9 Stunning Stiffkey Blue Living Room Ideas

stiffkey blue living room
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A stiffkey blue living room is a striking and impactful one. It’s one of my favourite Farrow & Ball colours that delivers a rich and lasting impact.

A deep bold blue shade is highly versatile, pairing beautifully with crisp whites, earthy neutrals and highly complementary shades such as mustard yellow.

If you’re looking to freshen up your living space with this popular F&B colour but looking for some extra inspiration, these 9 stunning Stiffkey blue living room ideas are the perfect place to start…

What Colour Is Stiffkey Blue?

Stiffkey Blue is a deep, bold blue colour named after the mudflats of Stiffkey, a village on the Norfolk coast in England. 

Stiffkey Blue is often described as a rich, inky blue with a slightly purple undertone. It is a dark shade of blue that can create a dramatic and luxurious atmosphere in interior spaces.

Similar to Hague blue, Stiffkey Blue can appear almost black in certain lighting conditions, adding depth and sophistication to any room.

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stiffkey blue living room

9 Stunning Stiffkey Blue Living Room Ideas

1.Stiffkey Blue & Mustard Yellow For A Striking Look

Blue and mustard yellow is one of the most complementary, yet striking colour combinations as they are opposites on the colour wheel.

The key to successfully nailing this look in a living room is to use Stiffkey blue as the dominant colour, introducing the yellow as only an accent colour within the space.

A few well placed areas of mustard yellow is all you need, like this striking mustard yellow tiled hearth, it absolutely pops against the deep blue tones of stiffkey blue.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @thehousethatbrumbuilt

2. Stiffkey Blue Focal Feature Wall

Stiffkey blue is a very deep and demanding colour, and it can make a space feel dark which is why using it on one wall as a feature wall is a great way to appreciate this popular colour in a Stiffkey Blue living room.

It makes sense to use it on the dominant chimney breast wall as it creates even more of a feature around the fireplace and built in storage.

Pair with a crisp white or off white on the adjacent walls for a clean, and eye catching contrast.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @anewday_interiordesign

3. Stiffkey Blue Panelled Media Wall

Built in media walls are hugely popular in interiors, especially in new build properties where there is that desire to add character and differentiation in their living space.

Create even more of a feature focal point out of the wall by painting in a Stiffkey Blue, it draws the eye in and makes a focal feature out of it.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @qtechspray

4. Stiffkey Blue & Black

Forget about everything you know about combining blue and black on an outfit, because it seriously works in an interior.

Whilst Stiffkey Blue is a deep and sultry colour, black brings an even more defined and grounding look to the party. But, only use it as an accent colour in a few well placed items as it should only be used to layer some definition.

Use on a fireplace, interior hardware details and subtle decor accessories to tie the living room together.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @mrsgoughshomedecor

5. A Pop of Stiffkey Blue

I love this Stiffkey Blue living room. The carefully considered built in storage here has been built around the sofa for an enclosed, enveloping feel.

The walls are painted in soft caramel tones which allows the stiffkey blue to pop against it, making even more a feature of the stunning joinery work.

Don’t be afraid to pair with warmer colours in the space like oranges, yellows and wooden tones, it brings warmth and makes the living room visually interesting as your eyes naturally dart around to the colourful pockets.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @barrjoinery

6. Stiffkey Blue & Wooden Tones For A Rustic, Natural Feel

Earthy, natural tones are a great pairing for stiffkey blue as they help to balance out the deep tones of the blue.

Rustic details add a touch of modernity and are well suited to incorporating into industrial, rustic and modern interior design schemes.

A rustic piece of wood for a mantel adds rustic charm and a focal feature to the chimney breast wall, but think about introducing wooden tones through furniture and decor accessories too.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @livingwithsian_

7. Stiffkey Blue & Crisp White Upper

If you don’t have a dado rail, you can still create a perfect colour divide to trick the eye into thinking that the room is larger than it actually is.

Paint Stiffkey Blue past 2/3 of the wall, with the remainder upper and ceiling being the secondary colour, in this case a crisp, bright white works perfectly as the eyes are naturally drawn up to the ceiling.

This is a timeless and classic pairing of colours that can be appreciated in a myriad of interior design schemes.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @number_twentyseven

8. Stiffkey Blue Feature Gallery Wall

Making a feature wall out of Stiffkey Blue is a popular choice in a living room as it adds that instant visual interest. Don’t stop there and swap a mirror and a singular piece artwork for a carefully curated gallery wall.

Add a mix of frames for an eclectic look or just opt for one type of frame for a considered and well thought out look. Fill with nostalgic prints and anything that you love for a really unique space.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @house_on_the_crescent

9. Stiffkey Blue Country Style Panelling

Use a feature wall by elevating it further with country style panelling. This square style of panelling is hugely popular in traditional and country style properties, it adds instant definition and depth to walls.

Painted in Stiffkey Blue and it delivers a dramatic and impactful space, pair with a differing shade on the other walls to balance out the deep tones.

stiffkey blue living room
Image credit: @kat.inthecountry

Stiffkey Blue is a highly versatile colour for an interior as it pairs so well with a huge range of colours.

Don’t be afraid of introducing a dark colour like this into a restful space, paired with the right colours and it can really create a cosy and enveloping space. Which of these Stiffkey Blue living room ideas is your favourite?

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