What Colours Go With Terracotta Tiles?

what colours go with terracotta tiles
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Terracotta tiles are a big hit in interiors, they deliver a rustic quality which makes a space feel relaxed, yet ultra stylish.

This spicy shade has been reimagined for our interiors today, with both burnt orange hues and faded terracotta styles looking effective and stylish in tile form.

If, like me you are a huge fan of terracotta tiles in an interior, I explore what colours go with terracotta tiles and how you can seamlessly introduce them to your interior scheme for a timeless, and long lasting look.

What Colours Go With Terracotta Tiles?

Terracotta Tiles & Navy

Terracotta, a warm reddish-brown colour inspired by earthy clay, can create a beautiful contrast when paired with navy blue, a deep and rich shade of blue.

The warm undertones of terracotta complement the coolness of navy blue, creating a visually pleasing contrast. In interior design, you might consider using navy blue as a dominant colour for larger elements like walls or cabinetry in a kitchen, while incorporating terracotta accents through floor tiles.

Despite being lighter in tone, the terracotta tiles actually provide a really grounding look in a space like his. This combination can add depth, warmth, and a touch of earthiness to a space.

Terracotta Tiles & Peachy Pink

There’s something ultra stylish, yet warm and feminine about this colour combination in an interior. Terracotta tiles bring a slightly grounded look to this kitchen, with lighter peachy pink cabinetry for a cool, calm and collected feel.

Arguably, the two colours combined could feel a little bit similar and light together, but by introducing a warm metal like brass into the hardware and light fittings, it provides the perfect accent for a cohesive and warm colour scheme.

terracotta floor tiles

Terracotta Tiles & Sage Green

This colour combination is perhaps the next best thing in our interiors since pink and grey, it represents the perfect balance of tranquility, coolness and warmth. And we want to hotly embellish every inch of our interior with this cool colour combination.

When using the two colours together, you should select one of the colours as the dominant colour in the space. 

This will avoid the colours fighting for attention, the second colour will then be used as the accent, in well placed items throughout the room.

The first way to use terracotta is to go all in with terracotta floor tiles. 

Perhaps, this is one of my favourite ways to use this rustic colour in your home, it creates a stand out warm feature in a room, whilst grounding the space too.

Terracotta Tiles & White

If you’re looking for a simplistic and timeless pairing for terracotta tiles, you cannot go wrong with a white foundation, allowing the terracotta colour to really exude its warmth and presence in a room.

Pairing terracotta tiles with white is a natural look for a bathroom or kitchen. You’ll still want to introduce a third accent colour into the mix to avoid the space feeling plain. For example, in this bathroom, they have introduced beautiful marble which brings a black accent with it.

Greens, blacks, greys or differing shades of terracotta are great colour choices to introduce to a white colour scheme.

terracotta floor tiles
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra

Terracotta Tiles & Black Accents

Using a black accent against terracotta can create a bold and striking contrast and is perfect for modern interior design schemes.

The black accent can help to enhance the richness and depth of the terracotta colour. It creates a strong visual separation and draws attention to specific elements or areas in the design.

Incorporate black accents through furniture pieces, accessories, or decor items. For example, a black statement chair or a black-framed mirror can add a strong focal point against terracotta for tiles.

terracotta floor tiles
Image credit: northcoasttiles

Terracotta Tiles & Grey

Grey can be a perfect pairing for terracotta tiles as it brings coolness and balance to the warmth and spiciness of terracotta.

Whether your tiles are rustic, pale terracotta or warm and spicy, grey is a great balancer, just like sage green. Bringing a restorative yet striking contrast in an interior.

For a characterful space, introduce an additional colour such as green or black accents for a defined scheme.

terracotta tiles
Image credit: Walls and Floors

Terracotta Tiles & Wooden Tones

Terracotta tiles bring a natural rustic quality with them so they pair naturally well with wooden tones within a space.

Whether it’s a wooden vanity unit or wooden grain on kitchen cabinetry, these nods to the natural world bring definition to an interior space, and help to introduce a touch of coolness to the warm terracotta tones.

I love this look in bootility or mud rooms, bathrooms and in kitchens. It’s a timeless style that’s ultra relaxed yet stylish.

terracotta tiles
Image credit: Artisans of Devizes

Which of these colour combinations is your favourite? If you need any help with your interior design choices please leave me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

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