17 Re-imagined Two Tone Paint Ideas For Your Bedroom

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
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Deciding how to decorate a bedroom can be a daunting task. It’s important to consider how you’d like a bedroom to make you feel. Do you want it to be your very own relaxation haven? Or perhaps you’d like to feel energised in your bedroom space.

Creating a two tone paint effect has become a contemporary decorating trend and works really well in bedrooms to create a contrast, whether it’s to zone off a certain area or simply to add a dose of style and interest.

Here are 17 unique two tone paint ideas that’ll inspire you for your next bedroom decorating project.

17 Two Tone Paint Ideas For Bedroom

1.Soft, Restorative Tones of Sage Green & White

Sage green is undoubtedly a colour that’s bang on trend and it doesn’t look like it’s going out of fashion anytime soon. 

Painting a feature wall behind the bed creates a feature out of this area and feels warm and cosy. Contrasting sage green with white is a subtle two tone effect that feels calming and relaxing, making it the perfect combination for a bedroom.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
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2. Add Half Wall Panelling & Wallpaper

Panelling is a classic interior feature that has become popular once again. Installing half wall panelling behind a bed and contrasting it with patterned wallpaper is a brave decorating decision and the results definitely pay off!

Choose a wallpaper design that you love to avoid getting bored and wanting to change it in the near future.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
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3. Combine Black & White For Instant Drama

A monochrome scheme is a fail safe option for those that love a stark contrast and want their bedroom to make a bold design statement.

Keeping the ceiling white will ensure that the room doesn’t feel too dark or oppressive.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
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4. Embrace Verticality With Green & White Stripes

Make a small bedroom feel bigger by making the most out of its vertical wall space. 

Vertical stripes are a great hack, not just for clothing but for interiors too. They draw the eye upwards and make a room feel taller than it is. Be inspired by the green and white imperfect stripes above, that feel modern and relaxed.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @homeatspringbank

5. A Timeless Combo of Grey & White

Grey has conjured up a negative reputation as of late, however it doesn’t have to look dull or flat. 

Make sure you choose the right shade of grey for your space, especially if a bedroom is north facing. Avoid cooler tones and opt for a warmer tone grey or ‘greige’ instead and pair with white to brighten the space up.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @my.millennium.maison

6. An Unlikely, But Sweet Colour Combo

Be inspired by this unusual colour combination of pastel yellow and sage green. Consider pairing contrasting colours together that you wouldn’t usually see.

Pick up a few tester pots of paint colours that you love and you never know – you might find your dream colour combo.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @louiseroehome

7. Coastal-Inspired Theme

If you’re a fan of coastal-inspired interiors but not sure how to incorporate them into a bedroom without it looking too forced, consider a light blue and off white colour combination. 

These delicate shades are a match made in heaven and avoid looking too obviously nautical.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @dreah.home

8. Go Hard For Maximalism With Pink & Blue

A striking colour combination that will immediately make you feel uplifted in a bedroom is bright pink and blue.

Perfect for maximalist lovers, this bold colour contrast will definitely make a statement.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @cvilleshadeshop

9. Keep It Subtle With Two Soothing Neutrals

For a comforting effect, opt for a two tone neutral scheme. White and beige are a soothing fusion of colour and are ideal for a bohemian-inspired bedroom.

Try painting two thirds of a wall behind a bed beige and paint the remaining third in white for a modern paint effect.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @homeonthehill28

10. A Delicious Divide of Pinks

Channel powerful feminine energy with a two tone pink bedroom colour scheme. Create a half and half paint effect by using masking tape to make sure you achieve a clean crisp line.

Carry this on to a bedroom door for a fun and contemporary look.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @charminglifebyjess

11. Add A Dado Rail For Perfect Colour Separation

Architectural features are an organic way of separating paint colours. A dado or picture rail will do the job for you without the need of being too precise with masking tape.

Paint the lower half of your walls a colour that you love and use a picture or dado rail as a separation tool to paint the upper part of your walls and ceiling a different shade.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @megbrackpool

12. An Elegant Mix of Olive Green & White

Traditional farmhouse interiors are a timeless choice for a bedroom design. A sophisticated colour combination to achieve this look is olive green and white.

Slighter deeper than sage green, an olive shade is a darker option with a slightly cooler undertone.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @our_wandsworth_home

13. Be Brave and Colour Drench

Multi-functional bedrooms can be separated by using two different colours to zone off individual spaces. 

Saturate the walls and ceiling surrounding a bed with one bold colour, in this instance a dark forest green.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @thistimeincolour

14. Embrace An Enveloping Yellow Ceiling

Feel energised in your bedroom by waking up to a bright yellow ceiling. Yellow is an uplifting colour that immediately makes you feel awake.

If this is the desired effect you want from your bedroom then a statement yellow ceiling contrasted with white walls could be the two tone look for you.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @noelpittmandesign

15. Lighten A Moody Scheme

Black and white is a staple colour pairing that will never not be on trend. 

Utilise black in a bedroom to create a natural cocooning effect and contrast it with white to avoid a bedroom feeling too dark and dingy.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @onufreichuk

16. Introduce Pink For A Soft, Feminine Contrast

Looking for a soft tonal shade to gently contrast with a neutral bedroom space? Dusky pink could be the ideal solution. 

It is a muted tone that is inoffensive and will complement the rest of a bedroom without feeling unnatural or jarring.

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @our.home.in.dorset

17. Decadent, Rich Tones of Brown

Using brown in a bedroom isn’t as daunting as it seems. Cathy Dean Founder and CEO of Studio Dean says ‘opting for neutral brown base allows you to have versatility in your home as you can easily bring in other colours’.

‘Add in green for an earthy, nature inspired feeling. Or, opt for pink for a soft feminine space’. If you’d rather go bold, contrasting brown with navy blue is the way to go.

Which of these two tone paint ideas for the bedroom is your favourite?

two tone paint ideas for bedroom
Image credit: @housesevendesign

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