating game? From classic to modern, let’s take a look at these 29 black and white stairs ideas.

29 Black and White Stairs Ideas

1.Greek Style Carpet

Inspired by the Grecians? This stunning monochrome Greek style carpet adds a defining and stylish look to a white set of stairs. Keep to white walls too to be in-keeping with this pared back look.

Finish off with a stair rod if you want to add a traditional look to your staircase.

2. Black & White Painted Stairs

Keep it classic with a standard monochrome stair. Alternate between black treads and white paint on the fronts for a dramatic look on your staircase. Team with a black and white stair banister. 

This defining look has been paired with wall paneling for a traditional feel, but this style of staircase would also suit a farmhouse, modern or minimalist interior. 

3. Black Bordered Stair Runner

A traditional interior demands a traditional, formal set of stairs, and this black bordered stair runner is a perfect black and white stairs option for this type of property.

This Victorian property features a white painted set of stairs with a grey stair runner featuring a defining, chunky black border. It’s finished with grey paneling and grey floor tiles to tie the look together. This style of stair runner looks great on traditional stairs like this and on a spiral staircase.

4. Contrasting Black Bannister

The power of paint! Pair a set of white painted stairs with a black paint on the banister for a crisp, defining contrast that will help to elevate your stair game! In this example, the back banister ties in perfectly with the black border on the stair runner and other accents within the entryway. 

This style of black and white stairs looks great in a modern, eclectic or boho style home decor scheme.

5. Black Stair Runner

Keep it classic with a block of colour with a black stair runner. It adds a sumptuous look to these white painted stairs. Chrome stair rods adds a formal, traditional feel to the stairs.

A stair runner is a great way of adding colour, whilst adding warmth and comfort to the area. Ensure you opt for carpets that accommodate high traffic areas.

6. Striped Stair Runner

Who doesn’t love a stripe? This perfectly pinstripe black and white style carpet runner elongates the stairs, whilst the narrow stripes add formality and timeless style to the space.

They have been added to a black painted set of stairs, but the same would look beautiful against white.

2023 04 20

Image Credit: @edwardian_vignette

7. All Black Staircase

Be it masculine, modern or contemporary design, an all black staircase can elevate a space, whilst it adds a beautifully grounding aspect to a home.

Black stairs are one of the most forgiving colours for a high traffic area, but it can attract dust very easily!

8. Cream Stair Runner

If white feels like too harsh a contrast for black, then pair with a complementary colour like cream. A cream, wool carpet runner like this adds undeniable elegance, timeless style and a warm softness that feels super inviting.

A wool carpet is soft for those tootsies and it elevates the texture in the area. Perfect for a modern rustic interior, or a traditional interior. Add a touch of greenery to the staircase for an injection of colour.

2023 04 20 1 1

Image Credit: @Little_edwardian_semi

9. Wooden Panelling With Black & White

Looking to create a farmhouse style interior? These farmhouse black and white stairs look exceptional with the addition of wooden stair treads. They contrast beautifully with the white fronts and black bannister for adding definition.

This simple look is easy to maintain and adds a gorgeous aesthetic to an interior. Place an olive plant at the bottom of the staircase for that warm, country farmhouse feel.

2023 04 20 2

Image Credit: @Sarahashleyallen

10. White Stairway Panelling

Add white paneling that follows up the staircase for formality and structure. This is a great way to elevate plain, flat walls whilst it contrasts beautifully with a black bannister.

Add a carpet runner of your choice for adding warmth and timeless style.

2023 04 20 3

Image Credit: @four_atnumberfour

11. Patterned Tiles

You can think outside of the box when it comes to black and white stairs, paint and carpet aren’t your only options. Add a patterned, monochrome tile to the front of the stairs for enticing elevation, each, and every time.

This look contrasts beautifully with the wooden treads and black walls. Think of all the amazing floor selfie photos for the gram too!

2023 04 20 4

Image Credit: @sarah_sellers23

12. Checkerboard Style

LOVE. This checkerboard style of black and white stairs is to die for. These perfectly petite squares add such a fun dimension to this outside set of black and white stairs, but it could equally be created on an indoor set too.

I love this style as it pairs just beautifully with bold, pastel and neutral colours. It adds formality and serious style to this house, working in both traditional and modern settings.

2023 04 20 5

Image Credit: @cha_barbeypics

13. Rustic Striped Runner

Like stripes but feel the traditional black and white feel a bit traditional? This rustic striped runner is a perfect alternative, combining rustic colours that feel a bit more worn in.

This black and white stairs look is great for a farmhouse, modern rustic or country style interior.

2023 04 20 6

Image Credit: @houseofhilchey

14. Monochrome Painted Stair Runner

You don’t need a carpet runner to achieve the same black and white stairs look. A painted runner looks exceptional, it’s easier to maintain than carpet and looks just as good.

In a monochrome, minimalist style interior it adds the ultimate defining aspect to an entryway, and will become a real talking point as guests enter your home.

2023 04 20 7

Image Credit: @sheremadness

15. Monochrome & Red Stairs

Red is a classic, romantic pairing with black and white stairs. Red brings warmth and passion to a black and white interior, it’s a great way to break up the monotony of the colours in a space that should be fun and exciting in equal measure.

