Narrow Hallway? Tackle It With These 7 Genius Ways To Store Coats

where to hang coats in narrow hallway
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Tackling a narrow hallway can be notoriously tricky. Not only are they often dark, but their slim proportions make it seem impossible to store coats and shoes without the space feeling cluttered. Sound familiar?

As a Victorian terrace hallway owner, I know just how difficult it can be to navigate. Whilst the hallway is a transitional space, function needs to come first and it’s not good having to traipse upstairs to get your coat before you leave the house.

If you’re wondering where to hang coats in narrow hallway, I’ve got you covered with these 7 tried and tested ways to store coats that won’t affect the flow in your narrow hallway, let’s go!

Where To Hang Coats In Narrow Hallway – 7 Genius Ways To Store Coats

1.Vertical Mounted Pegs Away From The Front Door

When it comes to a narrow hallway, the worst thing you can possibly do is cram all your coats in at the entrance by your front door. It’s immediately going to make the space feel ever smaller, and more cluttered.

Instead add vertical wall mounted pegs at a distance from your front door. Plus, opt for a unit with ascending pegs like this, it suddenly increase your opportunities for hanging coats, yet doesn’t eat into the width of the hallway.

Choose a black finish like this, your narrow hallway will thank you for it. It brings definition to a neutral hallway whilst adding a touch of modernity.

narrow hallway storage 1
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2. Add A Built In To The End of Your Hallway

Taking the storage away from the front of your hallway is one of the best ways in a narrow space, if you can.

If you have an area at the end of your hallway create a custom built in or add a unit that perfectly fits the space.

If you’re able to add any storage like this to the hallway you want to be able to lean into the verticality of it and increase your storage options, from a built in bench that opens up, pegs for coats and bags, and a shelf for further storage opportunities.

narrow hallway storage 2
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3. A Few High Placed Pegs

If you have a very narrow hallway, sometimes you have to accept that it’s going to be impossible to add a lot of storage for coats as it will affect the flow of traffic through the hallway and make it feel crowded as you step into the door.

However, a few well placed pegs for a couple of your most used coats will provide that little bit of function you need without overcrowding the hallway.

The key to this is to place the pegs higher than eye height, as it will draw the eye up, and it’s not at your direct eye level as you step through the door.

In this case, do choose some fancier pegs to bring a design accent to the space when they aren’t in use, I love these pegs with a brass and black finish for a modern contrast.

narrow hallway storage 3
Instagram Image Credit: @the_house_acc

4. Hidden Cloakroom

If you have a a store cupboard like this, transform it into a hidden cloakroom, this is arguably one of the best solutions for any hallway as it keeps all the clutter out of sight, yet being within easy distance as you leave the house.

Again, lean into the verticality of the space and utilise every inch of square space to your advantage. Add a shelf with rattan baskets which can easily store lots of pairs of shoes.

narrow hallway storage 5
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5. Vertical Wall Storage – 2 in 1

If you go for vertical wall storage, don’t just stop at some pegs. Go for a unit which has a shelf above it as it gives you an opportunity to add some decorative flair to the space.

It will draw the eye up and add some welcome colour to a dark narrow hallway. Again, don’t clutter it like mad, just keep a few of your most used coats in this section and swap over for the seasons.

narrow coat storage
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6. Two Tone Painted Hallway To Zone Your Storage

Bring a two tone paint look like this to your hallway, it is one of the best ways to bring some colour to a dark space.

By cleverly zoning the colour on the pegboard and door, it creates a cohesive feel without feeling cluttered. Lots of tiny pegs is a great way for maximising storage options too.

My only complaint about this space is the size of the table in the hallway, it’s depth is far too much for this narrow space to handle and affects traffic flow through the door.

As I always say, if a piece of furniture feels too big in the space, it’s probably because it is. A mantra to live by in any narrow space!

narrow coat storage 1
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7. Utilise Your Under Stairs Area For A Beautiful Storage Area

There is so much to love about this smart storage solution that uses the under the stairs area in a way that you might not have considered.

Create a design aspect out of it and add some tongue and groove panelling for visual interest against the white. Utilise the corner to your advantage and place pegs around the perimeter of the area for plenty of hanging storage space for coats, dog leads and everything else.

Not only does it allow space for a bench, but add some rattan baskets underneath for easy access shoe storage too.

Hopefully this post has helped answer this popular question on where to hang coats in narrow hallway, there are solutions, but you need to be sympathetic that you might not be able to have as much storage on display as you like.

Which of these narrow hallway coat storage ideas is your favourite? Need anymore help in tackling your hallway? Please leave a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

narrow hallway coat storage
Instagram Image Credit: @mrs_macs_home

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