Narrow Hallway? Try These 11 Slim Shoe Cabinet Storage Ideas

slim shoe cabinet
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Narrow hallways can be notoriously tricky to tackle when it comes to storage, yet these slim shoe cabinet storage ideas give us belief that narrow spaces can be functional, and organised too.

There is emphasis on SLIM or NARROW for whatever furniture based choice you make a search of for your hallway, and it can be impossible to track down something that won’t affect the flow of traffic in your hallway, and won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

So, from one narrow hallway owner to another, I’ve curated a list of 11 of the best slim shoe cabinet hallway ideas that will restore balance in your home, and give a permanent place for those shoes!

11 Slim Shoe Cabinet Hallway Ideas

slim shoe cabinet

1. Hemnes Shoe Cabinet With 4 Compartments

Enduringly popular, this IKEA slim shoe cabinet is a firm favourite for a reason.

It’s incredible how much this nifty unit can store, with 4 separate compartments, it can store up to 8 pairs of standard shoes.

When the doors are shut it looks no dissimilar to a console table, perfect for displaying decorative items on top and placing a mirror on the wall above it.

Just the perfect addition in a narrow hallway that will solve those storage woes in a heartbeat.

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slim shoe cabinet

2. Lynton Compact White Hallway Shoe Drop

Not too dissimilar to the Dunelm slim shoe cabinet, this 3 compartment unit can take up to 9 pairs of shoes.

Slightly taller in height, it allows you to embrace verticality in a hallway without taking up too much space.

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3. Mayor 3-Tier Shoe Cabinet

This 4 tier shoe cabinet brings a modern feel to a hallway, it would be perfect for a Scandinavian or modern space.

Featuring pull down doors, whilst slim and neat, it can take up to 24 pairs of shoes, wow!

A perfect pick for a busy household.

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slim shoe cabinet

4. Vida Designs 2 Drawer Shoe Cabinet Cupboard Shoe Storage 

In a rich walnut finish, this two drawer slim shoe cabinet brings a defining touch of modernity to a narrow hallway.

The compact fit makes it perfect for narrow spaces, fitting up to 10 pairs of shoes.

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slim shoe cabinet

5. Remi Hallway Unit, Lilypad Green

Whilst this unit carries a touch more depth with it, I wanted to include this for something a little bit different.

Finished in a gorgeous green colour and scallop detail on the bottom, this hallway unit adds a charming touch to any space.

It has ample shoe storage options with 5 shelves for shoes, it can take up to 8 pairs of standard shoes.

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6. 2 Drawers Black Slim Shoe Cabinet

Black hallway furniture will go a long way at delivering definition and a touch of modernity.

Featuring two pull down doors, with space to store 8 pairs of shoes on the 4 shelves.

Pair with other black accents in the hallway to pull the space together.

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slim shoe cabinet

7. Frances Rattan 3 Tier Shoe Storage Cabinet, Natural

Bring a natural feel to your hallway with this gorgeous rattan unit.

It adds a touch of warmth, and a rustic feel to an interior scheme, perfect for modern, bohemian and Scandinavian hallway schemes.

It features 3 pull down drawers for plenty of shoe storage options.

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slim shoe cabinet

8. Malvern Dove Slim Shoe Cabinet

If you want something a little bit more visually interesting, this slim shoe cabinet boasts plenty of hidden shelf space for shoes, and some exposed shelving for added visual interest.

Internally it has 5 shelves which could be used to store shoes, dog leads and bags.

Top the unit with a trailing plant and decor accessories to finish the look.

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9. Galano Limestone Shoe Cabinet 

If you have a modern, rustic or country style interior, this limestone unit with wooden base will make a perfect addition to your hallway.

Coming in at just under £100, it features two pull down doors with storage space for shoes.

It’s finished with two beautiful black handles for a defining design accent.

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slim shoe cabinet

10. Iliana Shoe Cabinet – 2 Door – Charcoal Grey

If you want to bring a touch of art deco and refined elegance to your narrow hallway, embrace defining charcoal and gold tones.

This stunning unit looks like a console table at a glance with those gorgeous gold accents.

It features two pull down drawers with ample opportunities to store your shoes.

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slim shoe cabinet

11. Wall cabinet with 2 doors

Where space is a premium, wall mounted storage is always a good option as it keeps the floor clear and allows you to embrace verticality.

Whilst this isn’t a specific shoe cabinet, the slim unit is perfect for storing shoes, bags, dog leads and everything in between.

It has a stunning wood finish that’s perfect for a range of interior schemes.

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Storage is still a possibility in a narrow hallway, but you need to be savvy with the space and units you choose. Always measure, and if something feels too big in the space, it probably is!

Which of these slim shoe cabinet hallway ideas is your favourite?

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