A simple, red carpet runner like this elevates the stairway, with contrasting chrome stair rods for a traditional look.

2023 04 21

Image Credit: @_sarah_p_x

16. Black Iron Staircase

A black iron staircase looks sensational in the right setting. A farmhouse style interior will welcome this style, as would a villa in Southern Spain.

It contrasts beautifully with wooden treads and black geometric face tiles for a cohesive style.

2023 04 21 1

Image Credit: @luannmccantsinteriors

17. Geometric Patterned Stair Runner

Have fun with your black and white stairs with a pattered stair runner! This reminds me of those gorgeous monochrome afghan area rugs, why not enjoy the same comfort on the stairs?

This is a great way to introduce white to your staircase, whilst keeping black as the main dominant colour.

2023 04 21 2

Image Credit: @ms_vinta_g

18. Black Border & Stair Rods

Black stair rods and a black border on a stair runner adds instant timelessness to a set of black and white stairs.

Stair rods can be considered dated in the wrong setting, but they look great in period properties such as Victorian homes, and traditional style interiors.

2023 04 21 3

Image Credit: @clemandsebastian

19. Polka Dot Stairs

Inject some personality to your set of stairs with a fun, polka dot carpet print. These playful dots add unexpected pleasure to this space.

Pair with black frames on the walls and other black accents in an entry way for a cohesive, modern style interior.

2023 04 21 4

Image Credit: @tigerlilyrugs

20. Animal Print

Bring out your animalistic side with a fun set of stairs! Let your stairs become the focal point of your property with an animal print stair runner.

It might turn a few heads, but it’s a playful way to use black and white on a staircase. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but if it’s something you love, go for it!

2023 04 21 5

Image Credit: @floordecorny

21. Bold Wall Colour

Black and white can be very monotonous on its own so add a bold splash of colour to your adjacent wall for a colourful hallway that draws you up the stairs.

This bold, mustard yellow print has been painted to lead you up the stairs, in a similar way to how paneling is added on the stairway area.

2023 04 21 6

Image Credit: @lauren.thedecorator

22. Geometric Stairs

They might make your eyes go a bit funny, but how amazing does this set of black and white stairs look? These geometric tiled stairs are beautifully endearing combined with the wooden banister.

Add black lanterns to the bottom of the staircase for an ultra cool, yet relaxed style.

2023 04 21 7

Image Credit: @mooreofcynthia

23. Black & White Marble Quartz Staircase

Add a layer of luxury to your interior with a gorgeous black and white marble quartz staircase. Featuring beautiful black veins, this look is sleek and ultra modern, perfect for the right type of property.

Quartz is usually always a better option than marble, it’s a lot more affordable and durable than marble in a setting like this.

2023 04 21 8

Image Credit: @abboud_for_commerce

24. A Stair Runner With A Twist

Stair runners don’t just have to be a complete piece that runs down the stairs. Given not as traditional, these geometric stair runners are singular pieces that sit on the top of each stair.

A playful twist on a traditional stair runner, and a lot more affordable.

2023 04 21 9

Image Credit: @queenbie78

25. Black & White Stairs Leading To Monochrome Tiles

Set your staircase up for success with a stunning base to lead from. This checkerboard style floor tile looks sensational in this narrow hallway. The monochrome tiles pair beautifully with the white staircase with black border and bannister.

I love this look in a Victorian property, or even a new build which is inspired by Victorian design.

2023 04 21 10

Image Credit: @vintique_homeware

26. All White Staircase

Not a fan of black? Go for an all white staircase to create a light, airy and sleek space. This all white painted look is favoured by many design styles including minimalism, Scandic, boho and modern design.

Incorporate black accents on frames, lanterns and add wooden detail for warmth and natural elements in the space.

2023 04 21 11

Image Credit: @hoops_and_home

27. Timber Treads

Timber treads on a black staircase are perfect for a modern or contemporary style decor scheme. The timber lends beautiful durability and sturdiness to the space.

Add a glass panel leading up the staircase to become a spectacle in your home.

2023 04 21 12

Image Credit: @stairmandotnet

28. Grey & Monochrome

Grey is a great pairing for a monochrome staircase. Be it pale grey or charcoal grey, this neutral shade contrasts beautifully with black and white.

Add a geometric style with stencils on to the front of the stairs for a fun look.

2023 04 21 13

Image Credit: @llilooscandilove

29. Cosmic Stairs

A gateway to the stars! You can add any type of stencilling or patterns to your stairs to reflect your personality and style, go against the grain!

This fun look features gold cosmic stencilling on the front of the stairs, an inviting peek on every step you go.

2023 04 21 14

Image Credit: @happyenchantedhome

Be it modern or traditional, black and white stairs can be melded to any type of home decor scheme for a defining and sensational aspect in your home. Which black and white stairs idea is your favourite?


Is A Black Staircase A Good Idea?

Black stairs can add a unique and striking focal point in a home, however, the colour does tend to attract and show dirt easily, so it’s not the best option for very busy households.

If you’re happy with a little bit of extra maintenance and upkeep a black staircase can be a winning choice, it will bring definition and a touch of modernity to an entryway.

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