11 Grey and Terracotta Living Room Ideas

grey and terracotta living room
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Terracotta is the colour of the hour, a spicy pairing for a range of cooler colours from sage green and cream, to grey. There’s something about the tenacity of this colour which just looks incredible in a home.

Ready to get started on trying this colour combination in your home?

These are some of the ultimate grey and terracotta living room ideas that can help you achieve it in an affordable, and easy way.

11 Grey and Terracotta Living Room Ideas

1. Terracotta Focal Wall

Terracotta works really well as an accent colour, and in creating a feature out of this shade in a living room. A fireplace typically is a focal point of a living room, so make a real bold statement out of it by tiling with a charming terracotta brick style tile.

The burnt orange shade of terracotta makes a definite statement, combining beautifully with the soft grey walls and black stove.

If you have an existing mantel, you could always create a simple look by tiling a hearth with terracotta tiles.

The perfect modern rustic look for a living room, suitable for boho and eclectic style interiors too.

grey and terracotta living room 3
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2. Terracotta Walls & Grey Furniture

Switch things up and position terracotta as the dominant colour in your living room. Like every colour, terracotta comes in a myriad of different shades, from pale hues right through to very burnt orange/red shades.

Delivering a lighter terracotta shade on the walls in a living room like this creates a really soft and well balanced space. Team with a core piece of furniture such as a grey sofa for a balanced, soft and stylish space.

Interweave some more terracotta shades in the cushions for a cohesive tie in the room.

grey and terracotta living room 4
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3. Layering With Terracotta

Things start to get interesting when you become more creative with colour and layer different shades of colours to spark visual interest, and depth.

Using grey as the main colour in this room, terracotta has been used in multiple settings for a fun, and cohesive feel.

A light shade of terracotta has been used as part of a feature wall, with terracotta curtains and a burnt orange shade for the accent chair in the living room.

The result is a fun, highly personable interior which is a true treat for the senses!

grey and terracotta living room 5
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4. Grey & Terracotta Wallpaper

This geometric grey and terracotta wallpaper is the perfect fusion of these shades that marry so perfectly together.

The introduction of other shades and black adds a defining colour to this feature wall.

Wallpaper can be a fun addition to a grey and terracotta living room, instantly elevating walls.

grey and terracotta living room 6
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5. Terracotta Furniture & Art Prints

Terracotta and grey go with a range of other neutral, and earthy shades. Use white as the main colour in your living room for a light and airy feel. If you’re not too sure about terracotta, introducing it subtly and slowly with items such as art prints will give you a good feel of what it’s like in the space.

Try introducing grey and terracotta as accent colours in their own right with a balanced mix of furniture, art prints and decorative accessories in these respective colours.

This is another great way to layer with the two colours by introducing different shades of the colours throughout different decor items and furniture.

grey and terracotta living room

6. Terracotta Light Fittings

A great way to use terracotta as an accent colour in a grey living room is with light fittings.

Be it a fabulously rustic, terracotta table lamp or a ceramic terracotta pendant light, light fittings have the ability to draw the eye, and this paired with a few well placed terracotta accents is perfect for achieving that ultra relaxed and stylish look that this colour pairing brings.

grey and terracotta living room 7
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7. Terracotta Window Treatments

Use your windows as another opportunity to draw on the terracotta colour. These Roman blinds combine varying shades of terracotta for an eye catching, and visually interesting focal point in a living room.

A charcoal grey wall as styled here provides a defining look against the softer hues of the terracotta.

Pair with matching cushions on a sofa or window seat for a cohesive look.

grey and terracotta living room 8
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8. Terracotta Comfort

There’s something about the warmth that exudes from terracotta that just looks so damn cosy on a sofa!

I never knew I needed a terracotta sofa until I saw this… The burnt orange colour grounds the space, with a beautiful marbled effect feature wall in the backdrop which features a mix of greys and burnt orange colours. Don’t forget to toss on a few cushions with grey hues to tie in with the walls.

The same look could be achieved with grey painted walls, half wall paint or even with grey wall panelling for a more traditional look.

grey and terracotta living room 9
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9. Terracotta Textiles

From a terracotta area rug to cushions to throws, these are just a few great ways to use terracotta as an accent colour in your living room decor scheme.

A terracotta area rug is an absolute must in a living room, even if you have carpet underfoot. Without an area rug, your furniture will feel like it’s just floating.

Adding a simple rug like this not only makes things softer underfoot, but it creates a boundary in the space and makes the room feel well pulled together.

grey and terracotta living room 10
Image credit: Dunelm

10. Terracotta Accent Chair

Add a bold statement to a living space with a terracotta accent chair. This spicy, burnt orange chair looks incredible in a a grey room, warming up the coolness of the grey, without overpowering the space.

Add a set of two accent chairs if you have the space, or just one in combination with a grey sofa.

grey and terracotta living room 11
Image credit: Sweetpea & Willow

11. Terracotta Carpet

Feeling daring? Why not go one step further in your living room and add a terracotta carpet to your living room…

Yes, it’s a bold move, but if it’s a colour you’re serious about, why not go all in. It brings a grounding look to a living room, with gorgeous warmth and exuberance.

Add a wool cream rug on top to create a boundary for your furniture, it will diffuse the boldness of the terracotta carpet whilst bringing texture with it too.

grey and terracotta living room 12
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If you’re anything like us, you’ll be colour crushin’ on terracotta right now. A grey and terracotta living room will bring an ultra relaxed, yet stylish interior to your home. Which style is your favourite? Do you love this on-trend colour combination?

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  1. Interesting article! We have white walls, grey sideboards insitu and a terracotta sofa on order and coming soon to our traditional village house in Cyprus. I’ve ordered cream/grey cushions and I’m pleased to hear the colours complement each other! Think I’ll go with curtaining incorporating both colours if possible or leaning more towards terracotta against the white walls to bring warmth in as a shady room!

  2. Hi Nicole, I’ve just moved into a house where all the walls are grey. In the sitting room which faces East the undertone is Blue/Green. I like it at night in artificial light but in the natural morning light, it looks drab and cold. I would like to warm up the room by perhaps deepening the green/grey a little but wonder if it would be better to use a creamy white. The floor is solid mid oak which has a warm, honey tone and the curtains are ivory white.


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