The Best Farrow and Ball North Facing Room Colours

farrow and ball north facing room
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North facing rooms can be notoriously tricky to tackle, but these Farrow and Ball North facing room colours are some of the best shades to counteract that cold light, and bring some warmth into the equation. 

When decorating, it is really important to understand what way the room faces before picking a paint colour as it can really alter the overall look and feel of the colour from how it appears in a South facing room to what it does in a North facing room. 

So, North facing room at the ready, be it a living room, bedroom or beyond, let’s explore some of the best Farrow and Ball North facing room paint colours to ensure it delivers a warm and inviting feel. 

What Colours Are Best For A North Facing Room?

North facing rooms are often dark, and the natural light that does come in is cold light so we want to try and combat the cold and warm up it with the right type of colours. 

When choosing whites, look for paints with yellow based, creamy and beige neutrals to counteract the natural blue light that is making the room feel cold. Avoid any whites which have a green or grey base as they will make the room feel even colder.

Soft pastels like pinks and yellows can also help to bring a pop of colour and warmth to the space.

Always avoid using a bright white on the walls as it will make the room feel flat, since there’s not enough light to bounce off it to begin with.

farrow and ball north facing room
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The Best Farrow and Ball North Facing Room Colours

Farrow and Ball White Paints For North Facing Rooms

New White

This delicate off-white shade is part of Farrow and Balls collection of traditional neutrals. It is a versatile off-white with a subtle hint of warmth which comes from its yellow undertones.

It is a popular choice for those seeking a soft, neutral tone in a North facing room that works well in a variety of interior spaces.

Explore New White

farrow and ball new white

White Tie

Part of the same collection of traditional neutrals, White Tie is a soft and warm white colour.

It is a classic off-white shade with a subtle yellow undertone, making it a popular choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in North facing rooms.

It’s has a slightly whiter tone to it than New White which has stronger, yellow undertones.

Explore White Tie

farrow and ball white tie

Joa’s White

Joa’s White is part of the Warm Neutrals collection of colours. It is described as a warm and inviting white with a red base, giving it a soft and elegant appearance.

It works well in both traditional and contemporary spaces, adding a sense of calm and sophistication to any room.

Pair with other pinks and reds to create a cohesive, soft contrast. Do introduce some well placed black accents around the room to define, and tie the space together.

Explore Joa’s White

farrow and ball Joa's white

Oxford Stone

Oxford Stone is red based to create an ageless and understated colour scheme in your home. The red undertones help to introduce warmth against the blue light associated with North facing rooms.

This earthy colour is versatile and can work well as a backdrop for both traditional and modern interior schemes.

Explore Oxford Stone

farrow and ball Oxford stone

Farrow and Ball Darker Paints For North Facing Rooms


Another approach that you can try in a North facing room is to instead embrace the cooler light coming in with darker paint colours.

Admittedly, this can be a better approach than a ‘bright white’ as the colour can only bounce around the little available light it does have, and in this case a bright white would feel flat and lifeless in a North facing room.

Railings is an enduringly popular, almost midnight navy blue shade, it brings an incredible presence to a room. If you do have a very small North facing room though, I would avoid dark colours like this as they can make a room feel ever smaller.

Explore Railings

farrow and ball railings

Down Pipe

If you choose to embrace the cooler hues in a North facing room, Down Pipe can be a great colour that delivers a soothing and restorative feel to a room.

Down Pipe is a popular choice for creating a striking accent wall or for painting kitchen cabinets and furniture. Its rich tone and depth make it a versatile color that can be used in various interior design styles, from modern to traditional.

Explore Down Pipe

farrow and ball down pipe

Wine Dark

Finally, another blue-grey shade to help you embrace the cooler tones in a North facing room.

This rich blue shade looks even richer in low light making it perfect set against candlelight and for creating more intimate moments.

Pair with a white for a classic look, and introduce black accents for a defining, grounding accent in the room.

Explore Wine Dark

farrow and ball wine dark

Setting Plaster

If you want to make a North facing room feel lighter and brighter, yellow and pink based colours are the best options.

Setting Plaster is one of my favourite Farrow and Ball North facing room suggestions. It’s a beautiful and subtle pink paint colour, with a touch of beige and a hint of grey which gives it a soft and sophisticated appearance.

It gets its name from the traditional material used in plastering walls, and it delivers a delicate and feminine touch to an interior without it being overpowering.

Explore Setting Plaster

farrow and ball setting plaster

Red Earth

With deep red with brown undertones, Red Earth resembles the colour of terracotta or natural red clay. This on-trend colour is versatile and can create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Perfect for living rooms, cinema rooms, home offices and beyond.

It delivers a warm and rustic feel and will go a long way at balancing out the blue light that you receive in a cold, North facing room.

Explore Red Earth

farrow and ball red earth

Yellow Ground

With its sunny, yellow based undertones, Yellow Ground is a soft and warm yellow which is perfect for counteracting the blue light associated with North facing rooms.

It is one of the mid range yellows in their collection, and contains a hint more yellow than a traditional magnolia.

Pair with defining colours such as wooden tones and black accents to help ground the space and balance against the warmth of the yellow.

Explore Yellow Ground

farrow and ball north facing room 4

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